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Effective love spells using pictures which really work

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In most cases, effective love spells really work if cast using pictures. If the spellcaster has some inborn magical abilities and powers like I am, such spells can be very strong and usually prove to also be quite difficult to remove. It is no surprise that casting effective love spells using pictures raises a lot of questions. I get such questions from my readers literally every day. Right now I have enough questions about effective love spells cast using pictures to write an article about it and that is what I am presenting to you.

How to cast effective love spells using pictures and other items

Effective love spell casterQuestion:

Speaking of casting effective love spells using pictures, is the picture critical for the ritual?


Let me tell you one story. When I was a young spellcaster, I worked with a woman whose husband was a talented but at the time not very popular portrait painter. He painted portraits for money. His customers did not have to pose for his but gave him their pictures instead. Everything seemed fine but in fact there were some issues with it, and the wife was the one who noticed it.

She realized her husband took over his customers’ diseases while painting their portraits. I had to work with his energies and explained to him that he had some healing powers.   I had to teach him how to facilitate recovery instead of falling ill for his customers. That was the only way for him to stay alive. Believe it or not, I did it! I taught him. The man started influencing his customers not through the pictures but through the portraits he painted.

It proves that casting effective love spells using pictures is not the only way to use magic. You can cast love spells using portraits, drawings and other objects images. Besides, the effectiveness of a spell depends not on the likeness but on the amount of mental energy the artist put into his work.


What does it mean?


If you want to cast one of the effective love spells using pictures but you do not have a picture, you can paint the person you love by yourself. The key is how vividly you can imagine this person. Ancient people often used this kind of magic. I am talking about  those drawings on cave walls or ceilings of prehistoric origin. Their animal drawings were not realistic yet they helped them track their prey when they were hunting. Their enemy drawings were not realistic either, yet they helped them win their wars.

Love Voodoo Charm
Love Voodoo Charm
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Therefore, even if you can draw or paint well, it does not mean that you will succeed casting effective love spells using pictures or paintings.  

The key element in the picture


Does it mean the key is the energy of the image?


The energy you put into the spell is not the only thing that makes your effective love spells really work. Before you begin, imagine that you are standing next to the one you are going to paint. If you manage to establish contact with the one you love, your painting will turn much better than usual. It means that your connection with the target has improved your skills in magic significantly.


As far as I know, shamans perform rituals using some dolls made of twigs which don’t even look like the person they are supposed to represent. 


Let me repeat it again. Likeness is not important. What matters is how strong the channel is connecting the image and the person. Shamans are strong enough to establish such connection even without using a doll. To establish connection with a person, they can pick up a feather or a stone and call it with the person’s name.

If you have no magical powers, even a photograph of the one you love will not help you cast your effective love spells using pictures successfully. It is not the image but the connection that matters.

You say effective love spells really work. What other things can be used to cast them?


Does it mean you can cast effective love spells using pictures and without using pictures?


True spellcasters can cast love spells using different objects, including:

Traditional sculptures and busts;

Film or digital pictures;

Charm To Boost Your Attractiveness
Charm To Boost Your Attractiveness
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Negatives – plastic films;

Figurines known as “voodoo dolls”;

 Effective love spells really work even if cast using regular play dolls or dolls made of twigs and leaves;

Shamans living in the north use images drawn on walrus tusks.

Australian shamans draw their images in the sand.

I, spellcaster Maxim, can cast effective love spells using pictures, negatives, dolls, etc. However, the preferred magic item to use is still the picture.


Why so?


The less similarity between the image and the person there is, the more energy needs to be put to establish a channel for the magic to flow to reach the person. Thus, when pictures are used, minimum effort is needed. For you, as a client, it means a lower price for my services. Why pay more money and waste energy if just one photo can solve all these problems?

What pictures should not be used in love spells?

Effective candles love spells really workQuestion:

To make my effective love spells really work, I sent the witch a picture of the man I loved, but she sent it back to me saying it didn’t fit. Can it mean the witch is just not skilled enough?


Not all pictures can be used for casting love spells. For example, old pictures or pictures with scratches or tears should not be used as the person may get sick because of them. If you want to cast an effective love spell using pictures, avoid group pictures or pictures showing more than one person, even if you do not see their faces. Pictures showing pets, stuffed animals, pictures or portraits of other people, especially if they passed away, hanging on the walls should not be used, either.

I have a colleague who claims her effective love spells really work and I know it is true. Once she refused to work with a client because the picture she got showed the target of the love spell wearing sunglasses. I thought she refused because she did not see the eyes of the person, but in fact she refused because she could see the reflection of the one taking the picture in those sunglasses.   

Therefore, the witch you asked me about probably can cast effective love spells using pictures and she will cast one for you if you send her the right picture. 

What if the picture is not good for casting an effective love spell using pictures?


 I know that effective love spells really work. But what do I do if the picture isn’t good for a love spell?


Get the one that is good. It is very simple to get a good picture of almost any person you want today. As far as I know, it is not illegal to copy photos posted on social media.


I know it. Unfortunately, the one I love doesn’t use social media. What should I do?


Take a picture of this man by yourself without him knowing about it. It should not be difficult if you use your smartphone. Note that you can take a picture of him when he is excited, serious or cheerful, whatever you like more. When the spell takes effect and you start dating, the man will mostly be in the same moon he was when the picture was taken.


I’ve read about casting an effecting love spell using pictures and studied possible reasons why such pictures could be returned, but I still don’t understand why the picture I sent was returned. 


Because I forgot to include one more reason which by the way is mentioned in many other articles I wrote about picture spells. Effective love spells really work if cast using pictures, unless the picture shows a drunk person or a person under the influence of drugs. Also, never use pictures taken when the person was sick or depressed.

As far as I know, it is important for many spellcasters if the picture showing some woman was taken when she was having her period. For me it is not important, unless I am casting some effective love spells using pictures and the woman’s full length picture is needed.

Magic is not simple. Always remember about it when you want to buy some spells. As for the fact that you are asked to find a better picture, I believe it should not be a problem since today it can be done in just a few clicks.


Is there a picture ritual I could perform by myself? 


Watch the following video to find it out.  Also you can perform a hair love spell

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