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When you and your lover have sex, everything’s perfect. However, when it comes to discussing his divorce, he starts complaining of his heart problems and worries about his children. Are you tired of being just a lover but your man doesn’t want to marry you? There’s one proven method that can help you. You can cast a breakup spell on your lover’s marriage. If you don’t believe that a person can’t build his happiness on the ruins of the happiness of another person, then this method’s for you.

How to cast a breakup spell on your lover’s marriage

Breakup spell on your lover’s marriageSay the spell while standing in front of an open window on a winter night. Your eyes fixed on the flame of a red church candle, say, “Your love has no ending, wedding ring. You two will fall out with each other, never meet and get back together again, God’s servants (the wife’s name) and (the husband’s name), like the feet trample down the grass, like the mouse runs away from the cat, like the dog is afraid of the stick.”

You can also find out how to cast a love spell on your beloved on your own on the main page of my website, or you can cast a breakup spell on the man who likes you but who you don’t want to be with.

How to cast a breakup spell on your wife

If you want to cast a breakup spell on your wife to make her stop following you and interfering in your life with a lover, perform the following ritual.

When it gets dark, take a handful of ground (where cars don’t drive), put it on a sheet of paper and put the paper on the windowsill. Make sure it’s lit by the moonlight. Wake up before sunrise, take the ground and walk 30 steps to the east. Without turning back, take the ground in your left hand and, looking at the moon, pour it from your left hand to your right hand, saying,

“The ground’s lying cold, striving to meet with water and the sun again. When spring comes, it wakes up the ground, washes it with dew and reveals it with melted snow. Then summer will come, and the ground will forget about the winter. The ground will whine under the hot sun and think about the snow covering it again. Let (the wife’s name) forget about (your name), stop love me and never want to be with me again, like the ground forgets the fierce power of winter in summer. Let (the wife’s name) be happy with another man and dream of getting rid of me (your name). Let my wife’s love vanish like the sun goes up. So be it.”

After that, close your eyes, turn around over the left and throw the ground under your feet. Stand still for a few minutes, listen to the sounds around you and walk home (take a different way).

Or you can ask me to cast powerful spells and perform powerful rituals for you.

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