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Fast magic spells and their effect

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Before talking about fast magic spells, I want to remind you that all magic rituals are either safe or dangerous. Their danger depends on the payment Higher Powers will exact from you in exchange for their help that you asked them for by performing your rituals. This payment defines which kind of magic a fast spell belongs to. If you are required to work hard to achieve your goal and are promised to be given all necessary energies, this must be a light ritual. If they take something from you in exchange for their help, you must be dealing with black magic. 

Which kind of magic do fast magic spells belong to?

Fast magic spellsUnfortunately, usually they are black magic spells. You can’t become famous, rich or healthy over one night, can you? So can’t white magic help you fast. It helps people slowly, gradually. Having a goal to achieve, you use while magic to enhance some qualities you have, eliminate obstacles or attract some energies that you need, and then start working hard to achieve your goal. What advantages does white magic have? First of all, using white magic, you know for sure that you will achieve all your goals if you work hard without indulging in self-pity.

However, you have an option here. You can order a fast spell that belongs to black magic. That’s when the forcers that help implement almost all black fast magic spells give you everything you ask for, taking something else from you in exchange. For instance, they help you recover fast but take away your loved one; you use a fast spell to be with someone, but the forces take away your money; they help you get rich fast, but take away your family happiness or inflict some disease on you. And the list goes on and on.

Also remember that in some cases black rituals may bring trouble upon your family. At first, you may be relieved that you don’t have to pay anything. But then you’ll realize that Higher Powers are exacting this payment from your family: they develop various diseases, get in car accidents, lose their spouses, and so on. I know many people are ready for such exchange because they don’t get along with their family and their suffering won’t bother them. But remember: bringing trouble upon other people damages your karma!

This means that sooner or later you’ll have to pay and your payment will be many times as high. Thus, consequences of fast magic spells may hang over you for a few years, while working off karmic punishment may last all your life. Believe me, it’s very dangerous and scary. Many of those who are suffering from mental disorders, commit or attempt to commit suicide by abusing alcohol or drugs, live alone and in poverty are in fact working off their karmic punishment. But the scarier is the fact that even the most powerful spell casters can’t help them. 

For example, I’m often contacted by people with such problems. All I can do for them is to destroy their fast spell to remove the pressure they are feeling, clean up their karma, and give advice on how to live their life to work off their karmic lessons as quickly as possible.

Fast magic spell bookDo you want to know if I acknowledge the appropriateness of casting fast magic spells? You know, it depends. If somewhere there’s a mother who sees her child dying and understands that black magic is her only option, I will always support and try to help her. I understand that this woman brings suffering upon herself consciously, and for her nothing can be compared with the fear of losing her child.

There are other things that can justify the use of a fast spell. So if you’re in trouble, contact me. I will carry out magic diagnostics, hear you out, and try to find the best magic solution for you. If I don’t, I’ll perform some fast magic ritual.

Relevance of casting fast spells

Just please, don’t try to cast fast magic spells on your own. Usually, the forces behind them cheat unexperienced spell casters by taking away part of their vital energy or something else but never keeping their promises. So practicing this kind of magic on your own may get you in more trouble.

I can minimize or eliminate the negative consequences of magic misuse. I do that by shifting the responsibility for helping you onto some inanimate objects, trees, animals or even dead people, or your enemies or people who got you in trouble and forced you to use magic.

Note that the faster magic works, the more you’ll have to pay. This explains why casting fast magic spells requires more energy and expensive magic tools. Don’t forget about the risks the spell caster takes by performing such rituals. I can’t tell you the price for the fast spell you choose right away. To find it out, contact me and tell me about your problem. That’s when I will be able to name the price for its solution.

As a powerful spell caster, I can solve any problem you have, and all those people whose problems I’ve already solved are a testament to my expertise and experience.  

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