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Voodoo love spells – School of magic from spellcaster Maxim

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What makes hrit difficult for modern people to cast voodoo love spells successfully

To access voodoo magic immediately and cast voodoo love spells successfully, you need to be either trained in a voodoo-related culture or grow up in it. I am not talking about genetic predisposition to magic (which is very important, too). I am talking about sharing a common language with magic. This language is comprised of:

  • Voodoo love spellsUnderstanding what spirits you are going to collaborate with;
  • Knowing how they look;
  • Understanding the texts of the spells;
  • Lack of ethical obstacles during the sacrifice;
  • Lack of fear of voodoo which is typical of many people today;
  • Faith in the power of the spells and the forces helping you cast them successfully;
  • Understanding how voodoo works;
  • Ability to sing and dance properly during the ritual.

It is easy for Scandinavian people to make contact with the Runic magic egregors as they are the children of their land. It is easy for Indian people to understand what local shamans are telling them. Similarly, those learning how to cast voodoo spells, specifically voodoo doll love spells, need to have a certain code. Without it, it will take them much more time and energy to become a powerful voodoo spellcaster.

I, spellcaster Maxim, know it from experience. I was born with a great gift of magic which I have been developing through hard work and continuous practice for dozens of years. Nevertheless, I had difficulty mastering voodoo magic. Voodoo spirits kept testing me making me prove my loyalty and strength over and over again. But it was worth it. Now I can cast any of the most powerful voodoo love spells for any person. More importantly, I can keep my clients safe. To find out why powerful love spells can be dangerous, follow the link below.

Why powerful love spells can be dangerous

A journey to the world of voodoo is like walking a dark and endless labyrinth full of monsters. One wrong turn and you will never find your way out and end up being torn apart by the monsters. I have helped people who misused voodoo magic. Believe me, the moment they came to me, they looked worse than heroin addicts or deathbed cancer patients. When magic is used incorrectly, the magic practitioner’s energies become weak and sick causing various health effects.

Voodoo doll love spells

Voodoo doll love spellsVoodoo love spells cast using a voodoo doll are as dangerous, even though they require minimum contact with voodoo spirits and gods. However, in this case the danger is associated with the so called “rebound”. When you use the doll improperly, you cause harm to the person you love and, according to the law of karma, the harm caused returns to you in some terrible and painful forms.

A good voodoo doll love spell begins with making a voodoo doll. I will teach you how to do it right now. The key is to take your time. If you are careless or in a rush, it is the beginning of all problems inexperienced voodoo adepts face.

First of all, scan the person whom you want to influence. To this end, use your inner vision. If you do not have inner vision abilities, do not try to practice magic at all. Find out how to examine the target’s energies for existing love spells or curses which may prevent you from influencing the target the way you need. Information about the methods available can be found on my website so you should study them and made use of them.

Remember: spells should be cast only on people with healthy energies and people free of any other spells. This is what professional spellcasters do. When they see a sick person, they treat this person and then perform their rituals. Before putting spells on such people, they make sure all previously put spells have been removed or broken.

Putting voodoo on someone to fall in love using a voodoo doll

Having made sure spells can be cast, prepare to make a voodoo doll. To this end, get at least one worn piece of clothing belonging to the target. The more clothes you get, the better. If possible, get a T-shirt, a sweater and a pair of pants. Also, get some hairs and nail clippings of the target, as well as saliva and skin samples. All biological materials are to be attached to the doll with wood resin. The hair is attached to the head. The clothes are used to make some clothes for the doll:

- The target’s T-shirt is used to make a T-shirt for the doll;

- The target’s sweater is used to make a sweater for the doll;

- The target’s dress is used to make a dress for the doll;

- And so on.

Today voodoo dolls are offered by many stores intended for people learning how to do voodoo love spells, but I do not recommend such dolls. If you do not want to make a doll for some reason, use a gris-gris bag instead. It will still be more useful than a store-bought voodoo doll.

The voodoo doll should be made of tree or bush twigs. The tree should be young and nonbearing. If possible, find a tree planted in the memory of a specific person. To avoid mistakes, go to the country, find a forest with no towns or villages in immediate proximity, and choose any young and healthy-looking tree. Break off a twig (knives are not allowed) and take it home. By the way, you should also make sure there are no graves or cemeteries, as well as highways located close to the tree.

When you come home, cut the twig to make a Y-shaped stick. This will be the doll’s torso and legs. Attach another stick to it using a thread as the doll’s arms and then attach the biological materials and the hair to your doll, and then get it dressed.

Some experts offer beginning voodoo magic practitioners to cut the target’s face out of a photograph and attach it to the doll’s face before putting voodoo on someone to fall in love with them. In my opinion, it is more important for you to have inner confidence that the doll actually represents the target and you can influence the target through it, rather than to have the photograph attached.

For more information check out this article about voodoo love spells designed for beginning spellcasters.

How to do voodoo love spells

Putting voodoo on someone to fall in lovePerhaps, the most difficult part for every person not familiar with voodoo is saying the spell. Mindless pronunciation of the words of any spell or reading some spells found on the Internet is not just undesirable. It is prohibited. Have you ever talked to foreigners confident they can speak your language fluently while in reality they were very bad at it? Well, your voodoo spirit will be just as confused as you are when you talk to such foreigners. Probably, it will not even understand what you want from it.

