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Proven love spells from spellcaster Maxim

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The notion of “love spells that are proven to work” is quite questionable, as it depends on where the information about the spell proven to work is taken from. If you find it on some forums, you will rely on the opinion of the people who have already used love spells and are willing to share their experience with others. However – and I believe I have already written about it many times – there is no guarantee that some convincing reviews are left not by the sorcerer’s client but by the sorcerer himself in order to promote his services on the Internet.

If a sorcerer claims he can cast proven love spells that work, it should seem suspicious to you. No, it is very good that a sorcerer casts good spells. But on the other hand, it means he also casts spells that do not give good results, which means this sorcerer is low qualified.

Candle love spellsI, spellcaster Maxim, can sum up this article with a claim that all my spells give excellent results. This is possible because unlike other magic practitioners, I cast not only love spells with proven results limiting my offer to a dozen of spells. I have been studying magic for decades to be able to cast all sorts of spells delivering the best results possible.

Every person’s life story is unique. Every person’s fate is like nobody else’s fate. Every relationship is special. So using the same love spell for different people is fundamentally wrong. So I offer my clients thousands of spells to choose from creating strong and lasting relationships and true love.

Here is another thing people tend to disregard. Let us analyze the following phrase which is quite common: proven authentic voodoo spell casters. It turns out everything is quite simple:

- You are recommended some proven spellcasters;

- They cast some proven spells;

- You get good results.

Interestingly, all three statements are true. But when you pay attention to the word “voodoo”, everything changes. I give people light and pure love, which becomes their source of happiness, health, inspiration and prosperity. It happens because my real proven love spells evoke the best in people allowing them to enter a relationship at the peak of sexual, mental and energy power.

Voodoo sorcerers cast their spells in a different way. Thus, according to one common spell, you need to go to the cemetery and find a soul to collaborate with. You should ask this soul to take full possession of your loved one’s body. As a result, a proven spell turns into a proven authentic voodoo spell and your loved one ends up being possessed by a phantom – the spirit of a dead person or, what is even worse, a demon. Your loved one is no longer in control of their fate, soul and mind.

As a result, while talking about proven spells or spells that work, we should stay open-minded and ask the following questions:

- Why does a sorcerer manage to cast some spells successfully but fail other spells;

- How do love spells work?

- What will happen to the target of the spell?

- What will happen to you?

- How will real proven love spells impact your common fate and your individual fates?

- Will the spell affect your health?

- Will the spell ruin your karma?

- How long will the spell work for?

- What will you need to do in exchange for the sorcerer’s help?

What is a proven spell?

Proven candle spellThere is a love spell many people call a proven spell. It is cast with an apple and a picture of your loved one. It is very simple. Take a big and pretty apple and cut it in half. Put one half on your picture and the other half on the picture of your loved one. The pictures should be face up. Then remove the apples from the pictures and put them together binding around with a red thread tightly. Put the pictures together too, face to face. The apple juice will work as glue keeping the pictures together.

Keep the pictures. As for the apple, bury it next to your loved one’s house. Now wait for the ritual to bring results. It will not necessarily work, even though many people call it a proven spell.

“How so?” you may wonder with indignation. If it is a proven ritual, how can it fail to work? There are many factors to be considered. The main one is the power of your love. The stronger your love, the better spell you can cast. Secondly, it is the power of your energies. As you know, some people have strong energies and others have weak energies. People with weak energies cannot perform rituals successfully, even if they do everything exactly as required.

Most importantly, did you follow all of the rules while performing your ritual? I, spellcaster Maxim, described it the way it is described on the Internet. Unfortunately, it is described incorrectly. This description fails to indicate the moon phase to perform this ritual – a waxing moon. There is no information about the fact that this love spell should not be put on married people or people who have been put a love spell before. There is not a single word that the apple should be cut with a new silver knife. Besides, the authors of this ritual forget to specify that in these proven spells that work the apple is tied around with a red thread and sealed in a special way with some wax of a burning red candle. Besides, the candle should be bought at a magical store and not some home décor or souvenir shop.

