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  • LOVE MAGIC - Spell Caster Maxim
    Nowadays, love magic is as popular as health and prosperity magic. We all want to be happy, aren’t we? But without a partner in this life who understands us completely, as well as harmonious
    (votes: 70, rating: 4.54)
  • True love spells that work require no haste - Spell Caster Maxim
    True love spells that work require no haste. Imagine that a woman, who has been dreaming of love for many years but has been single, finally meets a man she wants to be with.
    (votes: 71, rating: 4.5)
  • Spellcaster Maxim’s conversation with his readers about his strong love spell on - Spell Caster Maxim
    Spellcaster Maxim’s conversation with his readers about his strong love spell on
    A question from one of the readers of
    “Is it true that a love spell can have
    (votes: 51, rating: 4.63)
  • Strong spells for those who know what they want from life - Spell Caster Maxim 10.02.2018
    When you type something like “strong spells”, “strong spells that work” or “strong spell to bring back lover” in the search box, you already know what you want from the spell. You are a strong, confident and courageous person and you always get what you want. However, when you talk to magic practitioners, you lose your confidence for some reason and agree to whatever results you are offered. It is right to act like this? Let us think about it together.
    (votes: 5, rating: 3.75)
  • A strong spell to find true love if you think you are not pretty or if you are shy - Spell Caster Maxim 28.01.2018

    I think you’ll remember who I’m talking about… I have a friend. Well, it’d be an understatement if I said she’s not pretty. She looks so bad that if you had an ugly friend, she’d be her ugly friend. As far as I know, she’s never dated anyone. So, she’s 36 and she’s still a virgin.
    (votes: 5, rating: 3.75)
  • A spell to separate a couple and separating energies - Spell Caster Maxim 27.01.2018
    To cast a spell to separate a couple, it is not enough to just want the couple to break up. It is not enough to just say the spell and light some candles. Yet, a spell cannot be cast without those things, either. All spellcasters know that spells to separate a couple are effective due to their energies which can cause two people who love each other to want to break up.
    (votes: 7, rating: 3.9)
  • Bring back lost love spell - Spell Caster Maxim 30.12.2017
    From a reader’s letter:

