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Simple white magic love spells and excess weight

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I would like to continue our magic lessons by telling you how simple white magic love spells are connected with your weight. Today, when 8 out of 10 people are overweight or obese, this seems to be a topical issue. The problem is many of those trying to cast white love spells on their own forget one very important rule: the spellcaster has to have a healthy weight while performing his rituals. Why? This article will help you understand why your excess weight may cause you a lot of problems if you use magic.

Excess weight, simple white magic love spells and mind parasites

Simple white magic love spells candlesIf you are overweight and are going to cast white magic spells, you are making a serious mistake. Statistically, 45% of overweight people overeat and refuse to work out due to their mind parasites.

A mind parasite is an energy entity occupying not the gastro-intestinal tract or skin but our subtle bodies. Like all parasites, it needs food which is our negative energies. If a parasite occupies your subtle bodies, it influences your consciousness to ensure that you overeat and gain weight or at least is unable to lose weight.

In this case the following negative energies are generated:
  • The energy of insecurity – the majority of overweight and obese people are not comfortable with their body;
  • The energy of envy – you envy skinny women or muscular men;
  • The energy of loneliness – excess weight lowers the chances of getting married by 2900%; even when overweight people do get married, they tend to have low quality partners;

  • The energy of diseases – overweight or obese people develop various diseases 30 times as often as people with a healthy weight who eat healthy and work out.

You do not have to be an expert in magic to understand that casting white love spells successfully while generating such negative energies is impossible.

White love spells, excess weight and chakra problems

Simple white magic spells may fail to bring the desired results even if you have no mind parasites but are overweight. The second most common cause of a failed white love spell is malfunctioning chakras. As soon as you damage any of your chakras, you start to gain weight. As an experienced spellcaster, I have also seen people whose damaged chakras led to weight loss or even bulimia but those were isolated cases.

Here is how malfunctioning chakras cause weight gain:
  • Damaged first chakra: you lose access to the vital energies of the world and have to replenish your energy reserves through food.
  • Damaged second chakra: you lose your ability to accumulate energies and start accumulating fat instead.
  • Damaged third chakra: you lose your ability to set goals and hope for the better, get stressed, and try to relive stress with food.
  • Damaged fifth chakra: you stop loving yourself. People who do not love themselves are capable of doing many horrible things to themselves.
  • Damaged sixth chakra: you stop realizing how unhealthy overeating is.
  • Damaged seventh chakra: your mind parasites take full control of you causing alcoholism, drug addiction, asocial behavior and even suicidal thoughts.

Simple white magic love spells figureI, spellcaster Maxim, urge you to never try to cast white magic spells if any of your chakras is damaged. If you do, you will damage all of your chakras and the damage will be irreversible.

What to do if you want to find love but are overweight

If you know that you will not be able to lose enough weight to be able to cast a white love spell properly, you have only one choice: you should let me perform your love rituals for you. It does not matter for me what you weight is. I cast my love spells safely and professionally ensuring that my clients enjoy fast results. However, if you are familiar with my work and have read the articles posted on my website, you know that there is no such thing as simple white magic love spells bringing instant results.

Besides, if you want, I can identify what causes your excess weight. Knowing what makes you eat more than you should, you will lose weight easily. If you want, I can also help you lose weight with magic. Contact me to find out how I will do that and how much my services will cost. Also, before I give you any advice, I will need to examine you magically

A great secret of white magic spells

Below is exclusive information which you will not find on any other esoteric website.

You may not need white magic spells to make the person you love fall in love with you. Moreover, you may not have to lose weight, work out and torture yourself with numerous diets. All you need to do is to order a special spell from me that will ensure that your beloved loves you the way you are.

This spell is designed to influence your chakras in a way that they generate quality energies despite your weight problems. What attracts us to people? The energies we lack! Thus, the spell will turn you into a source of the energies that your beloved needs, attracting your beloved and creating love.

Contact me to learn more about it.

Why a simple white love spell may fail to bring the desired results

Occasionally, it is not enough to lose weight to be able to cast a white love spell successfully. Some of the causes of a failed simple white magic love spell can be eliminated easily, while others require the help of a professional spellcaster. Let me tell you what they are.

1. You cast your white magic spells on the wrong day.

2. You chose the wrong spells.

3. You are not properly prepared.

4. The magic accessories you purchase are fake which is why they fail to produce the desired effect.

5. The object of your white magic spell turns to be protected from negative energies.

6. You fail to accumulate enough energy to cast your white love spells properly.

This is all I, spellcaster Maxim, wanted to tell you about white love spells, simple white magic love spells and white magic spells in this article and how their efficiency is connected with your weight and your diet. 

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