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What Causes Us to Fear Love Spells

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People are afraid of new things, things they have never experienced before. This fear has been the key to our survival for thousands of years, preventing our ancestors from eating potentially poisonous barriers if they had never had them before, or from entering a cave where a bear or a sable-toothed tiger might have been hiding.

Nowadays we have much less things to fear in our life. No, we are still worried about the health of our loved ones, our job, money, etc. Nevertheless, with the right approach, one can reduce one’s fear greatly.

Casting love spellHowever, thinking about magic is still terrifying to many. Some people even have panic attacks because of it. In this article I, spellcaster Maxim, would like to get to the root cause of our fear of love spells and explain to you why fear seizes people when they are deciding whether or not they should use a love spell.

Cause No. 1 – CULTURAL COMPLEXES. I would call them “superstitious beliefs” preventing people from seeing magic as a reliable and effective tool to change one’s life and fate. Because of it many people are confident that everyone using magic has to pay for it with their happiness or even sanity. This superstitious belief is the result of the work of those who do not know what magic is and how it works, such as the authors of horror movies or fairy tales. Do you remember the Mermaid who exchanged her voice for an opportunity to walk and be with her beloved prince? In fact, had the ritual been performed by a professional like myself, the girl would never have ended the way she did.

Cause No. 2 – INCORRECT INFORMATION. There are hundreds of examples but I will give you just one. The majority of people think spellcasters and witches serve evil, wish ill on everyone who approaches them and make sure their life becomes even worse than it has always been. In fact, shamans, witches and sorcerers have been protecting people for thousands of years, defending them against diseases and bad choices, warning them about future mistakes and problems.

Psychologists and doctors see them as their competitors, which is why they have been spreading false information about them, accusing them of ignorance, malicious intent or uselessness. A big contribution to the profanation of magic has been made by journalists – they know that their article “another man loses his mind because of magic” sells much better than the one titled “magic has made millions of people happy”.

Cause No. 3 – RELIGIOUSNESS. Churchmen compete with spellcasters, too. Do you not believe me? Go to the nearest church and check out the list of the services they offer in there. You are sure to find such services as healing, protection, fate improvement, etc. The same things are promised by spellcasters. But unlike priests, the spellcaster bears full responsibility for the results of his work. You will never hear a spellcaster say something like, “Pray. If God thinks you deserve to be helped, you will be. If not, keep praying…” The spellcaster says, “If you let me help you, I promise you I will.”

Upon realizing they are losing this fight, churchmen began convincing their parish that the use of magic and witchcraft is a sin for which people burn in hell. Hell is promised for using love spells as well, which is quite strange given the fact that love spells make people happy.

Love spells candlesLet me remind you that all people, including those who do not believe it, are guarded and taken care of by Higher Powers. Had they not wanted people to be united by love spells, magic would not work in our world.

Cause No. 4 – ALIEN ENTITIES. When alien entities live in your subtle bodies, they do whatever it takes to not let you use love spells. They know that a spellcaster will need to exorcise them before casting any spells and then enhance your energies to protect them against future attacks. As a result, you fear magic and love spells.

Your fear is caused by the entity sent to you and your family by black magic. Like all alien entities, it hates spellcasters because they can send it back to wherever it came from. Moreover, a love spell may mess up your settings not to get married, find love, start a family, etc.

Note that only an experienced spellcaster is capable of identifying an alien entity or a curse and curing all your energy and karmic diseases.

Cause No. 6 – YOU ARE ALREADY UNDER A LOVE SPELL. If so, your fear may be caused by two contradicting programs – the current love spell and the love spell you are going to use. It is very easy to understand whether or not you are under a love spell. Ask your spellcaster to scan your subtle bodies. If your suspicions are right, the spellcaster will remove the love spell freeing you from the relationship you do not want to be in. After that, he will cast a new love spell giving you the love you have always dreamed of. 

Cause No. 7 – MENTAL DISORDERS. As you know, groundless fears are typical of people with mental disorders. They can be terrified by things healthy people do not even notice. Magic is no exception. Upon hearing about magic, mentally ill and emotionally unstable individuals fantasize such horrible consequences that even a horror movie looks like a family comedy if compared with it.

I wrote on my website that could help people thinking they might have some symptoms of one of the above energy diseases. For more information, please see my other articles posted here

Cause No. 8 – THE VOICE OF YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL. If you and your Guardian Angel have been interacting with each other, he may send you signals by making you feel certain emotions. Thus, you feel optimistic and joyful when something good is about to happen, and fear when you are in danger. You are sure to feel fear if you encounter a fraud pretending to be a powerful spellcaster. Since his actions will likely get you in trouble, your Guardian Angel is going to want to warn you by sending you a signal, “Stop! Think about it! Please don’t do it!” This signal will reach you in the form of fear.

Cause No. 9 – SOCIAL COMPLEXES. Many people are afraid of being mocked and made fun of for trying to reach happiness with the help of a love spell. They think it is going to make them look like fools. This fear is so strong that many people give up trying to find love. They do not want to disappoint their friends. The truth is this is a big mistake because many people are given an opportunity to find love just once, while friends come and go. When you try to live up to the expectations of others, you lose yourself which means you will never be able to be truly happy. 

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