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Why love revenge spells do not work

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“You’re not the first spellcaster I ask to cast love revenge spells for me. All the other ones I talked to have refused. Will you do that for me? What’s wrong with me? Why don’t spellcasters want to work with me?”

Spellcaster Maxim responds:

Love revenge spell casterNothing is wrong with you. Actually, you have been very lucky not to run into a fraud. Only a fraud can agree to cast revenge love spells because such spells do not work. All your previous spellcasters must have been true professionals, and they never agree to provide the services which they know are beyond their power.

As for the rest, I have to disappoint you. I have to refuse to work with you, too. I cannot cast revenge love spells either, even though I am a powerful spellcaster with many years’ experience.


“When a spellcaster refuses to cast love revenge spells, is this decision driven by some principles or morale?”

Spellcaster Maxim responds:

It is difficult to evaluate spellcasters through the prism of morale, especially when it comes to black magic with its death, disease and revenge spells. Upon reaching enlightenment, they understand that each person does what it takes to reach enlightenment too, and that all processes in this world are a part of something bigger.

Besides, there are spellcasters with no principles. They offer their services just to make some money. In magic it leads to unavoidable self-destruction. But again, it is their choice and we should not judge them for it.

So when a spellcaster says no to you and refuses to cast revenge love spells for you, the reason is that the spellcaster simply cannot do that. Revenge and love are controlled by two different egregors and no one can make them work together. They feed on different energies which are mutually exclusive. Can you take revenge on someone you love? Can you love someone you are taking your revenge on? I am sure you cannot. Love and revenge are mutually exclusive. They cannot coexist. Therefore spellcasters refuse to perform such rituals and offer their clients to choose either love spells or revenge spells.


“I totally disagree with you. I love my ex-husband, think about him every day, and dream of being with him again. I can look at his photograph for hours crying for losing him. But every time he says no to me, I cannot help thinking about using some love revenge spells against him to make him suffer and understand what I have to go through every day because of him.”

Spellcaster Maxim responds:

I have to disappoint you. What I am going to say may be quite shocking to you. In fact, you do not love your ex-husband. You are jealous of him, you hate him, and there is some energy bond between you making you think about him all the time (you and your husband are like a vampire and a victim). Anyway, what you have is not love.

It is very easy to diagnose untrue love – if you want to use revenge love spells against your beloved, then you do not love this person.

True love is sacrificial. When you are in love, your top priority is the happiness of the one you love. When you worry about your happiness, your feelings and emotions more than you do about those of your beloved, you love not this person but yourself. The reason you have feelings for this person is that he or she loves you. Also, you evaluate your relationship not based on the emotions it makes you feel, but based on what you get from it, such as respect, money, care, etc.

When a client asks a spellcaster to cast come love revenge spells, the spellcaster offers the client to cast a spell on the client. If the cause of the client’s pangs is eliminated, the client will not want to take revenge on the beloved. Have your subtle bodies and mind fixed and you will understand that instead of using some revenge love spells against someone who does not love you back, it is much better to use some conciliatory love spells.

Revenge love spells magic dollQuestion:

“Why do people want to use love revenge spells against someone they love?”

Spellcaster Maxim responds:

Here are several reasons why it happens:

Jealousy – many people confuse it with love. Jealousy appears when you appreciate yourself less than your partner, therefore you will feel humiliated or embarrassed if the partner chooses someone better than you. Also, jealousy may appear from selfishness which does not allow for the partner’s freedom.

Hurt feelings – they follow after a painful breakup or when your beloved does not reciprocate your feelings. In this case those who want to use revenge love spells do not love the people who they think they love. If they loved them, they would not want to take revenge on them.

Self-deception – many of those who have never experienced true love prefer to lie to themselves about their feelings. They get it into their head that they love someone or loved someone in the past. They believe it so much that it is impossible to make them see the truth. So they do not mind using love revenge spells. It is like playing cards not for money but for bills of debt you know you will never have to pay off. You do not care how many digits there are in the number. These people are ready to crush their love and do damage to their beloved in ways people who love truly would never do.


“How can I know if it’s actually true love?”

Spellcaster Maxim responds:

It is simple. Imagine something terrible happens to your beloved and you will never see him again. Question one: does it make you feel burning pain? Question two: who do you pity more at this moment, your beloved or yourself? If it is true love, you will pity not yourself but your beloved. It is as simple as that.

Imagine the woman you love has found true happiness with another man. Sadness is quite natural if you truly love her, especially if it is followed by forgiveness. But if you are jealous of her, hate her, and want to punish her with revenge love spells, it means you have never truly loved her.


“Are you saying there is no way for a person to take revenge on someone he or she loved or was married to?”

Spellcaster Maxim responds:

You can take revenge on anyone, whether or not you were married and no matter what feelings you had for this person. I just want you not to confuse the following two notions, revenge and love. If you want to take revenge, find a good spellcaster and go for it. I can cast a revenge spell for you if you want to, provided you have a moral and karmic right for revenge. If you want to love, love. I will be happy to help you with my powerful and effective love spells. But do not confuse one with the other. Love and revenge are mutually exclusive and cannot be used simultaneously.


“So I can’t punish the one I love to make him understand his mistakes and come back to me, can I?”

Spellcaster Maxim responds:

Let us try to imagine the consequences of your actions. There is someone wandering in the darkness. People are blind with regard to their energy existence. This person feels some heat coming from an invisible yet real object. The heat is so strong that the person gets burned.

Despite being blind, the person can walk away from the hot object. If the person has common sense, he will walk away. When the object decides she is done with her revenge and asks the person to come back, he will not for remembering the pain caused to him by the heat. The person does not want to get burned again.

This is what we do in our life. We do not see the energies and do not understand where they come from or how they influence us. Yet, subconsciously we can detect sources of danger so we are never drawn to someone who once made us suffer using magic.

Thus, you can make your beloved suffer, but this will push him further away from you making your reunion even less possible than it is now.

Yet, there are some cases when certain spells can be used to punish the beloved (let me remind you that revenge love spells do not exist). For more information about it, please watch the video below.

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