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The best and the most powerful binding spells and rituals

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How binding spells and rituals make people fall in love with other people

My readers ask me a lot of questions about binding spells, such as what binding spells and rituals are, how to cast binding love spells, why some spells are good binding spells and they work while others fail, why people fail to cast love spells at home, what love is if it can be controlled with magic. Today I, spellcaster Maxim, will try to answer these questions and probably more. I want to talk to you about binding love spells in general referring to some binding spell reviews. But at first I would like to tell you what love is.

Binding spell bookImagine a man living a comfortable life. He has a job he loves and is good at. He also has friends he goes out with. Even if he did not have friends, he would still enjoy his life because he has money and knows what to spend it on to have fun. He has a big house and a great car. He is healthy and successful, yet once in a while he gets really depressed. It happens when he remembers that something is missing in his life. It is love.

Such people rarely think about complex or easy binding spells for they are hoping to find love on their own. They think looking for love is a very romantic experience. However, if you disregard that poetic and melodramatic part, you will realize this person is using the same approach to finding love as when he needs to buy a coat or a hat. He goes to places where he can potentially find someone he can fall in love with, which is basically the same as checking out different coat and hat stores. He looks at the women around trying to understand if any of them could be a good match for him. He introduces himself to women as if trying those hats on. And finally he “makes a purchase” and they start dating.

After a while he will understand if his choice was right or not. If it was right, he falls in love with the girl. If it was not, he breaks up with her and starts looking for someone else.

He keeps failing at finding true love and one day he decides to hire a professional magic practitioner and use a binding love spell. It is very common for people to be in love with someone who does not love them. So many people can nothing but dream of being with someone who will never be theirs. But whether people come to a magic practitioner or try to find love on their own, they rarely ask themselves the main questions, such as: What is love? How is it born?

I have been saying it repeatedly on my website which is called Spellcaster Maxim that people are made of energy. At the same time, we barely generate energy. Yes, we transform food into pure low-vibration energy, but this energy alone is not enough to use binding spell white magic. If this was the only energy we had, we would probably be unable to walk and definitely would not be able to speak.

To function properly, we also need some energy from the outside. Two of our chakras draw it continuously: one from the planet and the other one from cosmos and the Universe. The other five chakras cannot do it. To be more precise, they can draw energy only from someone you love, provided this person loves you back. Thus, love is a process of energy exchange that makes both participants happy, no matter whether or not one of the best binding spells was used to bring them together.

True love binding spells

True love binding candlesA man and a woman who love each other draw completely different types of energy from each other with their five chakras. Here is what happens to the man:

2nd chakra – He gets pure sexual energy which is later transformed into the energy of creativity;

3rd chakra – He gets the energy of respect and caring which is critical for a strong and happy relationship;

4th chakra – It feeds off pure love, so not being able to access love, this chakra feels restless and uneasy;

5th chakra – The man needs to know that he is heard and moreover that all his words equal commands;

6th chakra – This chakra draws energy when you share your mental abilities or improve your mental capacity through conversations with the partner.

This is what happens to the woman who loves and is loved (the latter is very important!) from the energy exchange perspective:

2nd chakra – It helps the woman overcome stress and insecurity;

3rd chakra – It feeds off male power and achievements. The more achievements, the stronger this chakra;

4th chakra – The woman needs to know that the man will not leave her rather than the man loves her;

5th chakra – It is healthy only when love makes the woman’s life fun and exciting;

6th chakra – It is about confidence that everything will be alright in the future and the man will not let her down.

Feminists can argue all they want that they are strong and independent women and they do not need men to feel fulfilled and vice versa. As an experienced spellcaster, I assure you that life is incomplete without love, because you cannot use it to full advantage when you are single, and that those who have never loved do not know what true life is.

But let us not fight. Let us understand how the binding spell works. All binding spells cast by a good spellcaster work in the same way – they create love.

Magic rituals do what almost never happens in real life. They adjust the man’s and the woman’s chakras so they enjoy being with each other as much as possible. True love occurs only if energy is exchanged through all of the five chakras. When only four chakras participate in energy exchange, people say that they have found someone who is almost perfect. Sadly, the word “almost” indicates you will never experience what true love is.

When only three chakras work in unison, people tend to say they love each other but there are some things they find irritating about each other. When only two chakras work, people like each other but still believe they are too different to be together. When energy is exchanged through only one chakra, people are just lovers who see each other once or twice a week and do not really care about each other the rest of the time.

Ancient love binding spells have been designed to make all of the five chakras participate in energy exchange. Modern love binding spells can bring and keep people together despite their extremely high demands and expectations. Such spells can be put on any person. Below are some of the most common types of binding spells:

1. binding spells for marriage.

