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Do love spells work like a real-life sorcerer?

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Do love spells work before a temporary separation?

Do love spells work before a separation? If you are to be separated from each other, love spells will help you make sure your boyfriend will not cheat on you while you are apart.

The first ritual is performed using either a bag or a suitcase the man is taking with him. When you are alone, get naked and put the suitcase on the floor. Finger-comb your hair to pull out several hairs. Put them into the suitcase and say,

“You’ll think only about me like I think about you.”

Do love spells work

Touch your breasts with your hands, then press your palms to the bottom of the suitcase, and say,

“No other woman’s beauty can attract you or seduce you.”

Touch your pubic area with your hands and then press your palms to the bottom of the suitcase again, this time saying,

“You’ll want only me no matter how many women you meet.”

Close the suitcase and put it back. Do not put your clothes back on. When the man comes home, get him to have sex with you. As he orgasms, scratch his back with your nails saying to yourself,

“I’m sealing my spell with your blood to make you stay faithful to me for as long as we’re apart.”

This spell can be used if:

  • You want to prevent your husband from cheating on you;
  • You want to prevent your boyfriend from cheating on you;
  • This spell can influence anyone who has ever declared their love to you;
  • This spell can influence men who are younger than you;
  • This spell can influence men who have cheated on you before.

There is another way to do love spell work before a temporary separation which is quite easy. To perform this ritual, you need a photograph of yourself. Put it on the bottom of the suitcase one week before the man is scheduled to leave. Shortly before he takes off, take the photo out and put it into the man’s pocket of whatever he is wearing. The key is to make sure the man finds the photo after leaving. That way, he will not be interested in other women while you are far away from each other.

Casting love spells to bring back an ex using menstrual blood

To begin with, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that you should just click on the link to learn about various methods to cast white love spells to bring back an ex.

Before we continue, I would like to warn you against casting spells using menstrual blood. While I was writing this article, a woman reached out to me who was unlucky (or silly) to try to cast love spells to bring back an ex using her menstrual blood.

She said the ritual she found on the Internet looked so authentic that she could not resist it. The ritual was quite simple. I, spellcaster Maxim, will not describe it to prevent more victims. So, that lady performed the ritual and the same night she woke up in terror. She admitted she had never experienced anything like this before. It seemed to her it was colder and darker in the bedroom than usual, and that there was a creature near her bed but she could not see it.

Does love spells work

She felt better by sunrise. However, it does not mean it was over. She had been feeling the presence of that creature ever since, especially when it was dark or when she was alone. Apart from that terrifying feeling that someone or something was always around, she noticed some external and internal changes she was going through. She started to age faster, lost a lot of weight, suddenly had an intense body odor, her periods stopped, and she had nightmares almost every night.

I had to put everything else aside and cure that poor lady. She is feeling much better now but she has not fully recovered yet.  Do love spells always work? They do, but not always the way you want. The thing is when she cast that spell using her menstrual blood, she called up what is known as a demon in many cultures. If it were not for me, she would have been under full control of that demon by now.

Do love spells work? They do. However, this story is one of the many examples proving that such rituals must not be performed by people having no proper training, skills and knowledge. I hope you will not make this mistake, especially since a good love spell is described on my website which is safe to cast even for amateurs.

Do love spells work? Are you still not sure? Then read another article about it.

Does love spells work help if the love spell is cast using a needle?

Do love spells work? They do and there are many ways to cast them. To begin with, get a good needle. As a rule, regular needles do not fit for powerful magic. Thus, if you want to do love spells work get ex back, a special bone needle should be used. It should not be made of the bone of an animal killed for food, skin or fur. To make a bone needle, professional magic practitioners (I apologize to all animal lovers in advance) kill an animal solely for one bone to make a single needle of it.

Online stores have been offering bone needles made of human bones lately. Well, I am pretty sure no one killed people for it. However, grave robbery is a terrible thing to do, too. Anyways, such bone needles are very dangerous. First of all, if you use such needles in your rituals, you can take over the diseases and the curses of the person whose bone was used to make that needle. Secondly, chances are you will pay a lot of money for a fake needle.

