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Spells about revenge to punish your enemies

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Introduction to spells about revenge

Spells on revenge are very old spells. They were popular even when magiс was officially persecuted, because they allowed people get back at their enemies avoiding legal punishment. Do you think that is exactly what you were looking for? Hold on a second. I, spellcaster Maxim, have to warn you that we are talking about legal punishment, while, as you can see from revenge spells reviews, such spells also entail karmic punishment or punishment by Higher Powers.

Revenge spellsThat is the problem. The world that we live in, despite appearing violent, inconsistent and lacking justice and logic, is governed by the law of balance. According to this law, people get exactly what they deserve, both good and bad. However, occasionally this rule does not function properly. But even in this case the one who, let us say, suffered more than they deserved, get generously compensated for it. They are not compensated by the government or the law. They are compensated by Higher Powers. It is their job to make sure there is a balance between good and bad in the world. So the moment you start planning revenge, they start keeping a close eye on you.

When you decide to take revenge and choose spells for getting revenge, they start watching your every step. They review your behavior and choices and ask a lot of questions in order to determine whether or not you are entitled for revenge:

- Does your enemy deserve to be punished?

- Does the punishment fit the crime?

- Are your thoughts clear enough and you are right considering your enemy’s actions to be a crime rather than a lesson taught to you?

- Are you allowed to use magic or magic is prohibited to you by your karma?

- Will your spells revenge someone make you an evil person and change your enemy’s fate dramatically?

- Will you attract a family curse with your actions?

Do you see how many questions are there which meaning you do not even understand? So before ordering spells to get revenge on someone, let us discuss it in more detail and divide this subject into several points, specifically: Why did someone hurt you? Are you entitled for revenge? What consequences of effective spells for revenge can you face? What can you do if you are not allowed to take revenge on your enemy?

If you have any questions after reading this article, I, spellcaster Maxim, promise to answer them. But before you ask me your question, please make sure to read my ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS my readers asked me before about how to get revenge spell and its possible consequences.

Before trying to find an answer to the question “How do revenge spells work?”, think why someone hurt you in the first place

Revenge spellcasterMany people live in the world of total injustice. Ask them what they think about millionaires and they are sure to reply they do not deserve their millions. Ask them why they think someone hurt them and they will reply they did not deserve it. As for the person hurting them, in their opinion this person deserves the most severe punishment in the form of fast revenge spells.

My advice to everyone who asks me for fast revenge spells is always simple but important. I offer them to take their time and think if it is possible that whatever happened to them was not just a mean thing but some kind of a warning, a sign given to them by Higher Powers.

As you know, when people start doing something they are not supposed to do, they get a sign. If interpreted correctly, this sign will help them stop and do the right thing. Some believe people come across evil when they forget about the law of attraction – like draws to like. You do something bad to someone and this person does something bad to you. This is how the universal balance is restored. So extreme revenge spells are not necessary. It is true, but it is not always the case.

In most cases coming across evil is a sign that you should:

- Change something;

- Stop doing whatever you are doing;

- Reconsider your life;

- Reconsider your attitude towards yourself;

- Follow your path;

- Stop being selfish or greedy;

- Show mercy;

- Other.

When I see such people among my clients asking me for my occult revenge spells, I always try to explain to them why they are facing their problems. I do my best to make it clear to them that their enemy is in fact their friend – a messenger from Higher Powers trying to make them do the right thing until it is not too late.

If you get one sign but do not change anything, you will get another one shortly. For example, at first someone plays a mean joke on you. Then someone humiliates you. Then someone treats you unfairly. Then you get in a car accidence which will be the other drive’s fault. The signs will keep coming to you until one of them kills you. Yes, death is the price you have to pay for being stubborn and refusing to change yourself.

When this happens to you but you, instead of trying to interpret the signs, start looking for someone who can cast revenge spells using pictures or try to learn how to cast a real revenge spell, you turn down Higher Powers’ help which always wish you well. As a result, they have to send you the signs you can see for sure.

A revenge spell makes your life miserable and you start blaming the negative consequences of magic. In fact, you are paying for failing to understand what was actually happening to you. And instead of making it better, you destroy your karma by trying to perform revenge spell.

