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How to cast powerful love binding spells

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Today I will teach you how to cast simple but very effective and powerful love binding spells

Please read this article very carefully. I, spellcaster Maxim, will give you some tips to enable you to put a powerful love binding spell almost on anyone you want. Before we begin, let us repeat the basic safety rules. If you have been following my website, they should not be new to you. If it is going to be your first experience in the casting of white or black magic binding spells, you need to learn these rules by heart and always follow them.  

Safety rules for casting powerful love binding spells

Love binding candle spells1. To cast a white magic powerful love binding spell, perform the ritual during the waxing moon. To cast black magic binding spells, perform the ritual during the waning moon.

2. Before you perform the ritual, make sure you know the spell by heart.

3. Make sure you have all the ingredients needed to perform the ritual.

4. Do not practice magic when you are depressed, angry, scared or tired.

5. Women are prohibited from doing magic during their periods or pregnancy or if they have children younger than 7 years old.

6. It is prohibited to even think about casting powerful love binding spells while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances.

7. Underage people are prohibited from casting any powerful love binding spell which description can be found here at this website.

8. It is prohibited to cast love spells in order to get even with the target or any third party. For revenge, use revenge spells.

9. People with physical or mental disorders must not practice magic.

10. Before you perform your ritual, make sure you are alone and there are no people around you of the above mentioned age or suffering from any of the above listed conditions and disorders.

Now that you know how to be safe, we can move forward and learn how to cast love spells. I, spellcaster Maxim, want to tell you about both white and black magic binding spells. Let us begin with white magic powerful love binding spells.

A powerful love binding spell with three candles

To begin with, get a picture of the person you want to put a love spell on (hereinafter “the target”). The picture should be taken less than one year ago and show the target relaxed and in a good mood. Do not use the picture if the target is sad, angry or crying in it. The target has to be the only person in the picture. Group photos and photos showing the target with some animals, portraits, sculptures, etc. are not allowed. The picture has to be free of any inscriptions, cracks or scratches. If the picture is damaged, the target will end up cursed. Always remember about it, especially if you are going to use black magic binding spells.

Also, you need three candles – yellow, red and white. They need to be new, have the same height and diameter. In the evening, when the moon is waxing, thoroughly wash the table you are going to use in your ritual. Put the table by the window and make sure you can see the moon while sitting at the table. Put the candles in a triangle:

- Put the yellow candle to the left of yourself,

- Put the white candle to the right of yourself;

- Put the red candle in front of yourself to be the vertex of your triangle.

Put the photo of the person you are going to put a powerful love binding spell on in the middle of the triangle. Look in the target’s eye for several minutes until you feel a connection with this person. People with poor magical abilities can feel some warmth or excitement. People gifted in magic can even know what the target is currently doing or thinking. As soon as you feel this connection, light the candles one by one, moving clockwise.

Let some wax from the yellow candle drop on the picture and say,

“The yellow gold of my heart will clear you (name) of all the thoughts about other people. From now on you (name) will think only about me.”

Put the candle back. Take the red candle, let some wax drop on the picture, and say,

“The red blood will become your love for me (your name) that you (name) will carry through your whole life.”

Repeat the procedure with the white candle and say,

“The white color will seal my powerful love binding spells with its purity, and our love will fly through time on the wings of an angel.”

The spell is completed.

Keep reading this article to find out what to do with the candles, pictures, and other accessories used in the ritual.

Black magic binding spells with pure water

Casting love binding spellsThe day after a full moon put four candles in the corners of the room where you will spend the next night and light them. Use candles made of black wax and having a black wick. Sit down in the middle of the room and put a bowl of pure cold water in front of yourself. Use either a glass or an iron bowl. Do not use plastic bowls. Also, the bowl must be free of any colorants.  

Say the spell,

“I am putting a spell on the water turning it into a love potion which will bind you (name) to me. May the night help me, may the dreams help me, may the waning moon help me. The moon will melt and be reborn again. With the new moon love for me will come to you (name).”

Put the picture of the person you are putting one of the black magic binding spells on, on the water. Do it carefully making sure the picture stays afloat.  Sit still keeping your eyes on the picture. If the picture does not sink until the candles burn down, the ritual can be continued. If it sinks or one of the candles goes out, take it as a sign that nothing good will come out of it.

If everything goes as expected, collect the waste without touching it into a clean bag. Put whatever you used to pick up the trash into the bag, too. Close the bag and take it out immediately. Put it into the nearest waste container. Do not leave the bag inside your house and do not use the trash duct if there is one in your condominium.

When you come back, look at the picture once again. If your powerful love binding spell has been cast properly, the picture will still be afloat. Take it out and fold it four times, the image down. Wind the picture with a white natural thread seven times. Hide the picture in your stuff:

- In your clothing (if you expect a passionate love affair with the target);

- Among your dresses (if you expect a romantic love affair with the target);

- In your wardrobe with your winter clothes (if you expect your powerful love binding spell to lead to a marriage and sharing household responsibilities).

Pour the water carefully into a clean container with a tight cover. Add three teaspoons of this water into the beverages you give to the person you are casting your powerful love binding spells on. Note that such beverages may not contain alcohol.

If you manage to serve three drinks to your beloved before the new moon, the target will fall in love with you.

Now let us talk about what to do with the pictures and other accessories used in powerful love binding spells.

If there is no clear instruction in the love spell description, do as follows: keep the pictures and all other magic accessories you used in your love spell. Put the picture into an envelope without sealing it. Put the envelope with the picture on a clean white cloth. Put all the other accessories on the cloth too, and wrap them up. First wind the bundle with a strong white thread and then with a strong red thread in a crisscross manner. If you want your love to be strong, add a green thread. If you want to be soulmates, add a blue thread. If you want to make your relationship strong financially, use a yellow thread. Only one extra thread can be used, so make a thoughtful decision which thread to use.

Hide the bundle. No one can break your love spell for as long as you keep it. If one day you want to remove the spell, cut the threads and take the objects out. Throw away everything but the picture. Bring the picture secretly back to the target’s place and the love spell will be broken.

I have one more love spell for the most fearless of you. This love spell is one of the black magic binding spells. It is cast with a mirror. It is cast just once. For more information about this love spell, please watch the video below. 

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