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The Most Commonly Used Easy Spells for Love

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Many of my readers ask me about casting easy spells for love. “How to cast a love spell easy?” “Can you teach me how to perform some easy rituals to help me find love?” “Are there any easy spells love to help me get my husband back/ensure my wife loves only me?” I think I have some time today to answer these questions and tell you about the most simple spells to strengthen, maintain or get your love back.

But before I say anything, I have to warn you that magic can be very dangerous. Even easy spells for love may have very severe consequences. Like a grain of sand that can cause a huge landslide, a love spell easy can destroy your life, disfiguring your fate beyond recovery.

Easy spells candles for loveSo I would like us agree on the following: if you decide to cast one of the easy spells love described in this article, I will not bear any responsibility for the consequences, even if you follow all the guidelines and rules specified. You are the one bearing full responsibility for all consequences of using magic as you have been warned about the danger. If you do not quite understand what I am talking about, please read the articles posted on my website.  Alternatively, you may ask me to cast an easy spell for love for you. That way, you will get what you want without putting yourself, your energies and your karma in danger.

Casting a love spell easy on a photograph

If you want to cast a love spell on a photograph of your beloved, make sure it meets certain criteria. For example, the photograph should show only your beloved and it should be taken more than 2 or 3 months before the date of the ritual. Fold the edges of the photograph to make it twice as small, while making sure the face of your beloved is intact. Light a new candle and keep your eyes on the fire until the candle is burned about half way, while thinking about your love for the one you are casting your easy love spell on and your future relationship.

When the candled is burned half way, drop the wax on the back of the photograph and seal the folded edges. After that, take the picture and talk to it asking your beloved to fall in love with you or love you more. Such pictures can become very powerful artifacts that can influence other people’s feelings and thoughts.

Casting an easy spell for love with salt

Take a new packet of salt. Make sure it is unopened. Put it on the table and light two candles on both sides. Candle light is the best way to protect easy spells love against negative energies which may hamper the spellcasting process. Let the candles burn for a few minutes. Take a sharp knife (preferably a new one, bought specially for this ritual) and open the packet. Stick the knife in the packet to remove all negative energies. If the packet falls or one of the candles goes out, it means Higher Powers want you to discontinue the ritual because for some reason you are not allowed to cast easy spells for love.

Otherwise, take one of your photographs and bury it in the salt. Wrap the packet in a clean cloth and hide it. A week later, take some salt and add it to the food of your beloved (in order to strengthen your love or to ensure your beloved’s faithfulness) without taking out the photograph.

Casting an easy love spell with hair

Casting easy spells for loveThis ritual can be performed by long-haired women, provided they have access to the clothes of the men they love. Come up to the mirror and comb your hair right after you wake up and before you take a shower or have breakfast. Take three hairs which are the longest and have no hair bulb. Place your hairs through the eye of the needle one by one and sew one of the articles of clothing your man is going to wear on the day you perform the ritual. There should be no knots. One edge should stick out of the lining and the other out of the facing.

When the man puts this article of clothing on, bend over him and, while touching him with your lips, whisper some words of love to him (whatever comes to your mind). Make sure you speak from your heart. Repeat these easy spells for love three times (three days in a row) and the love your man feels for you will be stronger than ever before.

Guidelines for casting a love spell easy for beginners

1. Do not cast a love spell easy if you experience fear, anxiety, a panic attack, confusion, or what feels like disorientation or light intoxication.

2. Do not cast magic spells if you are younger than 18 years. Never cast magic spells on those younger than 18 years. Those breaking this rule are severely punished by Higher Powers.

3. Do not cast spells if you are menstruating, depressed, exhausted, or sick.

4. The above spells are effective only if the person you cast them on loves or at least likes you. These spells are designed to enhance or renew feelings. If your beloved does not love you or loves someone else, your love spell will fail to influence him/her. Moreover, if you cast one of the easy spells love on someone who has no feelings for you, there will be a massive kickback effect. 

5. All of the listed spells are white magic spells, therefore they should be cast only in daytime. Never cast such spells at night or after the sunset.

6. The easy spells for love described above are suitable only for people who have never done magic before. This is not only about magic spells, but also about fortune-telling with regular playing or tarot cards. Online fortune-telling does not count because it is not fortune-telling.

7. Avoid improvisation while casting a love spell easy. Sometimes even a slightly modified ritual brings completely unexpected results. 

8. Having cast one of the easy spells love, do not tell anyone about it. If you want the spell to help you, keep it a secret. If you know you are bad at keeping secrets, do not cast any spells at all.

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