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Protecting yourself against the curse of miscarriage

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Almost any black curse of miscarriage, regardless of which type of magic it belongs to, has the same effect on pregnant women: once a miscarriage hex is launched, it starts affecting the physical condition of the mother or the baby. Affecting the mother, it causes a miscarriage due to the woman’s inability to carry the baby. Affecting the baby, a miscarriage curse kills it, retards its development, or causes its abnormal development. Affecting twins, a curse of miscarriage may kill one of them and doom the other one to eternal suffering from various karmic and energy diseases.

Miscarriage curse ritual

Finding out if you have been cast a miscarriage curse on is rather simple

You have a 89% chance of having been cast a miscarriage hex on, if your chances of a miscarriage rise dramatically and suddenly. Remember, your baby is in mortal danger until you have the curse removed!

The sooner you find out about your curse of miscarriage and contact me to remove it, the better your chances are to carry the baby and keep your and your baby’s karma intact. So if you think someone might want to hurt you or your baby using witchcraft, please contact me. I will do everything I can to protect both of you!

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Nowadays, any person can cast a miscarriage curse on you. I don’t want to scary you or accuse someone who is actually wishes you well, but as an experienced spell caster I’ve been working with lots of women who were cast a miscarriage hex on. Often, the spell caster proved to be a best friend, a childless sister, or a mother-in-law who wanted to destroy her son’s marriage by hexing her daughter-in-law. I know it’s horrible, but this kind of magic is sometimes used by men, too. Thus, your husband may seem to be excited to become a father, while in fact he’s ready to do whatever it takes to prevent you from giving birth.  There were a couple of women who had been cast a curse of miscarriage on by their employers. They just didn’t want to give their pregnant employees a maternity leave, but wanted them to keep working for their company’s good. 

Scary and sad as it is, almost any woman can fall victim to a miscarriage curse. So don’t think you are somehow secured against it. You are not! If you’re pregnant and start having some health problems, call your doctor and contact me. I will diagnose you remotely, so you won’t need to go all the way to see me. Then, if the diagnostics confirms your worst fears, I will remove the curse from you, and you and your baby will be safe! You will be able to carry your pregnancy and give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby, while anyone who wanted to harm you will be punished severely.

Attention Please! Read about the negative effects that you can get if you yourself will cast a spell miscarriage

However, you don’t need to wait until someone casts a miscarriage hex on you. Any woman, pregnant or about to get pregnant, can protect herself against the curse of miscarriage. There are a few proven ways for that.

  • The first one is to let me create a powerful amulet or talisman that will protect your against magic during and after your pregnancy.
  • The second one is to let me create an invisible magic shield to protect you and your home. It will beat off any attack on you and your baby.

  • The third one is to let me adjust your subtle bodies to generate only positive energies, which will prevent black magic energies from penetrating and damaging your subtle bodies. However, to protect yourself against the miscarriage curse this way, you need to have your karma cleaned up before getting pregnant, at least partially. Or you need to know for sure that you’re carrying one of the so called “new” children – talented indigo children, full of love and goodness, or children-rainbows.

Protect miscarriage curseFinding out if you are pregnant with a “new” child is not difficult. Contact me and let me diagnose you. Magic diagnostics will let you understand if you should or should not be afraid of the miscarriage hex. So if you want to know your future and protect yourself or your family, please contact me. With my remote magic diagnostics, you can do all that and more. 

Some people think it’s a bad omen telling the fortune of a pregnant woman, because fortune-telling has the same effect as the curse of miscarriage. Believe me, if you let me tell your fortune, nothing like this will happen to you. I do my job extremely carefully, and you won’t even feel that you’ve been diagnosed. At the same time, you will get an opportunity to protect yourself against a miscarriage curse threatening you, or remove it in case it has already been cast on you.

If you want, I can tell your fortune for you to know how your life will change after you become a mother, what your baby’s life will be and what you need to do to help or protect your child against hardships and suffering. In addition, like most my female clients, you can ask me to not only protect you against a miscarriage hex, but also provide your further, post-pregnancy protection. I can protect you against magic and evil during your pregnancy, during childbirth, and for as long as you want me to afterwards. 

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Just as there are family doctors who treat all family members, I am ready to become your family spell caster. As your spell caster, I will take care of you and your family, treating your body and soul, and protecting you against all energy and karmic troubles!

If the curse of miscarriage has been cast on you:

  • Don’t try to remove it on your own. If the curse has been cast on you by a professional spell caster or witch, you won’t be able to remove it without professional help;

  • Don’t try to solve your problem by ignoring it;

  • Don’t try to solve your problem by praying or meditating. You’ll just waste your time, and the time is critical when it comes to magic;

  • Don’t expect that medicine will help you – a miscarriage will threaten you until you have your curse removed.

What should you do? Contact me immediately! If you have actually been cast a miscarriage hex on, I will remove it as soon as possible. But if nothing threatens you and your baby, I won’t try to scare you and pretend to be helping you to make you order and pay for my magic or esoteric services. I tell the truth to my clients no matter what it is.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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