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Ancient Egyptian amulets today

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Ancient Egyptian amulets are amazingly effective even today which is why they are so popular. There is no point in looking for some ancient Egyptian amulets manufactured thousands of years ago. Firstly, any real Egyptian protection amulet is very expensive with its prices starting at $30,000! Secondly, 99% of the Egyptian protection amulets offered at auctions or antique stores have no magic powers and, therefore, are useless.

Ancient Egyptian amulets and ritualsLuckily, there is an easy way to get powerful but affordable Egyptian charms and amulets. Visit my online store and buy one of my reasonably-priced and highly effective Egyptian amulets.

But before you buy an amulet, I want you to read what types of ancient Egyptian amulets there are and what they are used for.

Egyptian charms and amulets

Aba – this Egyptian protection amulet attracts good luck to your love life. It helps your heart recover from physical illnesses and your spirit from emotional suffering. Moreover, it is a great tool protecting you from evil spirits and helping the dead find peace.

Aton – in the first place, such Egyptian amulets are used to awaken mystical and enhance magic abilities, develop clairvoyance and ability to see the future, and open the third eye. These amulets also improve the stomach and digestive system function.

Nefer – it is believed to be the amulet of good luck reaching the owner through the love, kindness and care of the people around him. It influences all people contacting the amulet’s owner.

Ank (Ankh, Anh) – these ancient Egyptian amulets are used to protect people from hexes, improve health and longevity, and prevent premature aging. They are considered the best amulets to get and maintain the body in shape. They can protect from black magic if adjusted accordingly.

Ahat – it helps people bothered by the spirits of their deceased relatives and friends by calming them down and breaking their connection with the world of the alive.

Bant Sa – this Egyptian protection amulet eases delivery, protects pregnant women and women in childbirth, and protects little children from the evil eye.

Bes – protects from dark entities, evil spirits, energy vampires, and other non-material enemies.

Udjat (Eye of Horus) – these Egyptian charms and amulets can heal ensuring that their owners are protected by the Higher Powers. They help people building their career and looking for a way to get along with their bosses.

Snake Head – protects from the poison of reptiles as well as the “poison” hiding in the words, thoughts and actions of other people.

Cobra Head – helps gain power turning people into leaders, winners, rulers.

Head of Hathor – a beautiful Egyptian protection amulet for women dreaming of a marriage full of love, having a lot of children, and being a good mother and wife.

Gryphon (Griffin) – helps punish the enemies if the punishment is just, helps win cases in court, restores reputation, disgraces slanderers.

Two Fingers – such Egyptian amulets ensure that their owners are protected by the Higher Powers. They are helpful to those looking for spiritual enlightenment.

Djed (or the Pillar of Thoth or Backbone of Osiris) – cures backbone-related diseases. Helps recover from back injuries.

Golden Collar – frees from earthly rebirths. Uncovers hidden potential. Gives talent in a chosen area.

Kef-Pesesh – helps people with dental problems. Heals jaws and cures palate and gum diseases.

Kite – such ancient Egyptian amulets have the power of the goddess Isis helping win any battle. These amulets are especially helpful to athletes, policemen and people facing competition.

Winged Solar Disk – the best amulet to keep your home and everyone living in it safe.

Ancient Egyptian amuletStairs – helps in self-discovery, helps develop spiritually and get rid of negative energies. It is believes to be a path leading to the sky, meaning the owner is enabled to contact the Higher Powers. Moreover, it enables the owner to communicate with those living in the world of the dead.

Frog – symbolizes childbirth, conception, fertility. Also, such amulets can help you in farming and breeding cattle.
Menat – boosts potency and sex appeal in men.

Pectoral (Sarcophagus) – improves longevity if adjusted properly (I, spellcaster Maxim, can adjust your Pectoral amulet for you ensuring it will improve your longevity).

Feather of Maat – puts things in place, brings justice, helps win in court.

Lash – a great amulet for travelers or people who are going to move to a new place/city/country.

Pillow (Urs) – cleanses your mental body, improves your psyche and sleep, and helps get rid of phobias and obsessions.

Staff – such Egyptian charms and amulets give power over others. They help parents earn respect from their children and teachers earn respect from their students.

Buckle of Isis – this Egyptian protection amulet protects from black magic helping those trying to become powerful and wise spellcasters.

Uat Column – prolongs youth, rejuvenates. Helps women find young lovers, sensitive and romantic relationships. Helps women stay beautiful and active and keep their body in shape.

Sesen – the best Egyptian amulets for artists. They help restore energy fast, give inspiration and calm the nerves. Ensure recognition and success.

Sistrum of Isis (Hathor or Bast) – develops musical abilities, brings fun. Helps people pursuing white magic develop their magic abilities.

Scarab – the best health amulet. Protects its owner both here and in the underworld.

Papyrus Scepter – helps young people reach full physical development, rejuvenates and restores the bodies of elderly people.

Sma – it is used to treat lung diseases. Its application to treat lung cancer is to be discussed individually.

Talisman of Thoth – develops spiritual strength, gives wisdom, helps gain knowledge from information fields, improves memory.

Tjet (or the Knot of Isis) – cures blood and lymph. Helps women with gynecological pathologies in childbirth.

Shabti (Shawabti) – helps those with some problems find people who can help. Turns indifferent observers into best friends. Eliminates enemies.

Shenu – these ancient Egyptian amulets protect their owners from curses, improve longevity and give wisdom. However, they work only if tied to the owner’s real name.

Shuti – brings light (in its mystical sense), joy, lightness and freedom into life. Frees from karmic debts.

Order Egyptian amulet

I can charge any of the above Egyptian charms and amulets according to your energies, karma and goals. If you cannot find any of the ancient Egyptian amulets in my store, please contact me. I, spellcaster Maxim, can make any Egyptian amulet ensuring it will influence your body, mind and fate (or the mind and souls of the people around you) the way you want.

With my Egyptian amulets, you can influence your life in any way as described above. Besides, I can charge your Egyptian charms and amulets purchased at other stores, provided they are real but not just some useless souvenirs. Unfortunately, amulet manufacturers often fake even ancient Egyptians charms and amulets.

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