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Love potions and spells in everyday and professional magic

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I know a lot of people who ordered magic rituals from professional spellcasters or tried to practice magic on their own but never heard of love potions that really work. There are many reasons for it. For example, witches and sorcerers rarely tell their clients that they not only cast spells but also use love potions.

Love potions and spellsHowever, their unwillingness to share this information, in my opinion, can be explained by the fact that people performing love rituals or telling about them on their websites and forums lack expertise. The majority of them are simply unable to do both, love potions and spells, or believe love potions belong in fairy tales, or think love potions cannot help when a love ritual is performed.

In fact, knowing how to make love potions that really work gives any spellcaster special powers. By combining the knowledge of love potions and spells, a spellcaster gets almost complete control over people. While it is possible to protect oneself from mental or verbal love spells, it is incredibly difficult to protect oneself from love potions. 

A love spell is energy sent to the object of the love spell. If the energy fails to penetrate the subtle bodies of the object of the love spell, it will be dispersed like fog or go back in the form of magic retribution. I, spellcaster Maxim, have posted plenty of articles on magic retribution so I will not dwell on this subject now. I would like to remind you, though, that magic retribution influences people like a complex and very strong curse which explains why it is so dangerous to practice magic on your own, unless you are a professional spellcaster.

Love potions that really work influence people in a different manner

Thus, if love potions and spells are used and someone drinks a love potion, the potion influences this person from the inside evading any protection shields. If a love potion that really works is poured, let us say, under the bed, into the wardrobe or in the pockets of the object of magic, the potion’s effect lasts for a long time or the potion waits until the object’s magic protection grows weak to start influencing him.

According to some recipes for how to perform a love ritual with the use of love potions and spells, you should pour the potion all over your apartment or keep it in a special jar. The love potion will start influencing the one you love in the way you need as soon as he or she comes to your place.

The problem is to make strong love potions that really work is sometimes even more difficult than to perform a complex and strong love ritual.

There are many factors which make it difficult to make a love potion

These include

Love spell dish1. It is essential that love potions and spells belong to the same branch of magic, such as love magic, voodoo magic, shaman magic, etc. Unfortunately, many of those owning esoteric websites do not know and, consequently, do not follow this rule. As a result, they offer their readers to use love spells, love potions and love rituals from three different branches of magic. Do you think you can assemble a car from the auto parts of different auto brands? I do not think you can either!.

2. No potion will bring the desired results if its ingredients were not grown personally by the spellcaster. This means you need to have a garden. Firstly, it is hard work. Secondly, the garden needs to be charged with magic so it had the energies needed to ensure that the ritual will be performed successfully. Thirdly, some bushes or trees which buds, cones, leaves and bark are needed to make a love potion may grow for dozens of years until you can use them. This is why making love potions that really work is a complex and very long process.

3. While growing your magic plants, you should plant, pick and even water your plants on specific days of the lunar calendar and only if your energies and psyche are in a specific state. I am sure you have heard of expanded consciousness. Thus, a spellcaster growing magic plants has to be in a state far more advanced than the state of expanded consciousness.

4. Special tools are needed to grow magic plants to make love potions that really work. I do not want to go into detail but want to remind you that even druids used golden sickles to pick magic plants, while witches used knives made of a bone or a material called “sky stone” currently known as meteorites. The vessels used for boiling or keeping love potions, as well as the state of the spellcaster cooking a love potion, are also critical.

5. Most importantly, almost all love potions go bad the moment spellcasters bring them home or try to use them in their love spells. This can happen if the spellcaster, for instance, failed to balance his energies before cooking his love potions, failed to take into account the energies of his apartment or the subtle bodies of the object of magic.

Nowadays, numerous esoteric websites and online stores offer various “love potions that really work.” My advice is to avoid making such purchases. I, spellcaster Maxim, assure you that magic will work poorly if it is not tuned to your energies and your situation.

Being a very experienced spellcaster, I never make love potions just for sale.

I make a love potion when I need one for a ritual

I tune it up which is how I know it will influence the right person. In addition, I provide detailed instructions on how to use my love potions, how to store them and how to dispose of them. Needless to say, my love potions are supplied in special containers keeping them fresh for as long as possible and ensuring safety.

I would like to remind you that love potions and spells can be used not only if you need to create a new relationship but also if you need to maintain your existing relationship. They can be used to protect love or marriages or to prevent someone from ruining your wedding. They can also be used to prevent a spouse from cheating and protect you from the witchcraft used against you by your rival. 

Protection love potions and spells are also made in compliance with the principles stated in this article and are made to order personally for each client. Please contact me to find out how to order my love potions and spells. 

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