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Dark magic love spells. Myths & misconceptions

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There are more myths about dark magic love spells than any other kind of magic spells, and I know why. Do you remember children’s cartoons and fairy tales? They always show bad people using real dark spells against good people. As a result, the dark magic love spell is associated by the majority of us with evil, something no one should do.

In fact, spells of dark magic cast by a professional spellcaster are as dangerous as a flu shot or a cup of coffee you drink in the morning. Dark magic love spells used by an experienced magic practitioner can become your key to the door leading to love, understanding, fidelity and happiness. On top of that, only dark magic spells can be your only solution if white magic is unable to help you for some reason.

Speaking of myths and misconceptions about any dark magic love spell, let us review the most popular ones.

Myth 1. 

Spells of dark magic are used when there is no love.

Dark magic love spells candlesFor your information, when there is no love, not only dark, but also love rituals are ineffective. This is the reason spellcasters refuse to work with some clients. It does not mean, however, that only white magic love spells should be used when there is love. For example, only dark magic love spells should be used to influence a strong and confident man or to unite people with a significate social or age gap.

Myth 2. 

real dark magic spells make things only worse.

Let us assume you fall in love with a girl but her parents do not like you and think you are not worthy of her. If that is the case, white magic will not help you or you will have to wait for at least six months before you see any results. While you are waiting, the girl may fall out of love with you or marry someone else following her parents’ advice, which is very common in Muslim countries.

With a dark magic love spell, you will make your girlfriend’s parents like you and accept you as their future son-in-law. As you see, not all dark rituals are used to do evil.

Myth 3. 

spells of dark magic are cast only by black magic sorcerers who do only evil.  

I keep saying that black magic does not mean being in the service of evil. The color of a spellcaster, black or white, indicates which energies he works with and which rituals he performs. I have a lot of spellcaster friends and I assure you that there are “black” or “dark” spellcasters who have done more good than any religious person or charity people.

The word “dark” in dark magic love spells describes the process performed to create love. Therefore it is not true that all white spellcasters are good and black spellcasters are bad. It is like claiming that all dentists are bad because they use scary tools, while masseurs are good because massage is nice and pleasant and helps you relax.

Myth 4. 

Everyone has to pay for using real dark magic spells. 

Dark magic love spellsIf a dark magic love spell is cast inaccurately or some spells of dark magic are cast by an amateur, someone will actually have to pay for it. For more details please click here (LINK). But do not be too scared. Go to a nearby supermarket and see how many products they sell there are dangerous (sometimes mortally dangerous!).

Household chemicals, kitchen knives, lighters, alcohol, power saws, axes, etc. Even a clothes line can be used for kidnapping or even committing a suicide. Even though such things are freely available, no one says supermarkets should be closed because of it.

The same is true for dark magic love spells. If used as intended and cast by powerful spellcasters, they are harmless. Real dark magic spells are paid for with money only, the money you pay me for performing the required rituals. That way, exergy exchange for the help of Higher Powers and their future protection occurs between me and them.

Myth 5. 

Spells of dark magic performed correctly stay effective forever.

Unfortunately, it is a myth, too. No spell can work forever. Therefore, do not believe those claiming they can cast a dark magic love spell to help you your whole life. It is impossible. Luckily, you can ensure that your dark magic love spells remain effective for as long as possible. To that end, you should feed them with the energy of your love for your beloved, as well as care and patience.  Several fights happening one by one can break even the most powerful real dark magic spells cast by a professional spellcaster.

Another way to ensure your dark magic love spells remain effective for as long as possible is to ask your spellcaster to perform the ritual again. To achieve the best results, the ritual should be re-performed at least once every few years. The time intervals vary because every relationship is individual. To tell you how often you should have your ritual performed, I need to cast one of my spells of dark magic for you first.

Myth 6. 

Dark magic love spells are a myth. 

They are useless.

Upon hearing about it, I think of a man buying his first PC. He unpacks it, plugs it in, but does not know he needs to push a certain button to switch it on. As a result, he thinks his PC is not working.  

Similarly, an amateur performing some real dark magic spells does not know magic works on specific days, that it cannot be activated without a magic altar, specific magic accessories and a special mindset. He keeps reading the text of his dark magic love spell in an evil voice, waving his hands and making a scary face (this is what people think spellcasters do while performing their rituals) but the spell will still prove ineffective.

Myth 7. 

Those working with spells of dark magic have sold their souls to evil forces.

It is one of the silliest myths about dark magic love spells. No spellcaster can do magic if their souls are not free. Freedom of choice is what ensures the spellcaster’s safety along with that of their clients, and makes it possible for them to make contact with Higher Powers.

Besides, it is not true that real dark magic spells take away people’s souls. They are cast for love. How can love exist if your soul is not free?

Myth 8.

If you use a dark magic love spell to find love but then lose it, you will not have a second chance.

How many times can a person love? As many as he wants. There are no accountants in heaven counting or determining how many times we can fall in love. Therefore, if you use spells of dark magic but then fall out of love for some reason, you may use magic again to find true love. You can use magic as many times as you need to finally reach happiness. 

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