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A spell to make someone fall in love with you instantly

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A spell to make someone fall in love with you instantly

It is quite easy for people having the power of inner vision to spot a single and lonely person in the crowd. When you can see energies as something you can touch, you see a dark fog around every single person with dark lightning strikes in it. There is nothing unusual in it because most single people feel lonely and are unhappy because of it. I do not remember which of the North American universities conducted that study but I remember the results. According to that study, all successful and rich people, CEOs of large enterprises employing thousands of people, always say they are unhappy unless there is love in their life.

Spell to make someone fall in love (2)Another study showed that single millionaires, celebrities and other successful people would give it all away only to find true love.

Well, many of my clients are very successful people too, and those who are single are indeed unhappy. It is the pain of loneliness that they feel that brings them to me and makes them ask me for a spell to make someone fall in love with you instantly or any other spell.

Spells to make someone fall in love with you forever


“You’re one of the leading magic practitioners working with celebrities and the world’s richest and most famous people. Do you work with the middle class and ordinary people?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I never ask people who ask me for help how much money they have, or how popular and successful they are. Their wealth and fame are not important to me. What matters is why they come to me. Yes, I am considered one of the most powerful love spell casters in the world today and I work really hard to keep that title. I provide high-quality services to all my clients. So if you want to buy one of my spells to make someone fall in love with you forever (believe me I know this is why you wrote to me in the first place), feel free to contact me and I will do everything I can to help you.


“Well, I’m confused. I’m married and I don’t want to divorce my husband but I’m in love with another man and I want to put a love spell on him. I love your website and I admire your work, but I didn’t find any tips in your articles for women like me. Do you have a how to make someone love you spell for women like me?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

You cannot cast this spell for yourself even if I describe the ritual in detail. When two people are married, there is an energy channel connecting them. This channel is used for energy exchange. If you try to cast a love spell on the man you love without divorcing your husband, the spell will end up not on this man but on your husband making his feelings for you stronger than ever. This is all you can do by casting spells for yourself.

This means you need to work with a third party, someone like me who is not connected to you or to your husband through energy. So instead of trying to find out how to make a love spell, contact me and buy one of my love spells.


“Could you teach me how to prepare oneself for love spell casting?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Read this article about how to make a white love spell, - as I believe it has all the answers you need.

How to make someone love you spell

Put a love spell on someoneA good recipe of how to put a love spell on someone has been successfully used in Eastern Europe for a very long time. When a girl wants to put a love spell on a man, she waits for a new moon to rise over her house, fills a clean and clear container with water, goes outside and raises the container over her head to see the new moon through it. She bows three times (it is okay to spill some water while bowing), looks at the moon through the container again and says,

“Moon, you are my sister, you wish me well and give me kindness. Please give me some magical powers to bind (the man’s name) to me like I bind a hair ribbon or a scarf. I bind it once and for all and never let the man go.”

Then the girl goes back home. All lights should be off and the ritual should be performed in the dark. Having closed the door, the girl closes the container with a lid or a cover and wraps it in a dark handkerchief made of thick fabric. She lets it stand for one week and then adds some moonlight-infused water into the food or drinks of her loved one as a powerful love potion.

This spell can be cast only once. It is very effective and it if fails to help you, you should stop trying to cast spells for yourself at all. You are not meant to be a witch or a sorcerer, so you should always work with professional magic practitioners when you need a magic spell.

More useful tips for love spell casting can be found in this article about magic love spells.

I, spellcaster Maxim, would like to remind those who want to learn how to cast a how to make someone fall in love with you spell that love spells can be effective only if the person casting them feels strong love for the target. Do not cast love spells if you:

Are jealous of the person you want to put your love spell on;

Are angry at the target regardless of the reasons;

Are intimidated by the target or feel nervous when you see the target;

Want to take revenge on the target;

Want to take revenge on the person dating the target;

Do not cast magic spells if you have ever hallucinated;

Tend to overeat, are a smoker, or drink too much alcohol;

Have relatives who never found true love.

Each of these rules must be strictly followed. To find out what will happen to you if you do not follow these rules please read my previously posted articles about negative and unpleasant side effects of magic spells.

Questions about how to make a love spell


“I’m interested in a spell to make someone fall in love with you instantly. I found a good recipe how to make a love spell using hair, but the problem is my boyfriend shaves his head every morning. So can I use his body or pubic hair instead?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

You are not allowed to swap out the ingredients of the spell the way you like, unless otherwise is specified in the ritual description. The type of hair used is usually critical for the ritual. Thus, the hair coming from the head influences the mental field of the target of the love spell – his thoughts and wishes. Back hair allows one to break through the target’s energy protection (if any). Chest hair is used in love spells as it allows one to influence the love chakra. Abdominal hair can either suppress jealousy in men or on the contrary make it stronger. Pubic hair is used in the so called sex spells.