As you should remember, these spirits are very demanding and harsh. They are anything but kind. If you make one of them mad, it will not just walk away. It will strike you badly to teach you a lesson that bothering them for no reason is not good. Therefore, those who want to become a professional voodoo magic practitioner usually study voodoo with a teacher who helps them use the correct pronunciation, or study the language by themselves to be able to pronounce words correctly.

It is also very important to understand what you are asking for. Today most voodoo spells are transliterated to English which makes at least half the words sound incorrectly, plus no translation is usually provided. As a result, you cannot know what you are saying. For your information, most voodoo spirits do not help people for free. They always require some sacrifice in return.

For this reason many voodoo rituals require animal sacrifice. As a rule, voodoo spell casters slaughter chickens or other small animals. Sacrifice is mandatory. If you do not make one, you sacrifice yourself. In most cases the spirit will take a large portion of your energy leaving you to be just a shell of yourself incapable of doing anything for weeks. Since you want to cast powerful voodoo love spells, forget about good results. Love occurs when your energies merge with the energies of your loved one. How can it happen if your energy has been taken away from you by the voodoo spirit?

Sacrificing an animal is a dangerous ritual, too. When even a small animal is killed, large amounts of energy are released, sometimes opening a portal to a hell dimension. When this happens, demons inhabiting this dimension start haunting you and attacking you.

Once I helped a client who failed to make a sacrifice and the spirit demanded his blood in return. After the man cast one of the voodoo doll love spells, he started getting cuts and wounds which were bleeding at lot all the time. He would cut himself every time he took a knife to slice some bread. Whenever he took a book into his hands to read, it would give him a paper cut. Whenever he tried to do the dishes, he would break something and get another cut. It was quite a challenge for me, spellcaster Maxim, to drive the spirit away. But as soon as I did, the man stopped getting those terrible cuts and losing his blood.

Learning how to cast powerful voodoo love spells

My readers often ask me who can teach them voodoo magic and powerful voodoo spells in particular, to which I respond that authentic knowledge can be found in original sources. This applies to all branches and types of magic. You should find those possessing authentic knowledge and living their life according to the appropriate ancient traditions. Thus, to study Buddhism, you should go to Tibet as this is where ancient Buddhism traditions are still alive for certain historical and political reasons. To become a yogi, you should live in India for a while and learn from local yogis. To master voodoo magic, you should go to Africa and find a shaman who lives as far from popular tourist itineraries as possible.

It should be Africa and not Haiti, even though many people believe Haiti is where true voodoo still exists. First of all, in Haiti you will find a simplified voodoo version. Secondly, you will also find a lot of frauds pretending to be voodoo shamans but in reality having no idea how to teach putting voodoo on someone to fall in love and even how to use voodoo at all. Thirdly, you cannot master voodoo without a special initiation ceremony. Prior to it, you need to live with your teacher for several years and prove that you deserve to be granted this kind of knowledge and power.

As for the question what needs to be done by those learning how to do voodoo love spells, besides everything listed in this article or an article about Haitian voodoo love spells, you should be able to buy the right magic ingredients. Store-bought ones are not good for it. Professional spellcasters like I am usually make them for themselves. Even a self-made candle (even though candles are rarely used in voodoo magic) can help you cast your love spell or any other voodoo spell successfully. While making a candle, you think about the ritual. By thinking about the ritual, you readjust your energies while connecting to energy fields. As a result, you get the energy of the right quality and increase its amounts. Thus, this energy can flow into your candle or any other magic accessory you are making. A properly charged magic accessory is a great tool for successful magic spells.

Questions about powerful voodoo spells


“How can I buy your voodoo love spell?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

It is very easy. Just contact me and place your order.


“I don’t understand why voodoo sorcerers use photographs in their love spells. How can they do it if voodoo dolls are traditionally used in such spells?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Many magic practitioners try to make their work easier so they use photographs instead of dolls. It is not good. By doing so, they deviate from authentic voodoo and shift to the so called twilight area, an intermediate zone in magic where it is very difficult to cast quality spells in general.


“I tried to cast powerful voodoo spells several times but my cat wouldn’t let me. He would go crazy hissing and growling and spitting every time I began the ritual. He did it even when I locked him up in the bathroom. I’ve been told it’s a bad sign. What exactly does it mean?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

It is a bad sign indeed. It indicates that for some reason which is still unknown to me your rituals attract very dangerous energies. Cats can feel these energies and see the entities which are invisible to us. So your cat’s reaction should not be ignored as it is a sign you should stop trying to cast spells for yourself immediately.


“What should my objectives be if I study voodoo magic?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

To begin with, your top priority should be safety, and it does not matter who you cast your spells for. When you cast spells for yourself, try to be safe and keep your karma and energy intact. If you cast spells for others, do the same. Remember that magic practitioners providing services to other people answer to Higher Powers and they are very tough and strict as a boss. If you harm another person, you will be punished for it badly and end up suffering more than your victim.

For more information about voodoo magic safety, please watch the below video.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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