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A spell to make a couple fight and break up

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A spells to make a couple fight and break up

Since this article posted on my Spellcaster Maxim website is going to be only about simple spells, you should remember that such spells do not bring fast results. When you perform such rituals at home, do not expect the couple to break up in a few weeks. It is impossible. If your spell works, the couple will break up at least in a month. But all of the spells I am going to tell you about today are proven effective magic spells. If you believe in them, sooner or later you will get what you want.

To begin with, try to cast a spell to make a couple fight and break up using a thorny plant. Go to a flower shop and buy a plant with thorns. You can buy a cactus or roses in a pot. The plant should be perennial. If needed, ask the salesperson to help you choose a suitable plant.

Spell to make a couple fight and break upPut the plant in the darkest corner of your house. Take a photograph of the people you want to put one of the easy spells to break up a couple on and cut it with some blunt scissors to separate the lovers. Burn both pieces making sure the ashes do not mix up. Using the same scissors, make two holes in the pot on both sides of the plant. Bury the ashes separately, making sure they do not mix up either. Go outside and break the scissors, saying,

“You (the names of the lovers) will never be together like what separated you is now broken and will never be whole again.”

Throw the scissors into a garbage container or the water, such as a river, a lake or a pond, if possible, and go back. The feelings of the partners will wither along with the plant. To make the plant wither faster, do not water it. If it turns out the plant can survive without water for a long time, sprinkle it with your urine. I understand it is quite unpleasant but black magic is unpleasant in general, so if you want to achieve great results, you will have to deal with it.

When the plant withers and the partners break up, put the plant into a box and bury the box in a safe place. It is very important because the spell will be broken if the pot is broken or the plant is pulled out of it. At the same time, its negative energy will not dissipate. It will chase you as some terrible consequences causing you physical, emotional or psychological pain. To find out more about it, read the article about black magic spells to break up a couple.

Easy spells to break up a couple

Do you want to know another how to break up a couple spell? Well, to perform this ritual, you need to get a lock of hair of each of the lovers whose love you want to destroy. It is difficult but possible. For example, you can bribe their hair dressers.

Tie each lock with a black string to get two small “brushes” of hair. Attach them to an old broom and sweep some dirty place with this broom. If needed, go to a bad part of town. Then go outside and burn the broom, scattering the ashes with your feet.

But this spell, just like other black magic spells to break up a couple, require the utmost caution. The following rules should be observed during and after the ritual:

  • 1. The broom should belong to other people and not you;
  • 2. Wear gloves while performing the ritual and throw them out as soon as you are done;
  • 3. Do not come back home right after the ritual – stay at a hotel at least for one day;
  • 4. You should have some clean clothes at the hotel;
  • 5. Take off everything you had on during the ritual and put it into a bag;
  • 6. Take a shower;
  • 7. Put on the clean clothes and throw out the bag with the old ones;
  • 8. Do whatever it takes to stay up all night – watch TV, drink coffee, read…
  • 9. You may go home after sunrise.

But that is not over. Keep an eye on the couple. If they are still not fighting at the end of the calendar month and their relationship has not changed, you must have put the spell on yourself. In this case you need to contact a professional magic practitioner as soon as possible and ask for his diagnostics services. To avoid such problems, contact me right away and buy my very powerful spell to make a couple fight and break up.

How to hire someone to break up a couple

Easy spells to break up a coupleMy readers often ask me how to hire someone to break up a couple. Understanding that my services are not cheap, I have to point out that sorcerers and witches offering cheap spells should not be trusted. A professional magic practitioner cannot cast spells without being paid enough.

Casting spells is associated with big risks, plus it takes a lot of energy. Professional spellcasters interact with ordinary people by means of energy-money exchange. When a spellcaster casts a spell, he gives his experience, vital force, skills, and energy to the Universe and gets money from the client in return.

