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Voodoo love spells to do at home

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Voodoo love spells to do at home

Speaking of voodoo love spells to do at home, the easiest way is to use a photograph of the person you are in love with, as well as a pair of scissors, some glue, a printer, and the Internet. You will need the Internet to find some pictures for a collage. You will need to use your imagination and glue different pictures to a drawing paper sheet representing your happy future the way you see it.

To this end:

  • Voodoo love spells to do at home1. Take a drawing paper sheet;
  • 2. Cut your loved one out of the photograph and glue it in the middle of the paper;
  • 3. Cut yourself out of a photograph and glue yourself to the paper next to your loved one;
  • 4. Glue a red paper heart between your loved one and yourself to be connected;
  • 5. Write down your name and the name of your loved one on the heart;
  • 6. Use the Internet to find some pictures showing your future life together, print them out, and glue them around your loved one and yourself.

Do not be shy and do not be afraid to dream big. If you want to have a great sex, add the picture of a bed or a bedroom. If you want to travel with the person you love, use some pictures of the foreign countries you would like to visit. If you like romantic dinners, use the picture of a nice restaurant. But remember that none of the pictures you use may show other people. There should be just the two of you, you and the person you love.

This rule is incredibly important. If you break it, a part of your future happiness will go to whoever is shown in your collage or your loved one will fall in love not with you but with that third party.

When you are done, write down the current date on the other side of the paper sheet, as well as your request to voodoo spirits consisting of nine sentences. Do not address it to any specific voodoo spirit. Let Higher Powers decide which of the spirits should help you as they know better whose help will benefit you most.

How to do voodoo love spells at home

There is one great way to learn how to do voodoo love spells at home. This spell does not belong to strong voodoo love spells either, but it is still quite helpful. To launch a spell like this, print out some bills. It will not be considered money counterfeiting because the bills should be not more than 7 centimeters long. Put them into a wallet. It should be a new wallet purchased specifically for this spell. Put a cross inside the wallet too (Christian symbols are commonly used in voodoo magic), a feather of some exotic bird, a seashell, a chicken bone, and a photograph of your loved one. After that, set up an altar. A square wooden box will do. Put a glass jar or a small crystal vase on the altar. Put 9 candles around it in a semicircle.

The ritual is performed in the evening for nine days.

On the first day, light the first candle. Put some bills into the vase standing on the altar and light them up. While the bills are burning, ask Higher Powers to remove the obstacles in your way and let you cast a high-quality spell. When the bills burn down, do not remove the ashes from the vase. Also remember that the more passionate you are whilst saying your prayers, the more help you will get.

On the second day, in the evening too, light a second candle and use it to set some bills in the vase on fire. Pray to the spirits of the earth and ask them for help.

It is one of the greatest voodoo love spells that work fast and I, spellcaster Maxim, will try to present it to you in the form of a flow chart:

  • Day three – third candle – pray to the spirits of physical love;
  • Day four – fourth candle – pray to the spirits of victory and strength;
  • Day five – fifth candle – pray to the spirits of love and fidelity;
  • Day six – sixth candle – pray to the spirits controlling human emotions and wishes;
  • Day seven – seventh candle – pray to the spirits of wisdom;
  • Day eight – eighth candle – pray to senior spirits and ask them to command the other bodiless creatures to help you.

The ninth day is vital. Light all the candles and fill the vase with as many bills as possible. When the bills start burning, say just one sentence:

“I (your name), in the name of the voodoo spirits and forces, command (your loved one’s name) to love me! Love me deeply! Love me passionately! Love me unconditionally! Love me until I tell you that you are free and let you go!”

Wait until the candles burn down. Take the wax to a forest and scatter it under nine trees. All the ashes left after the ritual should be put into the wallet and kept as your love talisman. Love will enter your life shortly.

Strong voodoo love spells cast using a needle

Voodoo love spells at home

Before you start following the blow instructions, please view my article about strong voodoo love spells.

⁠You will understand why you need it after you read it. It will also help you understand if you really need to cast such dangerous spells for yourself.

If you want to take that risk, there is one ritual belonging to voodoo spells that really work that can have a strong influence on the person you love. To perform this ritual, you need a candle, seven needles, and come courage. Remember that you should be quick and confident. Put a candle on the floor in front of an empty wall. Sit down next to it. Heat the needle over a fire, spit on it three times, and say, “I conjure you to love me!”

Without changing your clothes or putting the needle down, go to your loved one’s place and stick the needle into a curtain or under the wallpaper so no one could see it. After that, without explaining anything, spend at least two and a half hours with your loved one.

Repeat this ritual for the next seven days. Besides, if you perform it, for example, on Tuesday, the next ritual should be performed on Tuesday as well, provided it will be a new moon. For moon phase information, refer to a lunar calendar. Even if it is going to take you over a month, do not worry and take your time. When the ritual is completed, the person to whose home you have brought seven needles, will fall in love with you.

