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Some facts about relationship magic

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Here is a simple example: you have been in a relationship with a man for a long time but it has never been easy. It seems to you his behavior and feelings towards you change once in a while, while your feelings for him have been the same at all times. You think the man you love is not reliable and you do not know what to expect from him. In fact, it is not the man who changes his attitude towards you. It is you changing your energies which causes the man to have different feelings towards you. This is relationship magic. You have never heard about it before which is why you have been unable to control the feelings and emotions of the man you love.

Relationship magic

Relationship magicLet us start from the beginning – the moment you fell in love with this man.

Your love has activated all your chakras causing them to function at their best. Now you have a lot of energy which you need to direct at the man you love. Surrounded by your energies, he will love you back. This is when you might say that you loved someone with all your heart once but the man did not pay attention to you which makes you think relationship magic does not work.

Actually, loving someone is not enough. The following terms need to be met to ensure your energy influences the man the way you want:

  • Your love should not be selfish. Selfishness makes your energy unpleasant (thick, dark, poisonous, etc.) and no normal man will fall in love with you if you radiate unpleasant energies;

  • You need to believe the man will love you back – disbelief creates a wall separating you and the man you love;
  • Do not be afraid – fear paralyzes your energies preventing them from reaching the man and making him love you;
  • Do not think your love is finite – the Higher Powers will not help you if they see you have programmed yourself for failure or are pursuing a short-term project (I hope you do not mind me calling it a “project”).

We live in a system of laws according to which it is very difficult to implement something which is doomed to end or fail. By thinking “we will date for a while, then he will break up with me and I will find another man,” you doom yourself to failure.

When relationship magiс is launched and you enter into a relationship, other laws join in governing the energies of love. According to these laws, the man will love you only when he gets from you what he lacks. Have you not noticed that the happiest couples are those who make each other complete? However, your relationship will never be long and happy if you only give something and your partner only takes what you give without giving anything in exchange.

Let us assume a man lacks confidence. By telling him how great he is and how proud you are of him, you compensate the energy he lacks. Moreover, by doing so, you need to get something in exchange, such as kindness or sense of humor, logic or creativity. This is how you can have a long and harmonious relationship.

Relationship magic candleGiving something without taking something in exchange will lead to energy overload resulting in the fact that the man will be getting cold and distant. Imagine you are cold. To warm you, someone makes a fire. If you get too close to it, you will get burned. To ensure you do not get burned, do not get too close. Relationship magic says that the man will love you only if you do not make him experience energy overload but at the same time give him enough to not experience energy shortage.

There is always a leader and follower in any relationship. The leader has higher energy levels than the follower. When the leader stops loving the follower, pays less attention to him or takes worse care about him (any physical action is based on giving or taking energies), the follower suffers. This is when he starts to either complain that he is not loved as much as before or look for the energy he needs somewhere else, meaning he starts cheating on you.

If you want to build a perfect relationship, you have to work hard every day. You have to love your partner, think about him (at least 45-50 minutes a day), try to make him happy, give him your energies, etc.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you about all of the laws of relationship magic in this article because there are too many of them. I want you to at least understand how it works in general. Hopefully, you will learn how to exchange your energies with your partner and stop expecting him to take care of everything. Remember that maintaining a relationship is hard work and the partners need to contribute equally to it.

Love is about daily work, conscious actions, making the right choices, and continuous attempts to understand what your partners needs and what will make him happy. I, spellcaster Maxim, understand that it is not going to be easy for you, especially at the beginning. However, after a while giving and taking love will be as natural to you as breathing or reading. As an experienced spellcaster, I assure you that eventually a few minutes will be enough for you to make any man you want love you.

Have you not met women attracting men like magnets? Now you know how to become one of them. There is another way though – you can order an appropriate spell from me that will rearrange your subtle bodies to ensure that exchanging your energy with a man or men will be natural to you giving you more love than you have ever had in your entire life. 

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