    “About three years ago I put a love spell on my husband. Everything was great at first, but now it seems like he’s losing interest in me. I guess I need a bring back lost love spell. Do you have one?”
    (votes: 7, rating: 3.9)
  • Difference between a magic spell for love and voodoo magic for love - Spell Caster Maxim 29.12.2017
    It always happens in the same way. A person decides to use a love spell, types “magic spell for love” in the search box, and tries to find the best ritual. At some point he finds a website about voodoo magic for love and decides it is exactly what he needs. He has heard about traditional magic so much that it seems boring to him, while voodoo magic appears to be something new, luring and unexplored.
    (votes: 7, rating: 3.9)
  • Voodoo break up spells at home - Spell Caster Maxim 28.12.2017
    I do not think that is the case. First and foremost, the majority of such “tips” which can be found on the Internet do not work. So the targets of such spells do not even need to know how to break up voodoo spells. Secondly, it is very difficult to cast spells, especially voodoo spells.
    (votes: 8, rating: 3.96)
  • Voodoo love spells using hair - Spell Caster Maxim 25.12.2017
    “My best friend cast some voodoo love spells using hair to make a man fall in love with her. It was eight years ago. They’re married now. I believe her and I have no reason not to, because we’ve been really close for many years.
    (votes: 13, rating: 4.18)
  • How to buy effective spells - Spell Caster Maxim 22.12.2017
    Google analytics monitor user behavior. This statement does not mean I am going to change my specialization and switch to discussing the Internet. I am still going to talk about magic, specifically effective spells and how people search for spellcasters.
    (votes: 10, rating: 4.06)
  • A simple binding spell and external energies  - Spell Caster Maxim 23.11.2017
    People are not only vessels containing various energies, but are also transmitters emitting or receiving energy flows of different intensity and lengths. Every simple binding spells is a program changing you and your energy flows which we receive.
    (votes: 13, rating: 4.14)
  • How to do a witchcraft love spell – A big interview with a spellcaster - Spell Caster Maxim 15.11.2017
    Those asking me how to do a witchcraft love spell are not serious about it. Everyone knows that amateurish magic is ineffective and those practicing it eventually come to a professional magic practitioner… or not, if they realize they don’t need such love anymore.
    (votes: 14, rating: 4.22)
  • How to cast powerful love binding spells - Spell Caster Maxim 10.11.2017
    Please read this article very carefully. I, spellcaster Maxim, will give you some tips to enable you to put a powerful love binding spell almost on anyone you want. Before we begin, let us repeat the basic safety rules. If you have been following my website, they should not be new to you.
    (votes: 23, rating: 4.43)
  • Do you have a spell to make him fall in love with me? - Spell Caster Maxim 01.11.2017
    As you may know, I specialize in love magic. I receive lots of emails in which my readers ask me something like, “Do you have a spell to make him fall in love with me?” “Can you cast a make him fall in love spell?” or “I need a spell to make him love me”. I never refuse to help people. However, sometimes when I start preparing for the ritual, it turns out the client has no idea how this type of magic works and what it takes to fulfil a wish.
    (votes: 23, rating: 4.43)
  • How to do voodoo spells for the first time - Spell Caster Maxim 25.10.2017
    I, spellcaster Maxim, suggest that you start with the most popular books, such as those for dummies books. When you know the basics of voodoo, you can start reading more complex books on how to do a voodoo love spell at home.
    (votes: 25, rating: 4.38)
  • Spells love for lonely people - Spell Caster Maxim 16.10.2017
    I, spellcaster Maxim, am a professional magic practitioner. I am devoted to this work. Like all modern people, I use the Internet to obtain information, and have a website. I get ads based on my browsing history, and this is how I see what my colleagues, other sorcerers and witches, offer.
    (votes: 24, rating: 4.33)
  • Is it easy to use killing spells that work? - Spell Caster Maxim 16.10.2017
    Let us agree that everything I say about killing spells that work in this article will not be discussed in the comments or on forums. From time or time, I get messages from the people who try to argue with me and prove me wrong.
    (votes: 23, rating: 4.43)
  • TEST – Can you identify real witchcraft spells? - Spell Caster Maxim 16.10.2017
    About every second person believes they have some kind of magic powers enabling them to cure diseases, remove the evil eye or, on the contrary, put the evil eye on people. As for real witchcraft spells identification, as many as 9 out of 10 people are confident they are good at it. I do not know whether or not you consider yourself a magician or a psychic. However, I am sure you will like the below test designed to help people find out if they actually have the abilities to identify real witchcraft spells.
    (votes: 21, rating: 4.33)
  • Things to be afraid of while casting a spell to break up two people - Spell Caster Maxim 17.09.2017
    A spell to break up two people is highly effective but also very dangerous. If you cast it at home, you need to be very careful. For your information, it is always better to find a professional magic practitioner to cast this spell for you rather than casting it at home by yourself.
    (votes: 27, rating: 4.47)
  • What if your relationship is affected by some powerful break up spells?! - Spell Caster Maxim 15.09.2017
    I am not a big fan of magical examination performed remotely because in my opinion some kind of contact is essential. If you cannot see your client in person, at least talk to them on Skype or on the phone. Also, I am against self-examination performed in order to identify curses and other energy diseases. People are hypochondriac.
    (votes: 26, rating: 4.48)
  • Love spells to get your ex back to be cast at home - Spell Caster Maxim 15.09.2017
    Before you cast any love spells to get your ex back, let us figure out what kinds of ex-partners one can have.  To this end, let us imagine different partners you may have been in a relationship with.
    (votes: 24, rating: 4.45)
  • Spiritual love spells for those wanting a little more  - Spell Caster Maxim 10.09.2017
    This kind of magic feeds on the energy of your soul. Souls give the care and beautiful words pouring from the heart. Sex, no matter how good it is, originates in the lower chakras, jealousy in the stomach chakra, and the desire to take care and make plans in the head chakra.
    (votes: 27, rating: 4.49)
  • White magic for love marriage  - Spell Caster Maxim 08.09.2017
    Even now everyone can find comprehensive information about white magic for love marriage on my website and learn how to use it, how to cast love spells and perform love rituals
    (votes: 26, rating: 4.48)
  • How to cast a spell on someone you love - Spell Caster Maxim 06.09.2017
    To begin with, you need to love the person you are going to put a love spell on. This is the most common answer I give to those wondering how to cast a spell on someone you love
    (votes: 28, rating: 4.51)
  • Voodoo marriage spells and their intended users - Spell Caster Maxim 04.09.2017
    When you consider creating a family with magic, focus not on how romantic or exotic it will be but on the possible consequences. Voodoo magic spells are considered a very powerful magic tool and their consequences are hard to predict – they have different effects on different people.
    (votes: 28, rating: 4.51)
  • Psychic love spells.  An interview with spellcaster Maxim  - Spell Caster Maxim 04.09.2017
    Any psychic love spell is as ancient as magic or even the world itself. People have different ideas of love, and they want different things from a relationship. For some people, the most important thing in the relationship is sex. For others, it is romance, the fact that they are not lonely or have someone providing for them.
    (votes: 30, rating: 4.51)
  • A love spell specialist and fraud by customers	 - Spell Caster Maxim 02.09.2017
    As an experienced and recognized love spell specialist, I always try to help all my clients. I know that in some cases, such as love and relationship problems, problems finding happiness, etc., I am the only one who can help, a spellcaster with many years of practice and experience, while psychologists, life coaches and dating websites are pretty much useless.  
    (votes: 30, rating: 4.53)
  • Best voodoo spell casters – 9 signs - Spell Caster Maxim 02.09.2017
    Voodoo’s popularity has been growing recently. As a result, it attracts more and more frauds.  It is no surprise because it is very easy to offer phony magic services, while actual sentences for this crime are very rare.
    (votes: 30, rating: 4.51)
  • Magic talismans for those who are not familiar with magic - Spell Caster Maxim 27.08.2017
    There is nothing embarrassing in possessing magic  talismans or not believing in them. Traditionally, there are two groups  of people in the world – those who believe in something and those who do not.
    (votes: 30, rating: 4.53)
  • Magical amulets and karma  - Spell Caster Maxim 27.08.2017
    I have written a lot of articles about magical amulets, including those telling about how to select and store amulets, how they work, and why they may fail to work. As a result, there is a kind of small but very informative encyclopedia about magical amulets on my website where each of you, my dear readers, can find answers to any questions you have about magical amulets.
    (votes: 30, rating: 4.51)
  • Love spells and astrological signs – Part 1 - Spell Caster Maxim 26.08.2017
    People use horoscopes to find out more about themselves. However, they do not know that horoscopes may tell them how love spells will impact them or the people they cast love spells on. There are twelve astrological signs and I will review each one of them in detail from the perspective of love magic. I promise to do my best to make sure no questions remain unanswered.
    (votes: 35, rating: 4.49)
  • Love spells and astrological signs – Part 2 - Spell Caster Maxim 26.08.2017
    Leo is a very powerful zodiac sign, even though Leo’s strength is based on their selfishness and arrogance. To make a Leo fall in love with you, use the most powerful love spells. Casting such spells is very dangerous. If you do not know why, please read any of my articles about the consequences of such magic or some letters sent to me by those who got hurt trying to cast such spells having no proper training and experience.
    (votes: 33, rating: 4.47)
  • Love spells and astrological signs – Part 3 - Spell Caster Maxim
    Sagittarius is rather difficult to influence with amateurish magic. To make a Sagittarius fall in love with you, use working love spells by professional spellcasters. By age 24, a true Sagittarius can tell their energies from those of the world and select from them the energies they need – those which can help them in their career or to achieve some goal.
    (votes: 33, rating: 4.47)
  • Are spells real? For the first time a true spellcaster gives his readers an honest answer!!! - Spell Caster Maxim 17.05.2017

