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Love spells – Ordering, selecting and casting

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Casting love spells with pure fire

Pure fire used for casting spells for love is an orange or red steady fire. It should be free of soot and smoke. Besides, you should avoid sparks which can cause energy burns or damage the energy channel you use to influence the person you love.

Magic practitioners make such fires using a special kind of fuel which is very expensive to produce and store, so it can cost more than very rare and expensive woods. Ordinary people usually have no access to this fuel, so they use special candles instead. Yellow, red, blue and light green and white candles are used in white magic. They can contain aromatic oils and herbs. If you are a beginning magic practitioner, use white candles made of special purified wax.

Love spellsWhen a dark love spell is cast, indigo, black, cobalt, dark green, brown candles are used. As for the fire, it should produce as much smoke and soot as possible. For this reason magic practitioners add dead animal parts, chicken feathers, hairs and grassland litter. Such fires are good for calling up dark creatures which help cast black magic spells and destroy other people’s relationships.

The majority of black magic love spells are used not for someone’s benefit but to destroy relationships, cause strong jealousy, and strengthen envy. Even if love is created, black entities are involved. They cause what can be described as obsession in the target of the spell. Instead of making the target happy, they make him or her addicted to the one who cast the black love spell.

Since the topic of black love magic is very wide and multifaceted, let me refer you to another article about the dark love spell

Casting spells for love using white candles

The first white magic love spell cast with the use of candles that comes to my mind is the love spell cast on a photograph. The photograph of your loved one should:

  • 1. Be taken less than one week before the ritual;
  • 2. Be full length;
  • 3. Show only your loved one and no one else;
  • 4. Show your loved one facing the camera;
  • 5. Your loved one’s arms or legs should not be crossed;
  • 6. Nothing should be in your loved one’s arms;
  • 7. There should be no bags on your loved one’s shoulders and no backpack on his back;
  • 8. Your loved one should be in a good mood, looking friendly but not too excited;
  • 9. The target should be completely sober;
  • 10. The target should be perfectly healthy.

There are some restrictions though applying to people who want to cast a love spell on someone. Thus, you must not perform the love ritual if the target is in love with someone else, if you do not know the target in person, if you are enemies with the target, or if you have a long history with the target. Thus, you should not cast spells on the people who you have known “for ages” or the people you dated before. In this case other love rituals are used. Just do not use this specific candle and photograph ritual.

So, how to cast a love spell on someone? In the evening, as soon as the sun goes down and you can see a new moon in the sky, get naked and lay down on the floor. Make sure your body and face are in the moonlight. Put a photograph of your loved one in the center of your chest face up and start dreaming about him. Your dream will connect your mentality to his mentality.

When the connection is established, take the candle and start dripping its wax on the photograph, saying, “I am not burning, I am not causing pain, I am not making you cry. Through hot wax, through pure fire, through the dreams about you I want to deliver my love to you. The wax will stick to the photograph, love will stick to you. It is not easy to remove the wax from the photograph and it is not easy to remove your love for me. The candle is burning like my love. The stronger and brighter the fire, the more you will love me!”

Repeat the last sentence 12 times.

During the ritual, some wax can get on your skin. If it does, you will have to bare it. The pain will improve your energy and courage making your love spells very powerful. Tears or pain grimaces, as well as your unwillingness and inability to bear minor problems in order to become happy will be the obstacles in the way of your ritual.

How to detect a dark love spell

Spells for loveI, spellcaster Maxim, usually write my articles for people who want to cast a dark love spell or ask me to cast a love spell on someone according to a dark ritual. But I rarely write articles for people who fell victim to black magic. I know it should be changed.

Modern people do not have enough knowledge to understand that they fell victim to a magic spell. Magic protection awareness is so low nowadays that millions of people (I am not exaggerating) live under the influence of magic rituals without knowing it and this number is expected to grow. Statistically, in 2005 roughly 3 out of 20 people were living under the influence of black magic. In 2017 this number tripled, so today about 50% of people have a love spell or a marriage spell on them.

