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The celibacy wreath is a negative energy “mark” on a person’s second and fourth chakras. It makes him unattractive to the opposite sex by distorting his sexual energy flow. Even if this person enters into a relationship, a destructive program gets activated and the relationship never has a happy ending.

Celibacy wreath signs

Celibacy wreath ritual with candlesNot all celibacy wreathes should be removed. Let’s find out which of them have negative effect. The first type of celibacy wreath is karmic. People acquire it before they’re born, as a result of the sins they committed in their past lives, or a monastic vow. Sings of this type of celibacy wreath include a desire to be alone, lack of interest in marriage, indifference to sex, unwillingness to have children (it doesn’t apply to adoption or stepchildren). As a result, the victim becomes a scientist, a traveler, etc. This type of celibacy wreath shouldn’t be removed. It’s part of the man’s fate.

If a celibacy wreath is cast on a person as a result of a black magic ritual (usually, it’s a hex or a family curse), it’s called the stamp of loneliness and it must be removed. The symptoms of this type of celibacy wreath include a feeling of helplessness, fear of loneliness, repeated nightmares, keen desire to have children, depression, inability to enter in a relationship. Trying to fill the emptiness, the victim becomes a workaholic or a drug addict.

Men’s celibacy wreath

As a rule, celibacy wreath victims are women. However, a celibacy wreath may affect men, too. It may happen as a result of an incorrectly cast breakup spell (the spell affects the whole energy structure of a man) or a divorce (when the ex-wife’s biofield is so strong that it affects the people around; women may curse their ex-husbands accidentally).

How to remove a celibacy wreath

If you want to remove your celibacy wreath and avoid the risk of an incorrectly performed magical ritual, contact me and I will be happy to help you. I have an individual approach and all my clients are protected from any unpleasant consequences of removing this negative program. If you’re not sure you can remove a celibacy wreath correctly, contact me, a white magic professional, and I will do it for you.

How to remove a celibacy wreath on your own

If you think you’re a powerful sorcerer and know occultism and esotericism, you can try to remove a celibacy wreath on your own.

Light a candle and say the following spell, “I renounce all my wrong actions and get rid of all my bad thoughts and envy. From now on, my heart stops suffering and starts radiating love. The more love I radiate, the sooner my wish will come true. Happiness, come to my life, light it with the light of the mutual love. So be it.”

Witch crafting celibacy wreathWhen the candle burns down, say the following spell to remove your celibacy wreath, “Dryness, go away; suffering, go away from my beautiful face. I drive the trouble away, see the loneliness off, no matter how much it wants to stay. Love, true, luring, wonderful, beautiful, rush to me without stopping like a pigeon rushes to a pigeon. I remove the celibacy wreath from myself forever. So be it.”

That’s not all you should do to remove your celibacy wreath. To attract a partner, you should gain the favor of luck. Take off your old underwear when the moon is waning (preferably on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday) and go to the clearing. Make a wreath (to symbolize your celibacy wreath) and say, “Mother-Fate made my wreath, took away my wedding ring, drove away my love. My powers are strong and I can handle any problem. I remove my celibacy wreath and float it down the river. It burns down in the fire, sinks in the water, while a great love rises from the ashes. My word is strong.”

After that, put the wreath on and a couple of minutes later take it off. Say, “Let the Universe protect me from this wreath!” and burn the wreath down in the fire. Wait until it burns down, take the ashes and throw them into the river (pond). After that, walk away without turning back. If nothing happens to you within the next two weeks, repeat the ritual.

Celibacy wreath – prayer

If you’re a Christian, you can try to remove your celibacy wreath with the help of the following prayer. Put the icon of the Virgin on the table and light a candle in front of it. Pour some holy water in a plate, put a new cross in there and add a pinch of sanctified salt.

Say the Lord’s prayer and then the following prayer, “On me, God’s servant (your name), is a stamp of loneliness, a celibacy wreath locked on my head. I’ve been crowned by evil women, sorcerers and spell casters. I never married in church but was dethroned by words. Mother- Virgin comes down from the sky, removed the celibacy wreath, wipes away the tears and goes her way. God, accept my penance, give me mercy. Amen.”

After that, wet your right palm in the water and run it around your head clockwise, touching your hair, three times. Imagine yourself removing your celibacy wreath. Pour the melted wax into the water. When it hardens, take it out and bury it near your home. Don’t eat meat and drink alcohol (except red white) until the next day. Within the next week, go to the church and put twelve candle to the Virgin to remove your celibacy wreath completely.

If your love live doesn’t improve within the next two weeks, repeat the ritual to remove a celibacy wreath, or contact me.

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