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Our physical world consists of natural elements: fire, water, earth and metal. All objects consists of different combinations of these elements. Fire, water, earth and metal cause changes in both the physical and the spiritual world. They give us energy, impact our character and to some extent help us be successful. Energy is associated with magic. If you learn how to control these elements, you will be able to control your powers and the spirits of nature.

Magic of the four elementsIn magic, each element influences things in its own way. Thus, water is responsible for our feelings, love. So it is often used while casting love spells. Fire is in charge of our mind and development, so it you want to, let’s say, get a promotion, perform one of the fire rituals. Earth impacts our behavior, so if you want money, for example, you should perform some earth ritual. Metal is responsible for our conscious wishes, meaning if you want to develop your mental abilities, perform one of the metal rituals.

What can the energy of water give you? LL living creatures consist of water. We are born from water. Water is an important part of our physical and spiritual worlds: emotions, feelings, spirituality, fidelity and faith. It defines our perception, calmness and confidence. In regard to our professional qualities, it’s intuition, power, ability to achieve the desired and make compromises. To get the energy of water, sip it imagining how its energy charges you. In summer, enter the river and in winter take a bath thinking about how the energy of water penetrates your body through the pores. Look at water as often as you can, because things we look at fill us with their energy too. Feel the unity with the element of water, as its energy purifies us, fills us with love, gives us the second sight (that’s why water can be used as a mirror). When you need some water energy, visualize a sea or a waterfall and your imagination will help you get energized.

What can the element of earth give us? If possible, lay down on the ground. Otherwise, just take your shoes off. Feel the earth, its warmth and softness. Visualize a beautiful landscape, emerald meadows, hills and mountains. Feel the unity with the earth, think about how its energy fills your body. Magic and its magical element of earth will help you in business, earn, act and be successful. The energy of earth can also help you heal.

What can the magical energy of fire give us? Fire is the most powerful element. While sitting at the table, light a candle, close your eyes and bring your hands closer to the flame. Feel its warmth, power, passion. Imagine a fire which energy fills you making you stronger and more powerful. Before falling asleep, while lying in bed, relax and visualize a hot summer day. Feel the sunrays approaching you, penetrating your body filling it from inside. You and the Sun are a single whole. The Sun gives us emotions: live and passion, hatred and anger, etc. It will help you in situations when you have to influence other people: make them do what they don’t want to. Fire magic is believed to be the most powerful one.

What can the energy of air give you? Go outside and feel the wind with your face. Feel its coolness. Breathing in the air, imagine how its energy fills you and you merge with the wind. Together with the energy of the wind, you receive educational abilities, get smarter and more creative.

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