SPERM LOVE SPELL Based on the energy of orgasm, a sperm love spell helps women boost their beloved’s sexual attraction to them.

To cast a light sperm love spell, you will need your beloved’s sperm, your saliva and blood. When the moon is waxing, pour the sperm, saliva and blood into a clay cup and say, “My blood, burning and passionate, excites love in (your beloved’s name). Inflame the passions, make him think about me. Make him want me day and night, make him want to have me in bed when it’s cold and raining. Sperm, bring (your beloved’s name) to me. My word’s strong. So be it.” Add the mix to wine or cognac and give it to your beloved to drink.

To cast a more effective sperm love spell, you will need sperm, honey, a cherry twig, and two full-length photos (your photo and your beloved’s photo).

Mix a teaspoon of honey with some sperm in a cup using the cherry twig (never use a teaspoon for that!). With the help of the twig, apply some mix to the photo of your beloved (the area of his genitalia) and say,

“The power of love, the power of passion, draw (the beloved’s name) to my home. You feel good here (step on your doorstep and apply some mix to it), you’re wanted here, here you’ll get everything you want. You’re fated to live with me, to be bound to me. Your passion’s here, your life’s here. You’ll suffer and be unhappy as long as you’re not living with me. My words are strong, bring me (the beloved’s name). My words are the law.”

After that, fold the photograph (face inwards) and put it under the doorstep. Continue the ritual. Apply the remaining mix to the genitalia area in your photo and say, “The way you (the beloved’s name) love me, so you spilled your semen into me. Your passion’s growing, pushing you to me. (The beloved’s name), burn with a bright fire, incredible desire. Want me like you never wanted anyone. My image is everywhere, in the mirror and in the water, in the air and on the ground, day and night, long for me and love me. My word’s tying you and no demon can untie you.”

Hide your photo under the doorstep or near your beloved’s home.

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