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Voodoo revenge spells – Nothing but the truth

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The true nature of voodoo revenge spells

Unlike other black magic spells, voodoo revenge spells are not an information and energy program. Voodoo sorcerers do not usually try to use their own powers to cast spells, so voodoo magic has always been isolated from the other branches of magic. While spellcasters like I am who are committed to keeping their clients safe and are used to relying on themselves and Higher Powers which are known for their kindness and carefulness, voodoo shamans engage forces from subtle planes. While my colleagues and I are doing our best to rise higher, they are going all the way down.

Voodoo revenge spellsAs you know, when a shaman wants to cast a voodoo spell for revenge, he has to engage some evil entity. This is how this magic works and you cannot do anything about it. The goal of the shaman is to break through to the hellish planes, lay a portal through them, and set one of the powerful creatures free that is supposed to help the shaman. This help is simple. After being sent to the target, this creature starts torturing him devouring his energies and destroying his body. It will impact his brain and mind causing insanity, by means of which it can control the target’s destructive habits. When there is nothing left in this person, it will make him commit a suicide or kill him in some other way. Then, having moved him to the subtle plane, it will devour the rest.

It is horrible, I know. But this is what makes voodoo magic so popular – there is no better way to defeat an enemy. Many people who know about its power try to perform voodoo rituals for revenge, but unfortunately they have no idea how high the price they are going to have to pay will be. It is like using a spear sharpened at both ends. You put one end to your enemy’s chest and the other end to your chest. To hurt your enemy, you have to push with your chest hurting yourself just as much or even more.

Why? Because people have to pay a special price for using voodoo spells revenge.

The payment for a voodoo spell for revenge

When you cast voodoo revenge spells  - for yourself, remember that this will affect you as well. Imagine you have a friend who has an Alaskan wolf as a pet. This 200-pound beast, a very dangerous predator in the wild, is tamed and loves your friend. However, he can attack and kill any other person any time because he is still a predator.

So someone humiliates or insults you. You did not deserve it at all. You ask your friend to give you his wolf for a few days to take revenge on that person and your friend agrees. You realize what a big mistake you have made as soon as you are left one-on-one with the wolf. When the master is not around, the wolf will not obey you. Moreover, feeling your fear, he will try to bite you and maybe even kill you.

However, you would never do anything like that in real life because you are a smart and sensible person. But when you decide to cast a voodoo revenge spell, for some reason you forget that you will have to deal with some forces that are a lot more dangerous than the Alaskan wolf. Such forces are almost invincible to people, unless they have been initiated, due to the following features that they have:

1. They are invisible and can be seen only if you have the power of inner vision.

2. They are smarter and move faster than people.

3. They can leave our plane any time and show up in a different place.

4. Many of them are more than hundred years old so they are wiser and have more experience than you do.

5. They are merciless because people are just food for them.

6. They are cruel and violent because causing pain is the only way they can stay alive.

7. They are independent and it is quite difficult to tame them and make them obey.

8. They are unwilling to go back, so once you let them in this world, they will do everything they can to stay here forever.

This is what you will deal with if you try to cast a spell for revenge for yourself. 

Why there are so many voodoo rituals for revenge described on the Internet

Voodoo revenge spellcasterMy readers often ask me if maybe I am contradicting myself. There are hundreds of voodoo revenge spells described on the Internet, so how can they be dangerous? For example, Google blocks websites containing extremist content, so it would have blocked websites with voodoo spells if they were dangerous, but it does not.

Unfortunately, there are no experts in magic working for Google yet. So no one can assess the danger of magic-related content. So knowing they can get away with it, web developers take advantage of it and make highly dangerous content about voodoo spells and rituals available for general public access. They do it for three reasons:

They are silly and do not understand that when they make someone suffer (it does not matter who it is, the person the voodoo spell is put on or the spell caster) they are responsible for it and it stains their karma and makes it heavier. As a result, they accumulate karmic debt they will have to pay off sooner or later.

For the same reason why they fell victim to some entity – such people encourage other people to make fatal mistakes, because the entity makes them do so. The entity always needs more negative energy, so it always looks for new victims.