You can do love spell work using a needle in three ways:

  • 1. Pull out a string from your piece of clothing and fix a piece of clothing belonging to your loved one: sew a button, put in a patch, etc.
  • 2. Pull out one hair every morning and sew it into the clothes of your partner before he wakes up;
  • 3. Sew your and your loved one’s clothes together using a white thread (for virgins) and a red thread (for non-virgins).  

Every time say the same spell,

“Thread of fate. Thread of love. Thread of your and my life. I put them all together. Sew you to myself. You will love me. You will not be able to replace me in your heart with anyone.”

Do love spells work get ex back?

Love spells to bring back an ex

To do love spells work get ex back, you should do the following three things. First and foremost, replace all mirrors in the house. The new mirrors should come with no history. Whilst at the store, ask the seller for new packaged mirrors which have never been opened or displayed. Open the package when you come home and only if the sun is up. While unpacking your mirrors, make sure the sun is the first thing your mirrors reflect. That way, you will set up your mirrors to generate positive energy.

Your house needs positive energy for an obvious reason: separation always comes with negative energy. Negative energy fills up your house and tries to break you up. When your loved one leaves, this energy goes to sleep mode. When your loved one comes back, the energy gets reactivated and makes sure he leaves again. Curses work in almost the same way. But curses and black energies are powerless when exposed to properly charged mirrors. As a rule, a house is cleaned of all negative energy in about 7 to 14 days. So do not hurry and let your new mirrors do their job.

When the cleaning is completed, spread twelve photographs of your loved one in front of yourself on the table. Use different photographs.  Then wipe them off the table with your hand. Select a photograph in which your loved one looks the cutest out of the photographs which fell on the floor face up. If all the photographs fall face down, it is a bad sign. It means your relationship is cursed and you need to talk to a powerful and experienced spellcaster specializing in love energies and have the curse removed.

But this scenario is highly unlikely, so you can continue the ritual. To finish your love spells to bring back an ex, take the photograph and roll it facing outward. Then take your photograph and roll it facing inward. Put your loved one’s photograph inside your photograph and attach both photographs to a candle. Light the candle and wait until its wax melts. When it flows onto the photo, put them together. Do not help the candle as it is important that only the energies of the Universe participate in it.

When the candle flame is about to touch the photo, blow it out. Do not remove the photos from the candle. When the wax hardens, put it all away and keep it. From now on, your dreams about getting your ex-lover back will not just dissipate in space but turn into a channel enabling you to influence your ex and literally pull him back into your life. The spell does not take effect immediately and the best results are usually seen in about a month.

Do love spells always work if cast using alcohol?  

About a hundred years ago all liquid drug forms contained alcohol. It was believed (mistakenly) that alcohol accelerated the absorption of water and healing ingredients into the bloodstream. It was wrong which is proven by today’s drug stores.

When ancient sorcerers designed their alcohol love spells, they were guided by other principles which were still wrong. They knew that alcohol helped people relax and they stopped controlling their protective energy fields. As a result, such people were easier to put a spell on. Methods of putting spells on people through alcohol are still very popular with those magic practitioners who cannot rely solely on their powers. They use alcohol in most of their spells disregarding the harm it may cause.

If not controlled properly, magic always has negative effect on people. Even if you have good intentions, your spell put on a drunk person can have many side effects. If this person is sick, the spell will make him feel worse. If he is tired, it will make him exhausted. If he is hexed, the alcohol will transform it into a terrible curse.

I get letters from hundreds of people who tried to cast such alcohol love spells. All these letters are very much alike. In short, this is what they are about:

“I loved a guy.”
“I put a love spell on him through wine/vodka/whiskey.”
“The spell worked and we started dating.”
“As soon as we started dating, he changed.”
“He turned into a monster!”

Do love spells always work if cast using menstrual blood? They do, but I asked you to stay away from them. Similarly, you should stay away from all spells involving alcohol and other drugs. Only high quality love spells cast properly can make you happy! Always remember about it! As for your question "Do love spells work get ex back?you can find the answer if you watch my recently posted video.

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