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No-love curse signs

A no-love curse doesn’t destroy relationships or families as its name may suggest. Cast on a person, it prevents other people from falling in love with him. Similar to a celibacy wreath, it acts differently making its victim uninteresting to the opposite sex spiritually, emotionally and sexually.

Remove a no-love curse ritualAs a rule, a no-love curse influences the victim through his chakras. The influence of a no-love curse depends on the chakra affected.

1. chakra (lower) – the victim is drained of his strength. Spiritless, he’s unable to solve any problem. The effect of the no-love curse is so strong, that the victim is pushed out of the reality. Nobody notices him, as if he doesn’t even exist.

2. chakra – the victim loses his sex appeal. For other people, he becomes asexual. If it comes to sex, the partners of the people who have been cast a no-love sex on get disappointed. Above all, sex is an energy exchange. Without it, it’s just satisfaction of one’s needs.

3. chakra – the curse makes the victim be afraid of relationships. This fear has many forms (such as the fear of betrayal or mockery, the fear of being lied to or possible pregnancy or financial losses). It’s so strong that the cursed person breaks up with his partner deliberately.

4. chakra – it blocks the possibility of love by turning the victim’s soul into a heartless piece of ice.

5. chakra – any relationship seems boring because of its monotonous predictability. Dates and sex are boring, too. The thing is a no-love curse damages creativity. Besides, it makes the victim dumb, so people don’t listen to or question whatever he says. As a result, it always seems to the victim’s partner that he’s being lied to and the victim is not being completely honest with him.

6. chakra – a no-love curse makes the cursed person do foolish things, such as spying on his partner, checking his mobile phone or email, rushing things, and asking him to prove that he loves the victim. Or the victim may start evaluating the partner from the point of view of totally irrelevant characteristics, such as the partner’s bust size, weight, as well as age and social differences. Also, male victims of a no-love curse may want to seem brutal and female victims – cynical and bitchy.

7. chakra – the victim can no longer clean his energy and negative energies accumulate in his subtle bodies. Thus, the victim becomes dangerous to other people and a single conversation with him may destroy someone’s fate. For example, if a man starts dating a cursed woman with her seventh charka affected, he may lose his job, become dumb, fall ill, start abusing alcohol, or get in a road accident.

Sometimes, a no-love curse affects several chakras at once. As a result, the cursed person makes way too many mistakes and is even unable to have a one-night stand. No-love curse removal may significantly improve the situation, given that the curse is removed from you by an experienced spell caster. Unfortunately, people are afraid of spell casters because of today’s false anti-propaganda against professional magic.

Why it is important to have a no-love curse removed quickly

Remove a candle no-love curse

If you’ve read the first part of this article, you understand that unless you have a no-love curse removed from you, you won’t be able to have a normal relationship. However, what you don’t know is that it can also ruin the life of those who already have devoted partners. A no-love curse can destroy any relationship, no matter how long the two people have been dating or have been married for.  

A no-love curse will make your spouse fall out of love with you and disregard your family. Thus, your husband will be confident that love is gone and he has to start looking for someone else. Nothing will help you unless you have the curse removed from you.

“Bored” is the word the partner of the cursed person uses to describe his feelings, as well as “I have no interest for you,” “I’m tired of you,” “I develop while you don’t,” “You’re boring,” “You fail to meet my expectations.”

Cursed people often hear an accusation that the life with them is like a swamp, or that they make nothing but mistakes. Sometimes, cursed people destroy their relationships on their own. They do it perfectly aware of the uselessness and absurdity of their actions, but they can’t do anything about it unless they have their no-love curse removed. Until then, they are the slaves of witchcraft.

That’s the life the people who have been cast a no-love curse on have to live. They sort of exist outside of their conscious mind and become mere observers of what they do and say and how they react to things. Even if they try to control their emotions, they can’t control their mind. As a result, they lose the people they love and those who love them (loved, to be more precise).

So if you think your loneliness or inability to keep your relationships is caused by a black magic curse, contact me. I will professionally remove a no-love curse from you which will allow you to preserve your relationship and take it to the next level (romantic dates, living together, marriage (including a civil one)).

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