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A relationship spell caster answers his readers’ questions

A relationship spell caster answers his readers’ questions
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Can you cast a relationship spell that works for anyone or there are some restrictions?

I, spell caster Maxim, am one of those professional spell casters who can help almost anyone. However, as a powerful relationship spell caster, I have to refuse to those clients:

  • Whose karma does not allow them to have long and happy relationships. Luckily, I can cleanse karmas;
  • Who have curses on them. However, I cleanse the energies of their subtle bodies which enables me to fulfill their dreams anyway;
  • Who are younger than 21 years. I advise them to wait until they come of age before they order my spells for relationships.

Do you help only heterosexual couples or you also help gay and lesbian people whom the majority of relationship spell casters refuse to help?

Relationship spell caster's candlesNo, I never refuse to help people based on their gender, religion or race. So I will be happy to create a “man-man” or “woman-woman” relationship for you if you need one.

Do you cast your relationship spells that work only on people? Could you cast one on an animal in case I want to have a relationship with an animal (not intimate!)?

No, I do not work with animals. I work only with people.

Could I order one of your spells for relationships and pay after it brings positive results?

As a skilled relationship spell caster, I assure you that in that case magic would not work. Each ritual is a deal involving three parties – the client, the spell caster who casts relationship spells and the Higher Powers. All three need to exchange their energies in the following way almost simultaneously to ensure that magic works:

  • The client gives the spell caster his money as the equivalent of his energies;
  • Upon receiving the money, the spell caster sends his energies to the Higher Powers;
  • The Higher Powers use their energies to influence the one who the client wants to have a relationship with.

If any link of this chain gets broken, the spell will not work.

Which spells for relationships are better, white or black?

I cannot answer your question without talking to you in person and studying the personality of the one who you want to influence with magic. To find out which magic should be used, black or white, the spell caster needs to study your and your beloved’ subtle bodies and karma. If you really want to know the answer to your question, contact me and I will choose which magic to use to ensure your safety and high efficiency of the spells used.

Can a relationship spell caster only create relationships or they can also destroy them?

It depends on the spell caster. If you are talking about an inexperienced and low-qualified spell caster, he can neither create nor destroy relationships. If you work with a professional spell caster like I am, he can easily influence anyone’s consciousness to ensure that this person does what you want.

Relationship spells can be used in all situations involving human relationships.

My son does not love the man who I want to marry. I know you to do not put spells on minors but, perhaps, you could make an exception and put one of your spells for relationships on my son to make him accept and approve of the man I love and want to spend the rest of my life with?

Relationship spell caster

As a skilled relationship spell caster, I would advise you to influence not your son but your boyfriend. My spells will delicately influence this man without changing who he is. Yet, the spells will change some things in him, namely: 

 - They will change his energies to ensure your son likes this man;

 - They will make him stronger as well as more reliable, patient and attractive;

 - They will eliminate bad personality traits if he has any.

As a result, your boyfriend will meet your teenage son’s expectations as to what a father should be like and how to behave, and will not be against your marriage.

I’m not a pretty woman but the man I like is very handsome. I know I have zero chance with him without magic. I wonder if relationship spells that work can help someone like me or they don’t work with “Beauty and the Beast” situations.

To begin with, I need you to specify which kind of relationship you want to build. Different kinds of magic are used to achieve different goals. However, regardless of what you want – friendship, affection, love affair, casual sex, business or partner relationship, marriage – your and your beloved’s looks are irrelevant. Anyone can be influenced the way you want with the right spell for relationships.

There are some nuances, though. One of them is the fact that if the object of your relationship spell is much more attractive than you are, influencing this person will take longer and the rituals will cost you more. How much more? Contact me and we will discuss it along with many other things.

What are the guarantees that spells for relationships will work forever?

If someone guarantees you something like this, this person is a liar who wants to make you pay today to disappear tomorrow and start offering his “magic” services under a different name. A professional relationship spell caster knows that nothing is eternal in this life. To maintain the effect of magic, clients have to give it their energies and order more rituals on a regular basis.

You will accept and agree with these terms if you really want to be with someone and spend your whole life with this person. 

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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