Letters from people casting voodoo love spells that work fast


“I’ve noticed that some of your articles contain incomplete information. For example, when you talk about some spell, you often miss some important details.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Well, I am pretty sure you think so because you do not know how to navigate my website properly. When you find some interesting topic you would like to learn more about, type it in the search box and you will probably see that I have more than one article on this topic, because magic topics are too complex to be covered in just one article. I cannot tell you everything about a spell in one article, so I usually dedicate several articles to each topic. Thus, for example, when I talk about casting voodoo love spells using pictures, a lot of information about it is also presented in the article about love spells that really work.

To find this article, use the search option.


“When you talk about voodoo love spells to do at home, why do you suggest casting these spells using an altar? I’ve never seen such advice on other websites.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Because you cannot learn how to do voodoo love spells at home without learning how to set up and use an altar. When magic rituals are performed, the altar absorbs and keeps the energy left after the ritual. The altars used in some dangerous rituals are often burned to clear the house of all negative consequences of the spell. If you perform your ritual at a regular kitchen table, the energy will be absorbed by the table and eventually spread all over your place having a negative impact on you and your family.

To find out how to make and use magic altars, download and read the book I wrote about magic. This book is available on my website.


“What are the chances of reaching success using strong voodoo love spells?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

If you are a beginning spellcaster and you have never practiced voodoo magic before, the chances of you succeeding are 5-12%. Do you think it is not enough? First and foremost, the chances of you reaching success performing the rituals found on other websites are rarely higher than 0%. Secondly, you can increase your chances of success by performing more dangerous rituals, but I do not want you to get hurt, so I intentionally offer you less effective spells for the sake of your safety. If you disapprove of my decision, it means you need to find someone, a teacher, taking no responsibility for your fate.

How to cast voodoo spells that really work on your husband

Strong voodoo candle love spellsThe best way to ensure that your husband loves you, is loyal and generous to you, is to reach out to me and let me take care of this. I, spellcaster Maxim, know hundreds of powerful spells and rituals allowing me to control men the way my clients want. I can cast any of my spells shortly after you order my professional services.

But if you decide to cast voodoo love spells that work fast on your husband by yourself, try the following powerful ritual. It starts with a complete abstinence from sex. If you have sex 7 to 3 times a week, avoid climaxing for at least 9 days. If you usually have sex about once a week, make sure not to orgasm for a month.

When your sexual desire becomes very strong and you understand you are losing control of it, do not climax for one more day. Limit your water intake to 2 glasses a day or not more than 500 ml per day. In the evening, try to pee and collect your urine in a urine collection container. Make sure to collect the first drops as they are considered to be the most powerful.

Satisfy your sexual pleasure in any way you want. It will not impact the quality or effectiveness of your love potion. Yes, you have a love potion which can awaken love in the coldest of hearts. So use it very carefully. Add one drop of it to your husband’s food or drinks while making sure his daily intake does not exceed 7 drops. Be consistent.

If you do everything properly, in two or three weeks you will see some changes in your husband’s attitude. He will become more affectionate and want you more. But to make him yours completely, you will need to perform this ritual at least three times. It will take you a lot of time. If you do not want to wait for so long, contact me and order one of my love spells to make your husband love you again.

Many women know that this is how menstrual blood impacts men. However, I am against such rituals. Magic spells cast with the use of blood by the people who are not professional shamans are always a source of terrible problems, poverty, insanity, and serious diseases. So never use blood in your rituals.

Questions about casting voodoo love spells using pictures


“When I cast voodoo love spells using pictures, is it the same thing as casting regular photograph spells?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Not exactly. To find out more about casting love spells using pictures - follow the link but then come back to find out that spells are cast with the use of pictures only when there is no opportunity to get a photograph of the person the spell is to be cast on.


“Aren’t such spells outdated?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

No, they are not. Despite technocratic progress, voodoo shamans do not use photographs. Instead of photographs, they use gris-gris bags or pictures of the person they are trying to influence with the help of their magic.


“To cast spells using such drawings successfully, one should draw well, right?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

If you have seen voodoo dolls, you know how little resemblance they have with people. But it is not the point. They are just the backbone for the magic practitioner to represent the target in the form of energy. Drawings are used for the same reason. They are a tool giving you access to the object’s subtle bodies.


“I know that true voodoo sorcerers live in Africa. They make such drawings on animal skin to make their rituals or spells more effective. How much more powerful are such rituals and spells?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

They can be more powerful if the spell is cast by a professional spellcaster like I am. On the other hand, regardless of what you use, skin or bark, textile or paper, it will not affect the effectiveness of your spell because chances are it will not work for you. So there is no point using expensive and exotic materials in the rituals you perform for yourself at home.


“It is believed that such drawings should be made with blood. What do you think about it?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

My opinion about the use of blood to cast voodoo spells that really work is well known to my readers, so do not expect me to make an exception for you.


“Could you tell us about some good methods to cast love spells using pictures?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

One of such rituals is described in detail in the video below.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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