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Casting gay love spells that work

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I, spellcaster Maxim, after analyzing the market of magic services, came to the conclusion that not all sorcerers and witches are ready to cast gay spells. While some do not list gay love spells that work as a service, others try to justify their refusal to cast gay spells with some personal and even religious beliefs. The latter explanation is common for spellcasters from Eastern Europe.

In fact – and believe me I know what I am saying – the reason of such strange behavior is the fact that gay love spells that work are very difficult to cast. Spellcasters do not want to demonstrate their lack of expertise and, therefore, do everything they can to prevent their clients from ordering gay spells.

As I have already said, gay love spells that work are very difficult to cast

Gay love spells that workFirst and foremost, there are not as many gay men out there as you think. Thus, gay men often fall in love with heterosexual men and ask spellcasters for help. However, gay spells do not work on heterosexuals.

Moreover, gay magic may do harm to heterosexuals. Heterosexual victims of gay spells often think they are going insane, that something is wrong with their libido or psyche. The process of transition of a heterosexual person to accepting gay love is incredibly difficult and complex, and very powerful magic is needed for it.

This, however, has nothing to do with our inner freedom, confidence or lack of thereof, having the right or bad values. Although hypocrites and moralists would argue with it, homosexuality is genetic or has to do with the processes during fetal development. In the first case, a person is born gay. In the second case, female hormones prevail when a fetus develops in the womb. As result, when the boy reaches puberty, he is more interested in boys rather than girls.

If a man is not attracted to men, regular gay spells will not arouse same-sex love in him

To change his consciousness, very powerful gay love spells that work are needed. As you know, many spellcasters are not able to cast them. Luckily, you have me, spellcaster Maxim, and I will be happy to cast a gay spell for you if you need one. However, this will require a personal consultation and, besides, I will need to study the object of your love, both psychologically and magically.

Note: I do not cast gay spells if a gay person wants me to cast a love spell on a heterosexual person whom he does not love.

A second factor causing gay spells to fail is psychological. Regardless of our sexual orientation, we all have our own ideas of a perfect lover or partner. This is what happens if a gay spell is cast on a heterosexual person:

  • His perfect lover is a petite blonde.
  • The gay client is tall and has brown hair.
  • When a gay love spell that works is cast, it changes the mental and sexual fields of the heterosexual man and he actually starts wanting to have gay sex, provided the lover is petite and has blond hair.

This means the man who loves him still has no chance with him because he is not petite and his hair is not blond.

Luckily, I have special gay love spells that work in this case

Gay love ritual skullThey are designed to make a man be attracted to the type of man the gay client belongs to. I do not want to go into detail. You just need to know that such rituals exist and I can perform one for you if that is what you need to have a happy relationship.

A third reason is the fidelity and honesty of the object of gay magic. For example, a gay man loves another gay man but the latter is faithful to another man. In this case the object of gay magic will push away all gay spells cast on him, preventing them from influencing his subtle bodies.

If so, the ritual needs to be divided into three parts or be composed of three different rituals.

1. Breaking the existing relationship – to ensure that the man you love is free from any vows and moral obligations.

2. Healing the emotional wounds – to ready the man for a new romantic or sexual relationship.

3. Casting a gay spell – to ensure that the man chooses you as a lover.

4. Creating a couple and ensuring that your relationship lasts for as long as possible.

In this article I have already mentioned moralists with their religious beliefs. However, those considering using gay love spells that work often forget that those they love may have their religious beliefs, too. If so, a gay person, aware of the fact that he is gay, will consider gay love a sin and will struggle with his feelings causing the gay spell to fail.

When I, spellcaster Maxim, see that is the case, I heal such people helping them understand who they really are. When people are ready to accept who they are, I cast a gay love spell that actually works. As you understand, the gay spell will bring the desired results if the object of gay magic does not try to suppress his feelings.  

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