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Amulets are objects used by people to protect themselves and their home from misfortunes, and attract good luck and happiness. There are several types of amulets, namely curse and hex protection amulets, disease and evil forces protection amulets, amulets attracting good luck, as well as amulets-symbols with a deep psychological meaning. Most popular amulets are curse and hex protection amulets, as well as amulets protecting against misfortunes and health problems.

Most popular amulets

Curse and hex protection amuletsOne of the most popular curse and hex protection amulets is a regular safety pin. It is worn on the inner side of one’s clothes, near one’s heart or solar plexus. To find out if a pin really protected you from someone’s negative influence, you should check its color daily. If the pin grew blue or black, it has absorbed a hex and now you have to bury it and get a new pin. Make sure the pin you’re burying is opened. The pin which color hasn’t changed should be opened during the night. The best time to get an amulet is a Friday night.

Most popular and well-known curse and hex protection amulets

Another curse and hex protection amulet which has received recognition lately is the God’s eye. It is used by many peoples, including the Slavs, and is believed to be very effecting in terms of protecting people against black spell casters and sorcerers. The amulet consists of a cross and woolen yarns of different colors. In some countries, a God’s eye is made when a baby is born to be placed in the baby’s bedroom, usually over the cradle.

Aside from handmade amulets, there are natural amulets which are made from claws, teeth, horns, and other body parts of dead animals. Thousands of years ago, people noticed that these object somehow influenced their life, and many of us still hold to this belief. Today these amulets have a new, modern design (key rings, pendants), but are used for the same purpose.

It should be noted that men should always keep their amulets near at hand, even at night, such as on a bedside table. As for women, there’s a wide choice of amulets for women today, beautifully designed as rings, key rings, pendants, ear rings, etc.

Children’s amulets

It’s important to know how to charge children’s amulets. On September 6 or 16, take an amulet and cast a special spell. Holding it in your hand, make a sign of the cross over a candle fire. Dip the amulet into holy water, then into salt, and then hold it over the flame again. Repeat the ritual three times. Some spell casters charge an amulet by putting it on their left palm and, holding a candle in their right hand, running it over it up and down. Performing this ritual, keep saying, “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.” Cross yourself and bow. Then cross the amulet.

“Thursday salt” has protection powers as well. It is made on the Annunciation or Holy Thursday, at dawn. To perform the ritual, put some salt in a linen bag and 10 minutes later in an oven. Keep the salt in the oven for 10 minutes and say Lord’s prayer thrice. Take the salt out and put it in a secure place. The salt can be kept for a year. Use it when needed.

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