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How do you spell love? Find out the truth about it!

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How do you spell love if you are overweight?

How do you cast a love spell if you are overweight? Is it possible? Unfortunately, the answer is no. You cannot practice magic if you weigh 8 to 10 kilograms more than your normal weight. Your excess weight, even if it is caused by some chronic disease, is a sign of a destructive mind parasite occupying your subtle bodies. As soon as you get rid of it, you will start losing weight without having to work out and going on a diet. If you suffer from a disease, you will recover. You will lose weight to never gain excess weight again.

If you are overweight but still want to find the answer to your question “how do love spells work?” and find and cast a love spell, the outcome may be terrible. All the energies you attempt to send while performing your ritual will be absorbed by your mind parasite. This will make it stronger causing you to gain even more weight. On top of that, the spell will not help you end your loneliness.

How do you cast a love spell if you have mental disorders?

Red candle love spells

  Another risk group includes people with mental disorders, people experiencing frequent nightmares, people with lapses of memory, and people unable to control their thoughts,

 words and actions. Yes, feeling negative emotions and being envious, cruel, irritable, cowardly and mean, as well as a tendency to blame others for your problems, may be a symptom of a mental body disorder.

The causes of such problems vary, from a hex to possession. Let a spellcaster examine you to find out what causes your mental body disorders. This will allow the spellcaster to cure your mental body and make it stronger and immune to energy parasites. This is when you can get to reading the recipes to find out the answer to your questions “how do you spell love?” and “how to you cast a love spell?”

How do love spells work if you do not love the one you cast your love spell on?

How do you spell love if you do not love the one you cast your love spell on? First and foremost, you should remember that esoteric websites claiming it is possible are run by dishonest and lying frauds. It is no more than a promotional campaign. I can answer your question “how do love spells work when there is no love?” Love spells do not work without love.

How do you spell love then? Only experienced spellcasters can create love between two people if neither of them has feelings for the other. In this case spellcasters use black magic or voodoo magic. All rituals designed to cast a love spell on the one you do not love work in the same manner. They turn a person into a zombie, slave or sleep-walker. Unlike black magic, white magic does no such thing. However, black magic requires everyone whose wishes it fulfills to pay for its help by agreeing to suffer, sustain losses and develop diseases.

How do you cast a love spell to ensure it brings immediate results?

How do love spells work when they bring immediate results? How do you spell love fast? I have already answered these questions on my website and the answer is as follows: there is no such thing in love magic as immediate results. The only exception when love magic can bring immediate results is when a dishonest spellcaster tells his client’s fortune before casting a love spell and sees that the person his client is in love with will fall in love with him soon or is already in love with him. All that needs to be done to create love between the two is to persuade and help the client to take the first step if he is too shy to do so on his own.

When you ask this spellcaster, “How do you cast a love spell to receive immediate results?” he replies, “I know how! But this is going to cost you some money.” You pay the required sum but the spellcaster is not going to do anything. He is just waiting for his predictions to come true. As a result, you will be confident your love was created with the use of magic and believe love spells bringing immediate results exist and, maybe, try to convince others of the same.

How do love spells work for those who believe doing magic is a sin?

As far as I understand, this question comes from a religious person. There is a kind of magic doing which is not considered a sin. I am talking about prayerful magic practiced through canonical prayers.

Love spell husbandHow do you spell love with a prayer? It is easier than you think. Ask the priest from your local parish where you presently live which prayers to say to ask God for love. Say the prayers as required and after each prayer ask your Guardian Angel, Saint, Virgin Mary or God to give you the love of the one you are in love with. Think about this person without saying his or her name out loud.

How do you cast a love spell with prayers if you are a sinner? Unfortunately, prayers do not help sinners (this is how you can check how pure and sinless you are). Also, praying will not help you win the one you want if you do not love this person with all your heart. You will not be punished for your requests but they will not be fulfilled, either.

How do love spells work for people under the age of 21?

Magic can be dangerous to people under the age of 21. The Higher Powers tend to fulfill minors’ requests when they practice magic making young girls and boys believe they are powerful sorcerers and witches. In time, they come to realize things are not going the way they want, they fail to find true love, have financial problems, cannot start a family, constantly lose something or become victims of domestic violence.

When you start practicing magic at a young age, a simple ritual can change your fate dramatically which may lead to numerous hardships and destructions.

Occasionally, young spellcasters, having no experience or understanding of how things work in life and, more importantly, unable to protect themselves, fall victim to various hellish entities. Attracted by any magic call, they rush to the spellcaster performing a ritual or telling someone’s fortune, to enslave him.

Professional spellcasters are able to protect themselves and their clients, while inexperienced ones are an easy target for any hellish entity as they are extremely easy to occupy and subdue.

This explains why I never work for people under the age of 21 and never cast love spells on minors. If I do, the hardships experienced by these people when they grow up will be so terrible that they will be able to automatically change my karma for the worse, despite the fact that I am a very strong and experienced spellcaster. 

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