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If you owe money to someone and your creditors won’t leave you alone, magic can help you. 

Money spell bookBeing indebted interferes with your money flows. First of all, try to relax and don’t think about it. But what should you do if the creditors wouldn’t let you to? There is a simple solution how to divert your creditors’ attention away from you for a while, so you have some time to make money to pay your debts. 

On the 22nd – 28th moon day, take a sheet of paper and make a list of all people and organizations that you owe money to. State the sum of your debt near each name. Then burn the list down. Watch its fire closely as it’s not the paper, it’s your debts burning. Throw the ashes out. Forget about your debts. 

This ritual will make your creditors forget about you for a while and you will have some time to collect the necessary sum.

Don’t perform this ritual if the moon is waxing or during the new moon as it will be counterproductive!

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