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Protection spells for all occasions

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How protection spells work

Protection spell bookAll protection spells that you will cast for yourself or protection spells for loved ones work based on the following four principles:

1. Designed based on the knowledge of the nature of negative energies, they protect you from negative energies by neutralizing and repelling them.

2. protection spells protect you from anger and envy. They block and repel the negative energies radiated by other people.

3. Protection spells normalize your energies, while protection spells for loved ones normalize the energies of your loved ones. Often people take their malfunctioning chakras for a hex or curse.

Unfortunately, the majority of protection rituals can be successfully performed only by experienced spellcasters. It does not mean, however, that you are unable to protect yourself. Contact me and I will cast a protection spell on you or use my protect spells for loved ones to protect the people you love from negative energies, whether resulting from someone’s negative thoughts or intentional witchcraft, for years to come.

Before you order one of my protection spells, I want you to know that magic protection needs to be maintained by you. My protection rituals will be able to protect you only if you do not generate negative energies, do not do evil and do not display hostility towards other people and yourself. Negative energies eat away protection spells leaving you extremely vulnerable.

Being an experienced spellcaster, along with casting a protection spell I also cleanse and strengthen my clients’ chakras. This takes them to a new level of existence where they reduce their negative energies to zero which enables my protection spells to have their effect for as long as possible.

Why protection spells for loved ones fail to produce the desired effect

Many people ordering protection spells for loved ones do not understand why a protection spell may fail to produce the desired effect. The reasons of a failed protection spell include:

1. You do not know who your loved one really is. You think he is a kind and honest person and are unaware of the fact that he deeply hurt someone’s feelings. No matter what protection ritual is performed, its effect will be temporary. The Higher Powers will soon remove protection and the person will suffer his karmic punishment.

2. Your loved one is under the influence of a curse. If you use a protection spell for loved ones, your loved one will turn into a captive locked in a solitary cell with the hellish entity torturing him. The prisoner has nowhere to take energy from as he is enclosed with the protection walls keeping him separated from the rest of the world. No one can help him. Eventually, the curse will take full control of him.

3. The most common reason of a failed protection spell for loved ones is you contacting an inexperienced spellcaster who does not care to analyze the problems of your loved one and, by performing a protection ritual, only aggravates them.

Contact me and I will examine your loved one’s subtle bodies to identify his or her personal traits, fate and energy structure, remove his or her karmic debts and energy diseases to cast one of my protection spells for loved ones to ensure your loved one gets the protection he or she needs.

The best protection spells for loved ones from a powerful spellcaster

Protective magic rituals for all occasionsAccording to various branches of magic, the best protection spells for loved ones are quite simple. Let me tell you what they are to enable you to use the kind of protection you need.

PRAYER – pray in a church, in nature, or in your bed before falling asleep. Make sure you ask the Higher Powers not to protect your loved one from negative events but give him positive ones. For instance, your loved one is sick. While praying, do not ask the Higher Powers to not let him feel worse, but ask them to help him recover.

SALT – if you think your loved one is under the influence of witchcraft, pour some salt on the threshold and windowsill in his bedroom. If he feels better in the morning, you were right about the witchcraft. Consult a professional spellcaster immediately.

WATER – minor energy ailments can be washed off with water. Take a contrast shower three times a day and the water will restore your energy levels.

YOUR ENERGIES – send this person your love and stop being worried about him. This will cleanse his subtle bodies and help him recover.

PLACES OF POWER – get your loved one to visit places of power, provided his energies are in harmony with the energies of the places of power. This protection method is the best protection method in magic (after professional magic, of course). Firstly, this will cleanse your loved one’s subtle bodies. Secondly, it will re-energize and enhance his chakras.

The best protection spells for you

If you are looking for the most powerful protection spell, contact me, spellcaster Maxim!

I will not teach you some secret rituals to enable you to protect yourself from different kinds of negative energy. Instead, I will offer you a ritual carefully selected personally for you that will ensure that you get the best protection possible. All my protection spells are highly efficient due to the fact that I always work by the following principle:

I scan your subtle bodies to identify weak spots and tell your fortune to see which of your subtle bodies are being attacked presently and will be attacked in the future. This enables me to cast the most effective protection spells protecting my clients from the tiniest sparkles of negative energy which, if not eliminated, can lead to quite a big fire of energy disease.

Feel free to call or email me, and let me protect you and your family from negative energies. 

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