Well, a high price does not guarantee good quality, either. But it should not change your mind, either. Do not be greedy or thrifty when it comes to professional magic services. Besides, if you want to find a professional magic practitioner, do not be afraid of appearing distrustful and suspicious. Many sorcerers and witches use PR specialists writing good advertising articles for them. So choose a sorcerer who will offer you his complex or easy spells to break up a couple based on the following parameters:

  • - Age of the magic practitioner – your magic practitioner should not be too young;
  • - Age of his website – at least 5 years old;
  • - Absence of negative reviews – ignore positive ones;
  • - Amount of information presented on the website – The more information, the better;
  • - Content – check out my website to see what a professional website about magic should be like;
  • - Your first impression after talking to the spellcaster.

There are no other good ways to hire someone to break up a couple. Your spellcaster choice is very important. To find out why, click on the link leading to another article about spells to break up a couple.

Casting a how to break up a couple spell using coffee

Invite the couple you want to break up over for coffee. To make coffee, do not use a coffee machine. Make it manually. Talk about anything you want, but make sure you do not give yourself away.

When they have drunk their coffee, take the cups and mark them somehow to know who used which cup. Put the cups away for a while. When the partners are gone, get to your spell. Use a wooden stick to collect the coffee grounds and put them on two different sheets of paper. You can write down the name of the partner not to mix it up.

Put both sheets of paper into a dark dry place and let the coffee grounds dry. Now take a photograph of the couple and attach it to a wooden plank with four rusty needles. Every night, five minutes before midnight, put a pinch of coffee grounds from the man’s cup on his girlfriend’s face, and a pinch of coffee grounds from the woman’s cup on the man’s face, while saying,

“With this spell I command you (the woman’s name) to stop seeing anything good, sexy, attractive, or kind in (the man’s name).”

And vice versa,

“With this spell I command you (the man’s name) to stop seeing anything good, sexy, attractive, or kind in (the woman’s name).”

Usually, the couple has their first fight in about a week. When it happens, you should keep performing the ritual over and over again until they break up. If you run out of coffee, choose another breakup spell and cast it. A good how to break up a couple spell can be found on my website.

No matter what ritual you are going to perform, you need to make certain preparations, such as get the required ingredients, learn the text of the spell by heart, and practice some movements if needed. Also, you should read about the terms allowing one to practice magic or prohibiting one from practicing it.

Black magic spells to break up a couple

Break up a couple spellIn conclusion, I would like to answer a few important questions which I am sure you will have if you start casting spells for yourself.


“What exactly do you mean by saying ‘unpleasant consequences of using magic spells’?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

It happens when the energy you sent out to a couple comes backs to you. Thus, having failed to cause any damage to their relationship, you get the destructive energy back which ruins your life in the long run.


“Why do you always tell only about simple black magic spells to break up a couple?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Because chances are your spell will backfire. Imagine that you throw a ball. If there is nothing in its way, it flies the distance proportionate to your strength without coming back. But if there is a wall in its way, the ball bounces back hitting you according to the energy you put into throwing it. When you throw a tennis ball or a ping pong ball and it bounces back, it does not really hurt. This happens when the spell you cast was a simple one. But if you throw a bowling ball or a cannon ball – a complex and powerful spell – imagine how badly it can injure you. So I always teach my readers only simple spells. If you want to use a complex spell, you will have to order it from me.


“What should I start with if I want to learn magic spells for relationship destruction?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

To begin with, read my article about the breakup spell.

Then read some other articles about it. There are plenty of them on my website. After that, download my book which contains some lessons which you will not find in my articles.


“I don’t understand who can cast such spells. It looks like they are designed for women. What about guys?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

You and other readers of my website should remember that I always add a special remark if some ritual can be performed only by men or by women, or should be put by a wife on her husband or by a husband on his wife. If there is no such remark, the ritual can be performed by women and men. Moreover, the majority of the rituals described on my website can also be used by gay people.

There is one more method to cast a spell to break up a couple I want to tell you about, but this time I will do it in a video.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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