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The simplest get ex back spell ever

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Who can be influenced with spells to get an ex back and who cannot

Before telling you how you can cast a get ex back spell on your own, I want you to understand who can be influenced with witchcraft spells to get your ex back and who cannot. For your information, I can put a get ex back spell on any man no matter how much he loved you when you were dating and how happy he is now in his current relationship. But if you choose to use spells to get an ex back on your own, you should know that they can be put on a man if:

  • You had been dating him for a white before you made love for the first time;
  • You were married or lived together;
  • Witchcraft spells to get your ex back are highly effective if you were the first woman the man made love to;
  • The man swore he would love you forever;
  • You stayed friends after you broke up and are still in touch.

Get ex back spell ritualIt is very difficult or impossible to put a get ex back spell on a man if:

  • The man does not want to talk to you, does not reply to your emails, calls, text messages;
  • The man is in love with another woman and the woman loves him back;
  • Spells to get an ex back have little or no effect on a man if the man has children with another woman – this man is protected by his children’s Guardian Angels;

  • Do not try to put witchcraft spells to get your ex back on the man who broke up with you despite the fact you had put a love spell on him.

There is detailed information about it on my website. If you need, please check out my other articles (posted earlier).

Will any spells to get an ex back help you?

To find out whether or not you can use a get ex back spell, answer the following 10 questions:

1. Do you love the man who you want to put one of the witchcraft spells to get your ex back on?

2. Do you think only about him and pay no attention to other men?

3. You have never cheated on him while you were together, have you?

4. You have no weight problems, have you?

5. Did you try using magic in the past and succeed?

6. Are you ready to love the man who you want to put a get ex back spell on with all your heart and care about him?

7. Did you break up less than 18 months ago?

8. Are you and your ex-boyfriend older than 21 years?

9. Have you never suffered from depression, had nervous breakdowns and periods of chronic fatigue?

10. Do you know already which get ex back spell you are going to cast?

Now count your yes answers. If you have more than eight yes answers, you can use spells to get an ex back freely. You will succeed. If you have more than five but less than eight yes answers, you still can use witchcraft spells to get your ex back but your odds of success are not great – about 45-50%. If you have less than five yes answers, do not use spells to get an ex back because you may get hurt. In that case, you should contact me and let me help you get your ex-boyfriend back.

The simplest get ex back spell ever

Get ex back spell glassThere are a lot of simple witchcraft spells to get your ex back but I will teach you the simplest one – you can cast it even if you have never practiced magic before and seriously doubt your energy levels are high enough to enable you to use magic successfully.

Begin preparing for this get ex back spell with a two-week abstention from sex. If you consider yourself a woman with low sexual energy levels, abstain from sex for at least one or two months. Remember that the ritual needs to performed when your reach the peak of your sexual drive.

Arrange a meeting with your ex-boyfriend without him knowing about it. Remember that the spell will bring the desired results only if you cast it on a waxing moon. Spells to get an ex back should never be cast on a waning or full moon. So check the lunar calendar to choose the right time for your ritual.

Check the time against your menstrual calendar. The best time for a meeting with your ex-boyfriend is on the third day after the end of your period but no later than after nine days after the end of your period. Make sure all of these terms are met. Otherwise, you will not reunite with your ex-boyfriend. Luckily, you have me, spellcaster Maxim. I can cast a powerful spell to make your ex-boyfriend want to be with you again no matter what. I can make him love you very much and for a very long time. On top of that, my services are relatively affordable when compared to other spellcasters.

Meet your ex-boyfriend outside and have a one-hour walk in the open air. This will help you connect to the energies of your ex enabling the spell to influence the man. While walking with your ex-boyfriend, you can talk about anything you want but your feelings. Do not say things which might upset, offend or make him angry. Do not let him understand that you are going to get him back.

Invite him over. Do not clean up before his visit. The man should see your place the way it usually is when you leave for work. There should be no “romantic accessories” in your home, such as candles or wine. The man should be confident that your decision to invite him over was totally spontaneous. 

After a while, you may light a few candles and open a bottle of wine. Now do whatever it takes to make him want to have sex with you. Try to have an orgasm. It would be perfect if you had simultaneous orgasms. If you cannot have simultaneous orgasms, make sure you have yours before your partner has his. If the man has an orgasm before you, the ritual will not work.

Hide something that belongs to him. It can be anything but, preferably, hide his underwear. Let the man stay at your place until the morning if he wants to. If he wants to leave, do not try to stop him. When he leaves (right after having sex with you or in the morning – it does not matter), nail the hidden object to the bottom of the bed or couch on which you had sex. Make sure it does not touch the floor and fold it before nailing if needed. 

This is when your spell to get an ex back starts influencing the man. It is drawing your ex-boyfriend to you making him think only about you ignoring all other women.  

As soon as you start dating again, remove the nail and hide the stolen object in a secure place. Witchcraft spells to get your ex back keep men with you for as long as you have their clothes. If you want to break up with the man, cut the object into pieces. The spell will stop influencing the man and he will leave you shortly. 

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