These nuances which tend to be disregarded make proven spells completely useless. You just waste your time and your energy without getting any results. Of course, it does not have to be the case. To this end use love spells described on my website called Spellcaster Maxim or read my book about magic which you can download here in just a couple of clicks.

I can assure you that on my website you will find only proven spells that work. At the same time, I should add that they may fail to work as well. As you may know, the results depend on your mindset and, strange as it may seem, the way you have lived your life for the past few years. To save enough energy to cast a love spell successfully, just one fast is not enough. However, it is better to fast if you can than not to fast.

Besides, even the least proven love spell cast by me or another professional magic practitioner is better than any love spell cast by an amateur. To find out why, click HERE.

Can you spell proven by yourself?

Proven love spellcasterQuestion:

“Why is it so important to comply with the lunar calendar in love spell casting?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Because you perform a ritual which creates a relationship. Rituals which create something new should be performed when the energy of birth and growth flows into our world. This happens when the moon is new. So for this reason it is important to take the lunar phases into account too.


“Why can’t I put a love spell on a man who is currently under another love spell which was put on him by his wife?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Many people believe proven spells can be put on people who have been put love spells on before, because such people have been proven to show a good response to magic. It is a mistake. To begin with, the existing love spell needs to be broken. Then their energy levels need to be restored. This is when a proven spell can be put on people. However, in your case you also need to make the man divorce his wife. This is way too complicated for beginning magic practitioners.


“Can I cast a love spell that I created myself?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

You can, as long as you feel a strong connection with your Guardian Angel or Divine Forces. In this case you will perform a light ritual and get what you want or at least will not get hurt. Trying to make contact with late ancestors is always black magic and such spells must not be cast by amateurs.


“I sewed my and my husband’s clothes together just like you said. I used our sweaters. I was very happy when he came back. But eventually I saw the qualities in him because of which we broke up. However, now he loves me and doesn’t want to leave no matter what I do. What should I do to get rid of him?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

If you cast a proven love spell, here is what you should do now. Cut the sweaters apart with a rusty knife or an old pair of scissors. This should break your love spell and set your husband free. If it does not help, come to me and I will perform a ritual to break your love spell for good.


“Thinking about magic gives me headaches. Why?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

You are a happy person. There is something or someone (more information can be found on my website) stopping you from casting proven effective love spells. Your headaches are a sign to stop. So do not fight it and forget about trying to cast spells at home, or you will hurt yourself or the people you love.

Note that it does not mean there is no way for you to benefit from magic. You are not allowed to cast spells, but you are allowed to have professional magic practitioners like I am cast spells for you. Just make sure you tell your magic practitioner about your headaches and other symptoms related to magic. This will help him offer more appropriate and effective spells meeting your specific needs.


“I’ve been seeing some scary things and images since I cast several real spells proven to work for my girlfriends. Sometimes it looks so real that I have a panic attack! How can I stop it?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

First of all, do not panic. The more scared you are, the more power you give those things and images haunting you. Unfortunately, overcoming your fears alone will not help you fix this problem. So order a healing ritual as soon as possible or buy one of my protective amulets. Here is what happened to you: when you cast those spells, you demolished a wall separating you from the other worlds, so now you see things people are not supposed to see. To make things the way they were, you need to work with a professional magic practitioner.


“I want to put one of the proven black magic spells on a very successful man. But as far as I know, black magic has many negative effects. So I’m wondering if my spell will make the man less successful.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Chances are this is what will happen to you if you cast this spell on your own. But try to find proven real spell casters and I am sure you will find someone who will make sure the love spell has no negative effects on his business or career. Alternatively, contact me and this will, first of all, save you a lot of time and, secondly, ensure that you get the best results possible.


“Will you tell us how to cast some proven love spell? Thank you.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Watch the video below describing one simple and proven love ritual.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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