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Authentic voodoo death spells of magic

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How voodoo death spells of magic work

The other day one of the readers of my website Spellcaster Maxim asked me again (probably for a hundredth time this year) how to death curse voodoo someone. I did not reply to him because, as a professional spellcaster, I have too many clients I have to take care of that I do not have time to talk to each reader. Nevertheless, I have to answer this question, because otherwise everyone who tries to use real killing spell voodoo is sure to fail and will probably end up badly in general.

To understand how it works, let me explain how a shaman uses death spell voodoo for enemy. To practice this kind of magic, all shamans have to make a special agreement with dark spirits. According to this agreement, they are obliged to:

Voodoo death spells- Perform all rituals in full compliance with the established requirements;

- Pay for it with their energy;

- Make sacrifices to the spirits, including blood sacrifices;

- Provide services to the spirits in return;

- Bear full responsibility for any murder committed through magic;

- Never break black death revenge spell voodoo not to disconnect the spirits from their victim.

To cast this type of spells, a shaman has to go through a set of initiations or his attempts will be in vain and he will end up losing his mind or dying an early death. Voodoo shamans spend years developing and strengthening their energies, learning how to protect themselves from the spirits they are going to engage for their black magic rituals. They try to use the best death spell voodoo only when they know they have finally learned the art of controlling and protecting themselves from spirits. They know that, firstly, if they fail, the spirits will not come to them to get their payment. Secondly, they can go through with it and their victim will not die. Thirdly, they can save themselves if a spellcaster like I am agrees to help them. However, this is not for sure if a shaman has cast too many death spells before and his karma is too heavy.

Are you wondering why spirits would want to help some shamans? They do it for food. They feed on human energy. At first they devour it when the victim that they are slowly killing is suffering. When the victim passes away, they devour their subtle bodies which get exposed like the chitin layer in butterflies after their scales fall off. But sometimes it gets even worse. With his voodoo death magic spells the shaman may call up some spirits which may drag the victim to hell when they pass away. In this case the victim will be doomed to eternal suffering.

When you learn how to death voodoo curse someone, you only study a spell and how to cast it. You never study how to fight the spirits your spell will call up. Moreover, you are not even aware of such spirits, because those articles you find on the Internet never mention them and never tell how the powerful killing voodoo spell actually works. When I see those articles which put thousands of people in danger, I cannot help feeling angry at those fools who wrote them. However, as an experienced spellcaster, I know that many people knowingly serve evil. So maybe those articles mislead users purposely and their goal is to help the authors win the favor of evil spirits. You never know…

Do you still want to learn how to cast a true death spell? Well, I have warned you about the consequences. So from now on whatever happens to you is going to be only your fault.

Death voodoo spells that work and the help of a spellcaster

Death voodoo spellcasterThe outcome of death voodoo spells that work is always the same. Their victims die. The only difference is how they die. For example, you may cut your finger and die of sepsis, you may die of simple flu or in a car accident. Yet voodoo death spells can be more creative than that. For example, some victims lose their mind and start taking risky actions, while others get addicted to drugs and die from drug overdose. Also, you may be attacked by a thief in the middle of the night and get stabbed or shot to death.

I cannot explain to you all the rules and mysteries of our existence because you need an initiation to access this kind of knowledge. But if you want to figure it out on your own to know more about death magic, you have three options:

1. Download my book about magic. Finishing it equals a preliminary initiation.

2. Read my article about the voodoo death spell

3. Read my other articles about voodoo death magic to acquire a wider knowledge of the subject.

In the meantime, I am only allowed to tell you that while we are alive, we are protected from death by what looks like a wall. It is a clear wall guarding us from the world of the dead overlaying our world (quantum physics has some answers as to what it means). So it is there, even though we cannot see or feel it.

When we are alive and healthy, this wall is quite thick. Even though we believe our life is controlled by fate, it is quite difficult to break through this wall. So, as long as this wall is thick and strong, you have a chance to survive in a plane crash or beat cancer (which otherwise would have killed you). But as we age, this wall gets thinner and thinner, until one day is becomes as thin as cigarette paper. This is when one careless move can become deadly to us.

Interestingly, no person has a specific date when they are supposed to die. This date is determined by each one of us as we live and it largely depends on our lifestyle and habits. Let me, spellcaster Maxim, list some of the most common ones:

- Eating unhealthy foods;

- Thinking that living up to 80 years old is good;

- Overstrain, stress and inability to relax;

- High demands with regard to personal comfort;

- Unwillingness to learn something new once in a while to keep your brain young;

- Unwillingness to exercise on a regular basis to keep your body young;

- Irregular or frequent sex;

- Alcoholism, smoking, drug use, etc.;

- Fear of death which is burning down your nervous system;

- Refusal to exercise your right for self-healing (every person is entitled to);

- Inability to love and take care of the person you love, which makes energy renewal and rejuvenation impossible.

