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Questions and answers about Haitian voodoo spells

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Haitian voodoo spells are believed to be based on Christian rituals

Can they be dangerous then? Is Haitian voodoo magic safe and can it be used by anyone since Christianity isn’t dangerous?

Spellcaster Maxim’s response: No matter what voodoo rituals you are going to perform – money or health voodoo rituals, Haitian voodoo love spells – remember that voodoo magic only appears to resemble Christianity. Moreover, only a magic expert can notice that voodoo magic bears some resemblance to Christianity. In fact, Negro slaves brought to Haiti for plantation works worshipped ancient gods and spirits, the driving force of Haitian voodoo magic. The fact that they worship them almost in the same manner Christians do their god does not change anything.

Do you not believe me? Then answer this simple Question: Have you ever seen a Christian priest chop the head off a chicken to sprinkle the cross with its blood? Have you ever Casting haitian voodoo spellsheard a Christian prayer offering a human soul in exchange for something?


Are all entities helping people cast Haitian love spells equally dangerous?

Spellcaster Maxim’s response: I would not like to rank them and say that some entities are more dangerous than others. You do not need to know that to understand that all voodoo spirits are very dangerous. Any voodoo spell requires a sacrifice, such as human energy or fate. To enlist the support of voodoo spirits, spellcasters sometimes have to sacrifice animals (animals are killed during a ritual) or even humans.

Do not harbor an illusion that you can use Haitian voodoo spells safely. I, spellcaster Maxim, have no statistical data but in my experience the chances are 100% you will get in trouble as a result of casting Haitian voodoo love spells being no hereditary voodoo sorcerer.

Question: Why those telling about Haitian love spells on the Internet fail to mention the fact that they are very dangerous? 

Are Haitian voodoo spells dangerous or not?

Spellcaster Maxim’s response: There are several reasons why the information about the danger of Haitian voodoo love spells is withheld. These include:

1. People running websites about Haitian voodoo magic and discussing it on forums and blogs simply do not know that it is dangerous. In their opinion, casting a Haitian love spell is as easy as starting a coffee-machine or washer.

2. The myth about the safety of Haitian voodoo spells is popularized by Haitian voodoo priests or the followers of this cult for they know Haitian gods need the energy of suffering. As a result, they intentionally make people suffer. The more suffering they cause to others, the better.

3. There is a branch of magic that passes itself off as voodoo magic but is actually simple witchcraft. Do not think it is a good thing that you happen to have cast Haitian voodoo love spells belonging to this branch of magic. Voodoo spirits are closely watching those who dared to say their name and severely punish everyone encroaching on their strength and power.  


You are talking about Haitian love spells in a way as if Haitian voodoo spirits actually exist

In fact, any branch of magic is the influence a spellcaster’s energy and willpower have on reality, processes occurring in this reality, and other people’s subtle bodies…

Spellcaster Maxim’s response: While casting a Haitian voodoo spell, a spellcaster counts not on his abilities but on the help of the powerful spirits he is calling up while performing the ritual. Most branches of magic engage some entities capable of changing our world and the fates of the people living in it. Thus, white magic collaborates with angelic entities, black magic works with hellish and demonic ones, Druidic magic needs the spirits of nature and elements, and so on.

You can call up various entities simply by saying a prayer, such a friendly demon, your guardian angel, one of your house spirits or the spirit of one of your late ancestors who stayed in this world to help you when needed. The idea that magic mostly depends on the skills of a spellcaster is a reflection of our pride and boosted ego. In fact, a spellcaster is just a vessel for energies and the entities he calls up for help. Speaking of Haitian voodoo spells, these are the entities of destruction, suffering and evil.


Does it mean Haitian love spells I buy from a spellcaster will be highly dangerous to me?

Spellcaster Maxim’s response: Yes, it does. Luckily, professional spellcasters can cast Haitian voodoo spells ensuring the safety of their clients at all times. However, there are not many of them, meaning the chances are high that you will run into a fraud posing as a professional spellcaster practicing safe magic. Secondly, their services are expensive and many people cannot afford them.

Haitian voodoo candle love spellQuestion: This means a person is faced with the dilemma: use Haitian voodoo love spells and be punished for it or refuse to use Haitian voodoo magic but keep his energy integrity and the purity of his subtle bodies. Am I right?

Spellcaster Maxim’s response: You need to understand that Haitian magic is not a panacea. It is just another (by the way, not the most efficient one) branch of magic. Many other branches of magic have rituals similar to voodoo magic rituals which are as efficient but less dangerous.

Speaking of Haitian magic, remember that you are dealing with good marketing. Popularized and surrounded by legends and myths, this branch of magic is just another way to worship evil forces and work “wonders” with their help.


Should I believe a spellcaster promising me to cast his Haitian love spells safely?

Spellcaster Maxim’s response: According to the cause-and-effect law, you will suffer anyway. If your spellcaster promises you to not use your energies in his voodoo ritual, he will have to take these energies from someone else. Most likely, from a random person. As a result of the ritual, this person will suffer. The spellcaster will dodge the responsibility for this person’s suffering making you responsible for it. As a result, you will have to pay for it with your health, karma and other problems. 

This is how Haitian voodoo spells work and this is why I urge you to stay away from them. 

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