Different rituals are designed for different purposes so swapping ritual ingredients or introducing new ones is not recommended.


“The other day I watched a TV show about sorcerers. They said all sorcerers worked with dark forces. Does it mean I’ll work with dark forces too, if I put a love spell on the guy I like?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

What do you think is the best way to destroy a competitor? You should make him scared of you. This is what is done by the people who want to rid the world of magic practitioners. It is not a modern day inquisition which by the way does not exist today. The greatest competitors of magic practitioners are psychologists claiming that they are the only ones who can help people find true love. Other competitors include plastic surgeons, companies producing libido enhancers, and pick up artist schools and academies. They go to great lengths to besmirch the reputation of magic practitioners who are more helpful to people looking for love when they offer them their love spells or teach them how to cast a how to make someone love you spell for themselves. For this reason they always accuse spellcasters of terrible things. People pay more attention to negative news than to positive news, so bad news about magic practitioners dominates the headlines.

In fact, only black magic sorcerers work with evil forces. White magic practitioners work with what is known in European culture as angels. Besides, all rituals described on my website called “Spellcaster Maxim” are white magic, meaning my rituals engage the forces which can only give you support, protection, salvation and love.

Two more great methods of how to put a love spell on someone

Love candle spellsIf you have a photograph of your loved one (if you do not, use social media to get one), use it to perform this simple but powerful ritual. Put a corner shelf on the wall and put the photograph on it. Make sure you can see the photograph while lying in bed. As you understand, these spells to makes someone fall in love with you should be cast in the bedroom.

Let the photograph stand there for three days for it to get used to the energies of your place and your personal energy flows. Then, before going to bed, put a thin white candle in front of the photograph and light it up. While the candle is burning, look at it thinking about the man you love. When it burns all the way down and goes out, take a comfortable sleep position and try to fall asleep. Repeat the ritual for nine days in a row. In nine days your spell is supposed to take full effect.

I have to warn you that the spell will stay effective until you cheat on your loved one in this bedroom. As for the shelf, it should stay on the wall. Just put the photograph away when your loved one or some other people come over (your loved one will be coming a lot after you complete the ritual) and put it back on the shelf as soon as they leave.

Even if your loved one develops really strong feelings for you due to your spell, it needs to be recast once a week, preferably on Saturday. If you cannot perform the ritual on Saturday, do it on any other day except Monday and Thursday.

Men can perform a very simple ritual using a ring. Buy a ring to fit your loved one’s finger, put it on a flax lace and put the lace around your neck. Then visit seven churches or prayer halls and pray for love. It does not matter what churches to go to and it is okay if you do not know any prayers. While praying, say what is in your heart.

Then remove the ring from the lace and put it in the house of your loved one without her seeing you. If she tries it on, the spell will be activated. If she starts wearing the ring, she will become your long-term girlfriend. Now you know how to put a love spell on someone with ease and get amazing results.

Check out this article about spells love magic for more tips for casting love spells.

How to make someone fall in love with you spell


“Why do you reveal the secrets of magic so easily in your articles?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Believe me, I am not telling you everything I know. The secrets I reveal are those which can be revealed to inexperienced and uninitiated readers. If you want to cast a simple love spell, you can do that without harming yourself after selecting the love spell casting method you want to use.

If you want to use a more powerful spell, I am sorry but I cannot teach you how to cast powerful spells. I have seen too many people get hurt while trying to perform such rituals and I do not want to be responsible for your pain and suffering. No, I am not giving up on you. You can contact me any time using the above indicated contact information and buy the most powerful of all love spells currently available in magic and I will cast it for you. Do you know why? First of all, it is my job. Secondly, this is how I can know for sure you will not get hurt.


“Can you help a beginning sorcerer undergo initiation?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

There is one easy way to undergo initiation. Download my textbook for beginning spellcasters from my website and read it. With this book, you will learn how to cast simple spells and transform your conscious mind and your energies to qualify for a magic practitioner as required by Higher Powers. This is the only way to become a professional magic practitioner. Do not expect anyone to wave a magic wand and make you one. It takes years of studying, perfect self-control, and a clear understanding of your wishes and goals to be able to control your fate and the ocean of energies and events surrounding you.

As part of the learning process please watch the following video about casting a how to make someone fall in love with you spell.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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