It makes that wall separating us from the world of the dead thin until one day it falls down… and we pass away…

Black magic voodoo spells to cause death impact us in the same manner. It makes the wall between you and your death thinner and only a professional magic practitioner like I am can stop it. Moreover, I, spellcaster Maxim, can do even more than that. For example, I can restore this wall and make it even thicker and stronger than before. If you want, you can create a powerful energy protection item, such as a protection amulet or pendant. Also, I can perform some special rituals to make you less susceptible to immune to black magic.

This is a complex and time-consuming work. But if it is done properly and with all the rules and guidelines observed, its “side effect” will be very strong. After such rituals people live 10 or even 20 years longer than they were supposed to on the date when a black magic voodoo death spell was put on them. If they are lucky to work with a professional and experienced spellcaster, they will have their energies protected, restored, rejuvenated and completely renewed. This postpones the date of their expected death greatly.

How to identify a death voodoo spell that works

Death voodoo ritualI, spellcaster Maxim, am against self-diagnostics, especially when it comes to checking oneself for magic diseases. Too many people are controlled by fear and hypochondria. They lack common sense and have poor critical thinking skills. To prove that I am right, I want to ask you to go to any website about medicine and read about any disease and its symptoms. I am pretty confident you will realize you have it. Moreover, our brain works in a way that the more deadly the disease we are reading about, the easier it is for us to believe we have it.

However, self-diagnostics can save people under a death voodoo spell, so I want to tell you about five signs of such spells you should check yourself for. Just remember that you need to have at least three of them to confirm your diagnosis. If you have one or two symptoms, you are not in danger and there is no reason to worry.

First of all, your energy quality changes. Even if you never kept track of the condition of your energies, death voodoo spells magic changes it so much that you cannot help noticing it. So the symptoms include feeling tired and exhausted all the time and being unhealthy lazy and unwilling to run even simple errands. Some people call it “burning out” or explain it by low energy levels or just excess toxins and waste in the body. In fact, all of them are right as the voodoo death spell matches all of these descriptions.

Secondly, it affects your lifestyle and comfort requirements. For example, you no longer enjoy good food and stop appreciating having a good night’s sleep. You stop caring about what you wear and what car you drive. Moreover, you do not try to dress weather appropriate, so you get cold when it is cold and get wet when it is raining. But this is something you could not care less about because your reality perception is distorted because of your death voodoo spell.

Thirdly, you think about death all the time, which is understandable. Real death spells voodoo makes the borderline between you and the world of the dead very thin, so the energies of death and decay come closer to you than ever before. Some people get scared by it, while others think it is okay. Either way, such thoughts make people depressed causing a loss of emotional and psychological tonus.

Fourthly, one day someone will tell you in an astonished voice, “Omg, you look so old!” You will look at yourself in the mirror only to realize it is true. Accelerated aging is a common symptom observed in all people under voodoo spells of killing. However, those under an instant death spell pass away before they even start aging. Besides, this symptom is seen in all people regardless of their age. As for the instant death spell, the only good thing about it is that it is not very common and voodoo shamans prefer other rituals which are less complicated and are designed to impact people for up to several years before killing them. This makes it possible for magic practitioners like I am to save victims of such spells.

Fifthly, you always feel someone’s invisible presence, especially after your death spell has taken full effect. I will not describe this symptom in detail to prevent hypochondriaс readers from feelings things which are not there. All I can say is that this feeling is quite special and you will hardly confuse it with anything else. You will never think you are dreaming it. Everything will be very real. By the way, the creature which presence you feel will be quite real, too. It is just invisible, yet you can see it in your peripheral vision or feel it with your energies.

What should you do if you have symptoms of a spell to voodoo cause death? Contact me, spellcaster Maxim, or any other professional and experienced magic practitioner, as soon as possible. Someone needs to start helping you now as it is a matter of days when voodoo death magic is involved. Do not miss your chance to postpone your death and live a long and happy life. Fight the fate prepared for you by your voodoo shaman and his spirits, as it is still up to you and you can choose what you want – live or die – even after the blackest of spells has been put on you.

In conclusion, I would like to suggest that you watch my new video about voodoo death spells. If you have three or more symptoms of a powerful death voodoo spell, you can find out who put this powerful death voodoo spell on you.

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