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Why it is foolish to believe in Wiccan spells for love and Wiccan spells for healing

Homepage Practical magic Why it is foolish to believe in Wiccan spells for love and Wiccan spells for healing
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“The more I read about magic, the more it seems to me that only Wiccan spells for love can make a person happy. I believe the articles posted on your amazing website prove the same. First and foremost, Wiccan love spells are ancient spells which means they contain authentic knowledge. Secondly, they engage the kind spirits of nature. Thirdly, they can be cast by anyone knowing how to cleanse their subtle bodies.”

Casting wiccan spells for love

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

I am sorry but you are wrong about each of the “advantages” of Wiccan spells for love

Unfortunately, Wiccan spells for healing are no better. Let me tell you where you are mistaken.

1. Yes, any shaman magic is ancient. However, Wicca has nothing to do with shamans. Back in the 50s an old man, tired of his boring life, started reading some esoteric books which he later used to found his religious cult, Wicca, which has been very popular lately. The man did not use any ancient manuscripts while designing his cult and never studied magic with shamans. This is why I would rather call Wicca a scenario for role plays rather than a true magic discipline.

2. You believe Wiccan spells for healing and Wiccan love spells call up kind spirits which is true. However, you can call up whatever you want, even the Kindness or Love itself, but you never know what will respond. As a rule, these are the spirits and entities located near you while you are performing your ritual. You never know what it will be. You can call up some demonic entities and spirits of sinners, lambdas or mind parasites. The world is swarming with destructive entities and negative energy and information programs. This is why there is a 99% chance that you, while casting a Wiccan spell for love, will attract one of them. 

3. The Bible says that it is not enough to clean up your house because you never who will live in it. A house needs to be protected. Speaking of spellcasters, they need to be filled with light and powerful energies which will prevent dark entities from invading their subtle bodies. Those trying to cast Wiccan love spells do not know about it which is why they often fall victim to various diseases and, occasionally, possession.


“Do you cast Wiccan spells for healing and Wiccan spells for love? If you do, could you cast one for me?”

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

No, I do not cast Wiccan spells for healing and Wiccan spells for love

Being an experienced spellcaster, I know plenty of more efficient and, at the same time, less dangerous rituals. Speaking of popular magic disciplines, I have seen over a dozen of them gain popularity and then fall into oblivion. This explains why I am so skeptical and distrustful of Wicca.


“I know Wiccans have been much criticized. However, I personally think Wiccan spells for healing are the strongest spells in magic. They engage the energies of Nature which cannot possibly do harm to humans. This is why they are better than any other spells.”

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

Wiccan ritual candle

It is foolish and dangerous to consider the energies of Nature positive. Think about how many people die every year as a result of earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, heat and cold worldwide. Nature is barely merciful to mankind. Do not forget about viruses and bacteria killing millions of people annually which are also the creation of Nature. It proves too that Nature is not as kind as you think it is.

Nature gives all of its “children” equal chances without privileging anyone, so life on our planet is a continuous struggle for survival. If we, humans, forget about it even for a second, we will be destroyed as a species.

Besides, you need to also remember that we have been living our lives for the past few centuries as if we have declared war on our Planet and Nature – greenhouse gases, reversing river flows, trash dumps, radiation, toxic waste, deforestation and wildlife destruction. Nature has been patient for a long time giving us a chance to stop. But lately, it seems to have begun fighting back and is going to get rid of us once and for all. It seems to me that if we do not change our attitude towards our planet and our behavior, it will strike the final blow destroying our civilization. At least, the way we know it.

That being said, it would be strange to expect Nature to be able to give us the energies of good health which is why I strongly doubt the efficiency of Wiccan spells for healing.


“I am a Wiccan, too. 

I believe Wiccan spells for love are the best

When you are performing a Wiccan ritual, you let ancient gods penetrate your body which create love with their energies (this is how Wiccan love spells work), restore our health, or give us strength and talents.”

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

First and foremost, no human body is big enough to fit the energies of a god or goddess! If you try to do so, you will burn down like a match and, after losing your energies, go mad or die. Anyway, it will damage your subtle bodies so badly that no one will ever be able to restore them.

Many of those casting Wiccan spells for love may think they actually can let the energies of gods inside them but they are mistaken. In fact, these are various spirits – many of which are very hostile towards humans (see above) – which Wiccans let inside their subtle bodies, or Wiccans merge with their Higher Self. Despite being almost as powerful as God, it proves to be useless in people who need to develop themselves.

As a result, Wiccans live under a delusion that they can heal themselves and others or, by casting love spells, make people love each other. In fact, they are dooming themselves to suffering. Being an experienced spellcaster, I assure you that the more popular Wiccan love spells become, the more people come to me and ask me to eliminate the consequences of practicing Wicca.

Wicca is dangerous. I you need a love spell or any other spell, do not try to use Wicca but contact me instead and I will be happy to help you. 

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