Or because they know they are a puppet of some evil entity and they try to get rid of it by passing the entity to the people who perform one of the rituals they posted on their websites or forums and thus set themselves free.

There are other reasons why you should not try to cast voodoo rituals for revenge described on some random websites – it is the fact that you will be held responsible for it. Only professional magic practitioners are authorized to cast such revenge spells without being held responsible for it. Such magic practitioners serve Higher Powers and punish people following their orders. Higher Powers not always have to punish people by themselves and sometimes make the insulted person find a spellcaster, give the spellcaster the power to cast the revenge spell successfully, and through this spell punish the person who deserves to be punished.

If you are not a professional magic practitioner, it means you cast revenge spells without the permission of Higher Powers. In means you are considered a criminal in any of the subtle planes. It makes you an outlaw vulnerable to evil entities for you are not protected by any of the Higher Powers.

How to cast voodoo spells revenge

So it makes sense to forgive your enemies. By forgiving them, you avoid suffering. On the other hand, you ensure your own safety by refusing to use revenge rituals. If you cannot forgive your enemy or if your enemy deserves to be punished, you should go ahead and punish him, taking all necessary precautions.

Some magic practitioners agree to cast revenge spells because they have no other choice. They manage to tame an evil entity more or less, but cannot take full control of it. As a result, they have to win its favor by casting spells. When the revenge is justified, the entity devours the energies of the target but cannot attack the client because he did not do anything wrong. But if the client asks to put a revenge spell on someone who does not deserve it, the entity attacks the target first and then switches to the client.

The spellcaster who made this deal will never tell you the truth. On the contrary, he will say it is safe and risk-free to work with him. First of all, people are unwilling to admit they took revenge using black magic. Secondly, even if it happens, the magic practitioner cannot be prosecuted for that because technically no laws have been broken. This is why magic practitioners manage to get away with it.

Knowing that sometimes revenge spells are the only way to get justice in this world, I, spellcaster Maxim, have mastered this kind of magic as well. I cast revenge spells when I am asked to, provided I know for sure this is the only way. Besides, I usually try to talk my clients out of using revenge spells and offer them to consider some less dangerous options.

Who can buy my voodoo revenge spell

Voodoo revenge dollIf you want to take revenge on someone who deserves it, feel free to contact me and we will figure out how to do it. But if you want to punish someone because you are jealous, would it not be better to put a spell on you? No, not a revenge spell. I can put a spell on you to make the person who made you jealous regret about it. For example, your boyfriend flirts with some very beautiful girl. I will use my spells to boost your attractiveness and sex appeal to make you better than any other women. If your girlfriend decided to break up with you to find someone more successful, I can make you so successful that she will beg you to forgive her.

If your boyfriend broke up with you, why take revenge on him? There are very strong love spells which can make him love you so much that you will find his love which seems to always be at its peak suffocating sometimes. If you are bullied by your boss, you can use a spell to make him quit his job. If you want to get even with your neighbors, do not use curses because they can be contagious and spread onto you, too. In my opinion, the best way to settle a neighbor dispute is to use special rituals to turn your neighbors into your best friends.

Here is what I offer:

First of all, do not hurry and buy a voodoo spell for revenge;

Secondly, think how to benefit from the situation;

Thirdly, try to settle the dispute without losing your good karma; if possible, try to improve and strengthen your karma;

Fourthly, trust me with whatever solution I offer because it is likely to be the best possible.

Fifthly, remember that there are special rituals designed for people who cannot forgive their enemies. They can clear your mind and heart of bad memories, and help you start your life over as if nothing bad has ever happened to you. In most cases this is the best solution. In my experience, 99% of people wanting revenge do not need it. They use a revenge spell and in a few weeks or months they come to realize they should not have done it but it is too late. The ritual has been performed and it cannot be cancelled.

So never jump to conclusions and try to settle your dispute not with voodoo spells but with spells by spellcaster Maxim. Let me repeat it again that it is very dangerous to use voodoo spells revenge. When you cast a voodoo death spell for revenge you open the door to the world of pain, grief and suffering. By dooming another person to suffer and die, you sign an invisible contract stating that the same can happen to you any time.

I want to make it clear though. I like justice, so I keep an open mind and I am ready to discuss the voodoo revenge spell with you.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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