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A person’s charisma and sex appeal don’t always produce the desired effect. Designed to strengthen certain energies, love spells are the most popular spells in magic. That’s why so many spell casters and sorcerers specialize specifically in love magic.

Many people are afraid of casting love spells on their own. However, a love spell cast personally by you is always stronger than the love spell ordered from a professional spell caster. Before casting a love spell, make sure you love this person and your feelings are sincere. If they are not, after a while you will lose interest in him, but this person will still love you no matter what. Even though there are a number of rituals to remove a love spell, to remove a love spell is always harder than to cast it. Please, keep that in mind.

Type of powerful love spells

Powerful heart love spellsThere are black and white love spells. People familiar with magic know that white love spells are basically harmless. They are safe for both the spell caster and the person the love spell is cast on. Worst case scenario, both of them will feel unwell. Black love spells are fraught with consequences. They include insanity or even death. If you’re considering casting a love spell, weigh all pros and cons. Remember, with a love spell, you will influence the energy and biofield of another person who will have no idea that his life and fate are being intervened in.

Married couples use love spells to keep the home fires burning or reignite the relationship. Such love spells are very strong. Actually, a love spell is the strongest when two people use it consciously because they want to be together.

Young people use love spells when all their thoughts and dreams are about their beloved (love spells are very popular among girls). However, as the time goes by, they fall in love with someone else. Just a few of them have enough guts to confess that they used magic and remove the love spell they cast.

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How long does the effect of a love spell last?

Love spells have different effective periods. After a while, a love spell has to be re-cast. People don’t want to depend on another person (spell caster), so they usually prefer to cast love spells on their own. Not all love spells can be re-cast on the same person. That’s why sometimes one has to look for alternatives.

A love spell cast with the help of a photo

A lot of people prefer casting a love spell with the help of a photo. The rituals performed can be easy or rather complicated. Here’s one of the most powerful love spells cast with the help of a photo: the spell caster takes a photo of the beloved and looks him in the eye for three days, saying,

“Oh, God’s servant (name) can’t live without his shadow, can’t overcome his longing for me, God’s servant (name). Walk, stumble, choke with yearning. Whatever path you take, it will lead you to me, God’s servant (name), like the sun walks in the sky. Amen.”

This love spell can be cast on one’s own or with the help of a spell caster.

Often, love spells are cast remotely.

To cast a love spell, you can also use salt.

Spell caster cast love rituals

A love spell cast with the help of salt

Put some salt in a plate and say three times, “The husband loves his wife as much as people like salt in their food.” Throw the salt away.

A love spell cast with the help of candles

This love spell is recommended for married women whose husbands may have a lover. To cast this love spell, you will need two candles. Twist them together and say, “God’s servant and me (name) will be twisted together like these candles.” Light the candles and say, “It’s not a candle that I’m lighting, it’s the soul and heart of God’s servant (name) so he longs to be with me, God’s servant (name), forever.”

Wait until the candles burn down. This love spell should be cast 9 days in a row.

A love spell cast with the help of an object

You can cast this love spell if you have access to the clothes of the person you’re in love with. It would be perfect if you could use the dirty underwear of this person. The love spell is cast on Thursday, during the waxing moon. Soak the underwear and hang it to dry, saying,

“It’s not a candle that I’m lighting, it’s the soul and heart of God’s servant (name) so he longs to be with me, God’s servant (name), forever.” Make sure your beloved puts this underwear on.

If you’re looking for a more complicated and effective love spell, contact me and I will perform this spiritual service for you.

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