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Spells dark magic and children under 5 years of age

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Our today’s topic may seem somewhat strange to you and perhaps even scary. When you see such words as “spells dark magic” and “children” in one sentence, you might think it is going to be about casting a dark magic spell on children. Believe me, I would never write anything like that.

Despite the article’s title, it is going to be about the children’s reaction to dark magic spells that work

Spell dark magic ritualWe are going to talk about why parents should not disregard everything little kids say treating it like fantasies. For your information, your children may be your only protection against spells dark magic.

Some people know or have read about it that children have a third eye open and they can see and sometimes even talk to creatures adults do not know exist. However, people tend to forget about it. When a baby is born, the parents treat it as a helpless and vulnerable thing. We believe the information can be communicated only in one direction, from us to the child, and the child cannot teach us anything because they do not know anything.

People consider it nonsense that children can feel such thing as a dark magic spell and see creatures called up by dark magic spells that work. We have a perfect explanation of why children speak about strange phenomena or have some fears:

  • They do not know the world and it seems scary to them;
  • They have a bright imagination;
  • This is the way they blackmail us because they do not want to be left alone or because they do not like to sleep in their room, so spells dark magic have nothing to do with it;

  • They are surrounded by an ocean of information; in addition, children may transfer what they have seen in some cartoons or fantasy movies to our reality.

However, children are indeed capable of feeling such thing as a dark magic spell, dark energies and dark creatures. A curious experiment was conducted by a group of psychics who studied the reaction of the children aged 9 months to 3.5 years to various energy entities and phenomena which occur in almost every house. Regardless of the parents’ race and inborn magical abilities, the children could see all the creatures showing up near them. They responded to them as material moving and still objects. They were afraid of scary ones, while light ones made them feel joy or laugh.

The validity of the experiment on the children’s reaction to dark magic spells that work was ensured by the fact that the children were not told or pointed out to the energy objects. The childrens reaction was 100% natural. Nevertheless, the children saw all of the objects without missing a single one.

As they grow up, their ability to see energy creatures and the energy of spells dark magic is lost

Casting spell dark magicBy age 5, they stop seeing them at all. However, 5-year olds can still feel them. At this age, their reaction to a dark magic spell is fear, unwillingness to stay alone in the room, or the fear of the dark. These are gone by age 12 and the children become just like their parents – they think dark magic spells that work do not exist, and if you feel fear or panic, some kind of medical treatment is needed.

You may argue with me, believing like others that spells dark magic do not exist. I will not blame you for it. However, I will not try to change your mind, either. Instead, I suggest that you close this article right now because there is nothing here you can find interesting.

I will talk to those who know that a dark magic spell can mutilate people’s fates and that there are a lot of people capable of casting dark magic spells that work.

My advice to them is to pay attention to what your children say and do because any weird behavior in them always has its reasons. Remember that children do not get scared, refuse to enter the room, or speak about some reflections in the window for no reason. If your child is telling you about something living under his bed, you had better believe him.

Children do like to fantasize. There is no doubt about it. Naturally, no spells dark magic are involved if your child is telling you about some cartoon he has watched. However, children do not like to be scared or fantasize about some scary and evil things. If your child is doing it, listen to him and take measures.

An experienced spellcaster will examine your house and, after talking to your child, tell you if the child is telling the truth or not. If it turns out the child is not trying to blackmail you and is not lying to you, the spellcaster will need to cast some spells to protect you against dark magic spells that work.

There is an array of means to protect oneself against dark magic spells, including house cleansing rituals, charms and talismans , energy strengthening, the enhancement of the connection with the spirits, engaging angels and light creatures, etc.  For more information about spells protecting one against spells dark magic, please read the appropriate articles on my website.

So, what are the energy phenomena your child can see that you cannot? They are:

  • Inanimate energy clots;
  • Dark energy spots fights leave on the walls, ceiling and the furniture;
  • Spirits of the dead;
  • Energy vampires and all those referred to as mind parasite;
  • All entities existing inside or outside of the human body;***
  • Creatures we call ghosts or house spirits;
  • Evil spirits sent to your house by some dark magic spells that work.

  •  *** - Do not reproach your child for not liking someone, being afraid of someone, or trying to make someone leave. Often it is not bad manners or bad temper. Children see right through negative energy carriers and try to minimize contact with them.

    My readers often ask me,

    If a child sees dark energies, is it a dark magic spell?

    What should the parents do?

    It depends. If the parents are clairvoyant and are professional magic practitioners, they should teach their child that the world is more complex than it seems. To begin with, they need to teach their child how to protect oneself against all kinds of spells dark magic overcoming one’s fears.

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