2. Binding spells for financial support.

3. Binding spells for people who are insecure and not good-looking.

4. Binding spells for women with children.

5. binding lost love spells to be used after a breakup.

6. Rituals for people with a big social or age gap or other differences.

7. Rituals for people separated by long distances.

8. Rituals for married people.

9. Rituals to regain love in a relationship or marriage.

There is a wide range of complex and simple binding love spells. More information about it can be found HERE.

So if you come to me, I will pick the best, safest, relatively fast, and strongest binding spell for you that will stay effective as long as possible. As a professional magic practitioner, I have first-hand knowledge and expertise in casting a binding an ex spell to deliver the best results possible.

Questions about binding spells voodoo and more

Binding spellcasterQuestion:

“Do you have a binding spell for boss?”

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

You should understand that the name of a spell does not necessarily indicate the results delivered by this spell. So it is quite difficult even for me, a very powerful spellaster, to understand what exactly you want to happen with regard to you and your boss. So I always ask my clients to tell me what they want and I will choose a ritual accordingly. Speaking of putting love spells on one’s boss, men can make friends with their bosses, gay people can become lovers with their superiors (on my website you can find information about how I can transform straight people into gay) , while women can choose whether they want to be friends or lovers with their bosses or get married to them. Of course, special rituals are required for it.


“What are the most effective binding spells?”

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

There are no effective or ineffective love spells or love rituals. A professional magic practitioner can make two people fall in love with each other and be together for dozens of years with a simple spell with two pine needles (I will tell you about it later). Everything depends on:

- The magic practitioner’s power;

- His skills;

- His diligence;

- His responsible approach;

- The power of the magic accessories used in the ritual.

This describes how I cast my spells and explains why my spells always bring excellent results.


“Is it true that binding spell voodoo is better than any other love spell?”

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

I cannot say that one branch of magic is better than another. Some people like oranges and say it is the most delicious fruit in the world, while their neighbors cannot live without having bacon in the morning. The same is true of magic. You should choose not a ritual but focus on the results you need and your attitude to it. Thus, voodoo magic is used by people who like to be in the control in their relationships, those who like to intimidate their partner and always have it their way. However, they also have to pay a high price for it and the “invoices” submitted to you by the Universe for using voodoo magic can be paid only by you.


“Is this why you warn against using the dark binding spell?”

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

Yes, exactly. Every time you use magic, you make a deal with Higher Powers. You promise them that in your next life you will go through the same things you put the target of your spell through. When you use white magic, you make your loved one happy. When you use black magic, your loved one will always be unhappy even if you really love this person. Your partner will feel depressed for knowing subconsciously that the life he or she is living is a mistake. When the spell wears out, this person will be free, unlike you, as it will be the time for you to start paying the price charged for using black magic.


“I wanted to put a love spell on a handsome guy. My sister offered to help. We studied different binding spells and then picked one that seemed right for us. But after we performed the ritual, the guy fell in love with my sister instead of me. They got married recently. I stopped talking to my sister because I realized she did it on purpose and took advantage of me because I was a beginner in magic. I want to punish her. Will you help me?”

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

She did not do anything. It is your fault because you preferred to ignore the main law of magic to never cast love spells at home. This law exists not because you may cause the spell to backfire or because you may hurt the person you love, which is very common by the way. The problem is no one can predict the outcome. That is exactly what happened to you. Your sister did help you. When the man fell in love with her, she decided to not turn him down and just give it a try. So it is fair. So instead of revenge you should buy a professional love spell to find true love and be happy. I understand that your feelings have been hurt, but you need to get over it and just let yourself be happy.


“What are common binding love spells consequences for men?”

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

They vary, yet there are five most common symptoms. They are also called “The Terrible Five”. The first one is impotence. The second one is bad shape. The third one is hair loss and other signs of accelerated aging. The fourth one is weight gain. The fifth one is fatigue and low energy levels. If these signs are present plus you started dating a woman you never liked before, the chances are you have a poorly cast love spell on you.


“Do you offer instant binding spells?”

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

I do not because such spells are non-existent. Everything takes time. I need time to discuss everything with the client and prepare for the ritual. I need to wait for an appropriate date to perform the ritual which may take up to a few weeks. Then it takes some time for the ritual to take effect and make the target feel affection for the client. For this reason the fastest of rituals bring results at least in about a month, while regular ones take even longer. On the bright side, the results are usually great.


“Can you suggest a good love spell for beginning sorcerers? Do you know the strongest love binding spells for beginners?”

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

I never suggest my readers casting powerful spells. However, I know one effective and safe ritual that you could use. Watch my video about it and find out more.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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