You should be able to assess your personal risks and understand that the only way to protect yourself against black magic is:

  • - To be pure and flawless inside, both emotionally and spiritually;
  • - To have a powerful protection amulet;
  • - To use a powerful protection spell.

Inner purity can be reached by just a few thousand people in the world, so ordinary people should use either an amulet or a spell. We are all imperfect. Every one of us has enough negative energy inside to allow black magic energy to enter into our subtle bodies. When we quarrel, get jealous or get nervous for no reason, we become extremely vulnerable to love spells and other black magic spells. We basically agree to be influenced by black magic.

I know that many religious people or followers of some teachings will disagree with me and claim that certain prayers, rites and even visiting sacred places and places of power can protect and guard against black magic, but it is not true. There are many healers who are paid a lot of money not for treating energy diseases but for relieving the symptoms. Their patients believe they are healthy, while the disease is still there winning hold of more and more areas of the body. Prayers produce a similar effect on people. They relieve the symptoms killing the negative emotions but they do not remove the spell.

It is very easy to put a love spell on you. You can see it for yourself if you read this article about love spells

When to cast a love spell on someone

Dark love spellWhen spells for love are put on you, you are most likely to feel it. One of the most common symptoms is having a feeling that something strange is going on and something is wrong with you. People report that this is when the reality starts to undergo some unusual and sometimes unpleasant transformations. Also, people report some internal transformations. Some compare this process to crystallization. It is like magic stops their energies making them hard, which is actually true because this is how subtle bodies are reprogrammed.

These odd feelings go away within a few days but then the spell impacts your dreams. Black magic causes frequent nightmares. Sometimes they are so scary that they make people cry. However, it is their soul or subconscious mind crying after realizing they are captives and now dreaming of breaking free.

People’s tastes and habits change, too. For example, vegetarians can suddenly crave some meat and the urge is too strong to resist. People who have never liked alcohol realize they are drinking too much. People give up things they have always enjoyed, such as sports, job, businesses… Married people can come to hate their family.

But the key symptom is when you suddenly feel attracted to someone you never liked and even someone you disliked. Well, this symptom is seen only if professional magic has been used. However, the chances of someone who has a crash on you hiring a professional black magic spellcaster to be with you are not that low.

Luckily, this is something you can fix. To free yourself of the influence of magic spells, buy a proven magic talisman and/or a powerful protective spell. The sooner you get help, the easier it will be to set you free.

How to cast a love spell on someone

For detailed information about how to cast a love spell on someone,

Click on the link. Today I would like to describe some simple white magic rituals you can perform at home.

How to cast a love spell on someone

Let me teach you how to cast a love spell on someone with ease. To perform this ritual, you need three thick white magic candles, a magnet and an iron needle. You can perform this ritual any day as long as it is a waxing moon. A waxing moon symbolizes the feelings growing in the heart of your loved one and his love for you.

Put the candles in an equiangular triangle and put the needle in the middle. Light the candles using wooded (only wooden!) matches and whisper the following spell,

“Your (your loved one’s name) love for me (your name) will grow just like the moon is waxing. You (your loved one’s name) will kiss me (your name) like the sun kisses the sky. You (your loved one’s name) will touch me (your name) gently like the wind touches the waves. You (your loved one’s name) will love me (your name) like all living creatures love life. You (your loved one’s name) will be drawn to me (your name) and be unable to escape me like a needle cannot escape a magnet. We will stand or fall together and be happy as long as we are together. Be it so! Be it so! Be it so!”

Repeat the ritual three times for the best possible results. Then pick up the needle with the magnet and seal it with some wax from each of the candles. Hide the candle ends in three different places and do not touch them for three days. Bring the magnet and the needle to your loved one’s house and hide them near the front door. In three days take the candle ends out, light them up and wait until they burn down.

As I said, this spell is white magic. It is going to be some time before you see the first results. However, with its help you will be able to create a strong, passionate and loving relationship that will give you happiness for many months.

Let me repeat that all white magic love spells should be cast when it is a waxing moon. If it is not and you cannot wait, contact me because professional spells bring results only when cast by an experienced spellcaster.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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