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Spells to break up a relationship & their severe consequences

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From a reader’s letter:

“A few years ago I had to use spells to break up a relationship to save my little brother from a much older woman. For that reason, I had to study magic by myself. I had no other choice because that woman was one of those hunters who find young men, seduce them, get them to marry them, and ruin their lives. My bother wanted to give up college and find a job to provide for her. Besides, he was asking our parents for money all the time which he would then spend on that woman. As a result, we fought a lot, too.

I’d like to point out that my first spell to break up a relationship was a success

Spells to break up a relationshipMy brother suddenly fell out of love with that woman (to his and my surprise). Moreover, he started hating her. In about two weeks they broke up. Several years later he graduated from the university and found a good job. However, I could see something was wrong with him. He seemed to be unable to have a long-term relationship with women. His longest relationship lasted for no more than a month.

My brother pretends he’s fine but I know he’s unhappy. He’s 30 and doesn’t even have a girlfriend. I’m afraid this is the result of that break up relationship spell that I cast. Is there a way to help him?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Casting spells to break up a relationship without being a professional spellcaster is very dangerous. I understand your desire to help your brother and I believe you did not know at the time that every spell to break up a relationship had its specifics. As a result, instead of making your brother hate that woman with a break up a relationship spell, you built a wall preventing women’s energies from reaching him. Now even when some woman falls in love with your brother, he is unable to see and feel it. He is not getting her energies, so everything she says is just empty words to him. He thinks women are not sincere.

Your brother needs help. I can help him if you want. Also, I can make sure your brother never finds out about our collaboration, but gets a chance to fall in love, get married and start a family.

From a reader’s letter:

It’s not me but my husband who was put one of the spells to break up a relationship on

It started about four years ago. At some point I realized my husband was having an affair. I just knew it. I tried to find out who that woman was but I didn’t. In about a week he told me he met another woman at work and wanted to leave me and be with her.

Spell skull to break up a relationshipI tried to talk him out of it. I cried and begged him to stay, but he didn’t hear me. I was ready to do anything to make him stay and this is when I decided to find a witch. To make sure no one would find out about it, I went to a different city. The witch cast a spell to break up a relationship on my husband and his lover.

The witch was very powerful. When I came back home, I found my husband lying in bed shaking. He had a fever. The doctor said it was flu and prescribed some pills. He was sick for two weeks. Shortly before he fully recovered, he apologized to me. He said hed made a mistake. He realized it while lying sick in bed. He said I was the only one he wanted. As far as I understand, it was that break up relationship spell talking.

The spell influenced that woman, too. She quit her job and moved to another city. 

So I was happy to realize that spells to break up a relationship did work

However, my happiness didn’t last long. Shortly after that my husband started having some potency problems. The doctors said it was the consequences of that flu. A year later it turned out the problem was much more serious than we thought (my husband hasn’t had an erection in four years).

I knew it was no accident and went to that witch who cast that spell to break up a relationship. When I told her what happened, she said negative consequences were common and no witch could guarantee a 100% safety. When I demanded some compensation, she just kicked me out of her house. On top of that, she threated that she had more dangerous spells than the break up relationship spell and she’d use them if needed.

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Everyone makes mistakes. However, experienced spellcasters know what to do in case their spells to break up a relationship have some negative consequences. In other words, when they make a mistake, they know how to fix it. What I mean is that your witch was inexperienced and irresponsible. Upon realizing she could not help you, she should have referred to you another spellcaster or healer who could.

Fortunately, Higher Powers have brought you to me and I know I can handle the consequences of that break up relationship spell. To begin with, let me tell you what happened. While cutting your husband’s energy off of those of his lover, the witch accidentally damaged his charka generating the energy that enables your husband to have sex. It happened because your husband was drawn to that woman because of sex in the first place. When the witch had to choose between spells to break up a relationship, she chose one influencing sexual connection.  

From a reader’s letter:

“After reading one of your articles, I realized my wife had been put a love spell on. She hasn’t left me but she’s almost openly cheating on me with another man. I can’t force her to stop. I’m just not that kind of man. And talking to her seems useless. In another article of yours you say you can reunite couples using a spell to break up a relationship. Can this ritual help me?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

I am glad you wrote me. It is important to understand that only a powerful spellcaster, the one who knows that the love spell needs to be broken before a break up a relationship spell is cast, can help you. Moreover, after that your wife needs a spell protecting her against future love spells that may be cast on her. A second protection spell is cast after she breaks up with her lover and comes back to you. It is cast on both of you to ensure no one can break you up again. If your woman’s lover used magic once, I can assure you he is going to try to use it again. 

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