    Today’s article is going to be in a format different from the traditional “Questions & Answers” one. Instead of answering to my reader’s questions (I get dozens of them every day), I will ask myself some (as if they were asked by you).

    (votes: 57, rating: 4.66)
  • A conversation with a dreamy and lazy person about the wealth spell  - Spell Caster Maxim 16.05.2017

    - Just to make it clear, when I was reading your article about the wealth spell, I found the following statement: this spell helps only those who work hard and doesn’t help those who do not. Is it some kind of a trick? Hard workers  achieve their goals without the help of magic, don’t they?

    (votes: 54, rating: 4.64)
  • Tarot magic and tarot magic spells - Spell Caster Maxim 16.05.2017


    ‘For some reason, I think tarot magic is not a real magic. How can one perform rituals using some pieces of paper with pretty images? There has to be something better than that!’

    Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

    Tarot magic and tarot magic spells have appeared for a reason. The tarot cards are not just “some pieces of paper”, as you said. They contain symbols which have been used for about 5,000 years. Check the wall drawings of the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. All of them contain the images you can find on tarot cards.

    (votes: 48, rating: 4.63)
  • True voodoo spells for revenge - Spell Caster Maxim 15.05.2017

    - It is true that voodoo spells for revenge are the most powerful revenge spells?

    - No, they are powerful only if cast by professional magic practitioners. If cast by an inexperienced spellcaster, they are pretty much useless. At the same time, a simple spell can help you take revenge on your enemies, provided you work with a powerful spellcaster.

    (votes: 46, rating: 4.67)
  • Voodoo spells for love that work. Part 2  - Spell Caster Maxim 15.05.2017

    ‘I had some voodoo love spells that work immediately cast on the man I love. Turned out they actually worked pretty fast. In less than a week the man asked if he could walk me to my house. Were coworkers. The next day he did it again. I realized the spell was working and invited the man over to my place. We had sex that night.

    (votes: 47, rating: 4.67)
  • Voodoo for money and voodoo money - Spell Caster Maxim 12.05.2017

    I decided to write an article about voodoo for money and voodoo money after reading a letter which I received from a lady who was really worried about her son. She said her son was a very talented boy. Everyone who knew him, including his teachers and relatives, would predict him an amazing future. 

    (votes: 45, rating: 4.66)

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