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Among others types of evil curses are:

Homepage Articles Black magic spells Among others types of evil curses are:
Esoteric, astrologer, writer
  • An evil curse to ruin one’s life (the person loses everything: spouse, job, health)
  • An evil curse to cause impotence (for men)
  • An evil curse to damage a relationship. There appears some misunderstanding between the two people, living together becomes unbearable, a third person comes to light. Eventually the relationship ends in a breakup
  • An evil curse to cause alcoholism (a convinced nondrinker will become an alcoholic in a short space of time)
  • An evil curse to cause weakness (one is all thumbs; sleepiness, apathy)
  • An evil curse to cause an accident (the victim will get in an accident shortly)
  • An evil curse to cause a miscarriage. Evil spirits are sent to kill the fetus; 50% prepayment, 50% by results
  • An evil curse to cause loneliness (inability to start a family, get married)
  • An evil curse to send devils to the enemy or offender. Evil spirits are sent to exhaust the victim

Foul Evil Curses

Magic book of evil curses typesBlack magic can also affect human physiology. The devil likes making fun of people!

An evil curse may cause:

  • enuresis
  • lice
  • rash (scratching till blood)
  • flatulence (diarrhea; unable to leave the bathroom even for a minute)
  • hump (it will appear within a year; a horrible sight)
  • bone ache
  • baldness
  • increased hair growth in women
  • stink and flies in the house
  • continuous hiccups
  • stammering
  • shooting pain in the ears
  • deafness
  • squint
  • losing one eye
  • wetting one’s bed
  • blindness

Black Magic Protection

A black magic protection amulet. Custom amulets. Powered with runes. The amulet provides protection from all dark forces and negative energy; to be stored in a dark-colored cloth in a secure place.

  • Black magic protection galdrastafir manufacture
  • Black magic negative energy cleaning
  • Aura cleaning
  • Chakras cleaning
  • Evil curse removal
  • Devil curse removal
  • Negative energy program removal
  • Hex removal
  • Demons protection
  • Evil spirits protection
  • Dead spirits protection
  • Black magic mirror protection
  • Protection pentagram manufacture
  • A protection cocoon
  • Biofield protection
  • A protection energy ball
  • Black magic protection spells

Muslim protection spells – a magical ritual that forms a shield around the person to protect his physical and ethereal body from negative influence. The spell is casted for three days: from Tuesday till Thursday.

  • Indian protection spells
  • Gypsy protection spells

An Arab talisman doll to protect from enemy attacks. The talisman provides protection from all kinds of magical attacks, evil curses and black magic. I manufacture only four figures a year, on the day of Sin, from clay, and charge them using magical symbols and signs. The figure is to be wrapped in a cloth and put in a secure place.

Black Magic Love Spells

Evil curses victim - Black magic love spell

 - Black magic Muslim love spell

 - Black magic Gypsy love spell

 - Black magic Egyptian love spell

 - Black magic Indian love spell

 - Black magic Russian love spell

 - Black magic Arab love spell

A spell to:

 - break off the relationship between the beloved one and a rival

 - cause quarrels and arguments

 - break up a relationship

 - lead someone else’s husband away from family

 - cause black anguish

 - lead a man away from another woman

 - lead a woman away from another man

For me, magic is not a business. It’s what makes my life worth living. It’s what I can do and do well.

Black magic is a powerful weapon, a unique tool that can be used to do both harm and good. It’s important to understand what exactly you want and why you want to carry our powerful black magic rituals.

People in this world, an absolute majority of them, want the same: love, family, money, career. Sooner or later, we all have to deal with a question how to preserve what’s been achieved and achieve what hasn’t.  Some find themselves in an deadlock situation, when something needs to be done and all is fair.

Black magic works wonders. And I don’t want to you worry about the price I have to pay for using it. Believe me, if I decided to go down this path, I have my reasons.

In fact, most of what people know about black magic is just speculation.  In fact, black magic is much simpler and at the same time more difficult than most people think.

Yes, black magic is connected with evil forces. Yes, sometimes it takes cruel and bloody rituals to achieve positive results. Yes, sometimes a magician has to deal with demons and dark elements to use their power for your benefit.

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