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7 reasons why a person who has been cast an ill luck curse gets unlucky

If an ill luck curse is cast on a person professionally, this person gets unlucky. Ill luck affects all aspects of his life. It means that with my help you can control the life of other people, punish your enemies, and eliminate your business or career rivals.

Ill luck curse ritual with candlesBelow are seven reasons why a person who has been cast an ill luck curse on gets unlucky. However, to begin with, I want to tell you that nobody gets unlucky just because you want it. Ill luck results from the attitude or reaction of the cursed person, or the relations between the cursed person and the people around him, as well as the cursed person and the reality. You will understand what I mean if you keep reading this article.

1. Casting an ill luck curse on a person, the spell caster lowers his self-esteem. This person persuades himself that he’s a loser. He becomes apathetic and stops fighting for his happiness. As a result, when an opportunity presents itself, he misses it.

2. Cursed people come to believe they deserve the best. For example, a girl who’s not that pretty is confident she should marry a sexy millionaire, a famous actor/celebrity. She refuses to date regular guys – simple, not very good-looking but decent men. As a result, she remains single and claims it to be the result of ill luck.

3. As a result of an ill luck curse, a person may start misjudging the opportunities presenting themselves. It doesn’t matter what this man’s doing for a living. If he’s a businessman, he’ll accept offers which are doomed to be unprofitable and refuse profitable ones. If he’s a young man trying to enter the university, he’ll select only those universities which he won’t be able to enter. For regular people it will be merely ill luck, while any spell caster will say it’s an ill luck curse.

Other symptoms indicating an ill luck curse

4. A person can be programmed to be lazy. Laziness is one of the most widespread reasons of ill luck. To make a person lazy, the spell caster has to:

- take away his physical strength;

- take away his mental strength;

- disturb his sleep to make him exhausted physically and mentally.

5. Cursed people become obese which also affects their mental and physical abilities.

6. Ill luck may be caused by diseases affecting the person’s body, soul, or mind. Those suffering from hypertonia or chronic diseases claim that their illness has turned them into losers and their poor health prevents them from fulfilling themselves.

7. An ill luck curse may affect the energy connection between the cursed person and the world. A person who’s been cast an ill luck curse on no longer lives in the reality and the universe doesn’t notice him. He can’t make himself heard because the energy connection between the two is broken.

A person finds himself inside an impenetrable cocoon which prevents the energies from the outside from reaching him and his energies from reaching the universe. Most “losers” are in fact cursed people. Besides, they either don’t know about it or, if they do, they are unable to remove the curse on their own.

Why people fail to identify the ill luck curse they have been cast on

Victim of ill luck curseInability of the cursed man to identify the curse makes it so dangerous. Why do people fail to identify the ill luck curse they have been cast on? The main difference between a loser and a successful person is that the loser always puts the blame on:

- his enemies;

- his parents;

- his friends;

- the government;

- the economic crisis;

- the society (that doesn’t appreciate his brilliant ideas).

A loser blames anybody but himself!

A person who has been cast an ill luck curse on professionally lives in the world of illusions, which make him believe he is a genius, an outstanding personality, and the world rejects him unjustly. Strange as it may seem, such witchcraft is easily identified by psychologists, but not spell casters or sorcerers. The problem is psychologists tend to think all the problems of such people are caused by their attitude, but not the ill luck curse. That’s why instead of treating the cause, they try to treat the effect.

I guarantee that if you ask me to cast an ill luck curse on your enemy, he won’t understand what is really going on with his energies and subtle bodies. That’s why it will never dawn on him to consult spell casters or look for the root of his problems in his own behavior and attitude. The ill luck curse will turn your enemy into a man trying to open a door painted on the wall, who also believes he can actually do that.

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