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A warning for all those wanting to order a miscarriage curse

Casting of the most powerful ritualDespite the fact that my magic is safe and all my clients are protected from any punishment inflicted on them by Higher Powers and alien beings who may want to live in their subtle bodies, some rituals are too dangerous to perform and I can give you no such guarantee. One of them is a miscarriage curse.

It doesn’t mean that I’ll refuse to perform it if you ask me to. But before making such a request, think about it carefully. You will ask me to commit a murder. Whatever your feelings about the embryo are (you may think it’s not a human or it’s not alive…), the soul is given to it the moment it’s conceived. That’s why for Higher Powers a miscarriage curse is equal to murder, so they punish for it accordingly.

Life is very complicated and it mustn’t be treated as something which can be described with a few formula and magic books. It’s many-sided, wise and unpredictable. Often those who ask me to cast a miscarriage curse are in fact sent to me by Higher Powers. They want me to be the executor of their orders which humans sometimes can’t find any logical explanation to.

Attention Please! Read about the negative effects that you can get if you yourself will cast a spell miscarriage

It happens when:

- A woman understands that a child will ruin her life and family, but it’s too late to have an abortion. That’s why the only thing she can do is to order a miscarriage curse.

- When doctors discover fetal development pathology or a disease incompatible with life, but abortion is too dangerous for the woman. When I receive requests from such women, I always help them.

- When a baby which hasn’t been born yet is used to blackmail its father. In this case, a miscarriage curse is cast on the pregnant woman to protect the man.

- Many of my clients are the parents of teenagers who want to terminate their pregnancy because they understand that their children are too young to become parents. They believe that their children should first finish school, get a job and only then start a family.

- Young girls order a miscarriage curse from me when their pregnancy is unplanned, they don’t have an opportunity to have an abortion and are ready to do everything not to give birth to that child, including a suicide.

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Miscarriage curse

Some of my clients are women who learned about their boyfriends’ alcohol or drug addiction or mental disorder when it was too late to have an abortion. As you know, mental disorders are usually hereditary diseases. 

There are people who want to become parents despite anything. But how can I blame those who understand that they’re not ready for it, they can’t take care of a sick child, or bring up a child in poverty?

Sometimes, Higher Powers tell me that I must not harm a particular fetus. When it happens, I immediately inform my client about it. That’s when I refuse to cast a miscarriage curse and nothing can change my mind. I’m not a fool to disregard Higher Powers, which are smarter, older and more powerful than any of us.

Miscarriage curse signs

To begin with, a miscarriage curse can be both temporary and permanent. When the miscarriage curse is temporary, the woman has a miscarriage once but then she can get pregnant again and give birth to as many healthy and happy children as she wants. But if the miscarriage curse is permanent, the woman won’t be able to have children ever (unless the curse is removed).

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Signs indicating a miscarriage curse:

- the woman has nightmares about someone coming to take the baby she’s carrying away or telling her about it; her dreams are very realistic and may stick in her memory for ever;

- no matter what she does to avoid it (including maintenance of pregnancy), she still has a miscarriage;

- medicine can’t help her;

- while carrying her pregnancy, the woman loses connection with her baby and takes it as something unrelated to her (it proves that a miscarriage curse has been cast on the woman);

- severe toxicosis;

- severe depression;

- strange as it may seem, but a miscarriage caused by a miscarriage curse is less distressing for the woman than a natural miscarriage;

- after a miscarriage, the woman recovers faster.

However, magical diagnostics it the best way to find out if a woman has been cast a miscarriage curse on. I advise magical diagnostics to both pregnant women and women who just plan to get pregnant. The thing is a miscarriage curse can live in the woman’s subtle bodies for years and she won’t know about it until she gets pregnant. Magical diagnostics will allow the woman to discover the witchcraft to have it removed to be able to bear and give birth to a healthy baby.

How to order a miscarriage curse from a powerful spell caster

To order a miscarriage curse, contact me. You will find out how the ritual is performed and what to do to prepare for it. After that, you will have to follow all my instructions (if you want the ritual to work). Also you will find out if you should have a miscarriage curse cast or there are other options for you to solve your problem.

As for the price I charge for my services, the term and method of payment, we’ll discuss it after I finish preparing for the ritual.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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