Magic spells do have their side-effects. Such spells are also called evil revenge spells or dark revenge spells and there is a reason for it. They come from black magic engaging demons and evil creatures which are confident (read my article about it to find out more) that they can enslave every person they help to.

When you order a revenge spell from a powerful black magic practitioner, you can at least hope that he can keep such forces under control so they will not hurt you. But when you look into how to cast a powerful revenge spell by yourself, you have zero protection from the start, so terrible consequences are basically inevitable.

Are you entitled to cast revenge spells online?

Revenge magic ritualI have met hundreds of people who used a revenge spell voodoo or revenge spells with pictures and are fine. First of all, they worked with a professional revenge spells caster. Only a professional magic practitioner can cast spells like this keeping your karma and your fate pure. I am one of such magic practitioners, even though I specialize not in black magic but in love magic rituals. Yet sometimes I agree to help people and cast one of my safe and effective revenge spells.

You can take advantage of a revenge spell that works fast only if this spell is like one of my spells. However, even if your enemy deserves to be punished, it can still stain your karma. However, every person can come across really bad people and magic can be the only way to get even with them.

In this case the victim, the person who takes revenge (read above) fulfills the will of Higher Powers. They use this person to give this bad person a sign and a chance to change it.

Just remember that many people who became successful by taking advantage of others and making others suffer, are usually using some kind of magic protection to not fall victim to spells to cast for revenge. This is how this kind of protection works:

- It monitors the energy fields around;

- It gets activated in case any energy disturbance is detected;

- It prepares to handle the charge of revenge coming its way;

- Instead of destroying this charge, it sends it back to where it came from.

As a result, your enemy hurt you before and now you get hurt again because of the same person. This time this person is hurting you not directly though. My point is never try to use revenge spells and rituals against others, even if they deserve it. You never know if your enemy is protected by some spells or even evil forces. If you want to take revenge, let a professional magic practitioner take care of it. He will be able to destroy the protection spell if one is detected, leaving your enemy defenseless and making your revenge spell much more effective.

People having a revenge spell on them which was put by a professional spellcaster lose their business, their family, their mind… They develop diseases and end up trying to commit suicide.

The outcome will be pretty sad regardless. Effective revenge spells are black magic and are known to cause diseases and suffering. They can be used in a safe manner only by trained professionals which you are not. So do not try to cast such spells at home and let a professional spellcaster take care of it for you.

What can you do if casting effective spells for revenge is not an option?

When you reach out to me which you can do right now or any time later, I will answer your question honestly as to whether or not you are entitled to use a revenge spell online. If you are, I will consider your enemy deserving your revenge and will punish this person shortly.

But if revenge is not possible for one of the reasons specified in this article, do not panic and rush into looking for another sorcerer or sorceress who will agree to cast a revenge ritual spell on your enemy. They will cast it for sure. There is no doubt about that. Yet I am pretty sure you will end up regretting your decision to have that spell cast.

First and foremost, remember that no matter how much you were hurt, the pain will go away. But if you use a revenge spell, one day you will realize that you probably overreacted and should not have used that spell. However, what is done cannot be undone. The only way to undo it is to take over that curse you put and suffer instead of that person that once was your enemy. This is not a pleasant experience. It can damage your physical and mental health permanently.

Secondly, forgiving others makes your karma purer. It means in the future your mercifulness will be rewarded generously. Even if you forgive your enemy in hope to benefit from it, it is still better than casting revenge spells, including a revenge spell for ex or revenge spell for boss. That way you are not making your karma purer, yet you are not making it heavier either. In our world this is already a win.

Thirdly, you can be smarter and make sure your enemy gets in trouble on their own, without you having to use black magic. Mean people are usually quite envious. So a surefire way to get back at your enemy will be buying one of my spells that can make you happy making your enemy very jealous of you. With my spells, you can have an amazing relationship, be stunningly beautiful, have a great job and many good friends. Seeing you happy will be the worst punishment your enemy can get.

I have already told my readers about this kind of revenge that has no negative side-effects and at the same time makes your life better. So check out my articles about it on my Spellcaster Maxim website and you will realize it is the best kind of revenge that you can possibly take.

In conclusion, let me present to you my video about the symptoms observed in people under the influence of true revenge spells and what to do if you have any.

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